Li Shouxin’s robes are floating and the golden light is faint.

The sudden drop of reinforcements came in a strange way, but everyone didn’t think about it. Because the corpse tide in the Yin Temple has broken through the blockade, it suddenly gushed out with fangs and screamed.
At the same time, the ground bulged and went straight into the gate of Yin Temple, at the same time, the rats were laughing. "Everyone, the whole family is here. You play hee hee slowly … tonight is so interesting …"
Chapter 31 Ghosts and Demons Whistle on Armored Magic
"Ann mouse!"
Xiao Qingman’s eyes are splitting. Qiu Chan’s flying sword came crashing out and smashed all the zombies along the way. Unfortunately, the other party has disappeared
She didn’t expect that she was still created an opportunity by the other party.
Flying swordsmanship is fierce, but it consumes a lot. Xiao Qingman suddenly broke out, and his face was pale and his feet were vain.
The Wu family ghost-faced woman seized the opportunity to slap her lower abdomen.
Xiao Qingman spat out blood foam and rolled out of the snow mud seven meters away. His white face was full of stains and he was also marked with large blood by sandstone.
But this woman is very strong and stuffy. She hums while Qiu Chan’s sword is turning, she endures severe pain and her finger is closed.
The ghost-faced woman’s head burst instantly.
However, things are not over yet.
As the ghost-faced woman died, the bloody clothes hanged the female ghost, which seemed to be released. Hee hee screamed and the evil wind hit.
Xiao Qingman was traumatized and saw the surrounding scenery changed in a trance. A middle-aged woman in plain clothes gently stroked her head and her eyes were full of pity.
"Master …" Xiao Qingman’s eyes oozed with tears.
While others’ eyes are Xiao Qingman pinching his neck and blue, wrapped in evil wind, slowly suspending and flashing in the spectre in red.
Spectre, the most harmful thing is the hallucinogenic control object Xiao Qingman, who was injured and accidentally caught the way.
More dangerous is that there are several zombies around.
"Xiao Shimei!"
Chen Qiong suddenly blew up Mao Haoran’s firm but gentle sword in his hand and released the burning white flame. Suddenly, he forced back the corpse tide beside him and wanted to rescue him, but he was quickly stopped by flying rocks.
It turns out that with the surge of resin, resin essence appears again.
Good Li Shouxin sophisticated also at the same time.
Seeing that he was shining with golden light, he rose up and his robes were flying, holding Guo Luquan in one hand and Huang Fu in the other. "Heaven and earth are too clear and dirty to disperse the town!"
Huang Fu instantaneous burning smoke golden light condensation suddenly scattered evil wind hanging female the ghost in red was stopped by golden light squeal whine.
Just for a moment, Li Shouxin has been flying with golden fists and fists, and will pounce on Xiao Qingman’s zombie department. Zombies are like being splashed with sulfuric acid and constantly twitching at the risk of corpse gas.
Li Shouxin threw Guo Luquan next to Xiao Qingman’s kneading tactic, and another yellow symbol lit the smoke and led it around a circle. When the golden light flashed, the nearby zombies seemed to be unaware of their dizziness.
"Too much Buddha …"
It’s only been a short time for Li Laodao to drop blood in his heart. He has got the chance to suppress evil spirits and draw several kinds of talismans in the dungeon, but he hasn’t found blood in his stool yet.
You know, precious materials are not cheap either.
However, the eyes are indifferent to him. Li Laodao converges his emotions and says, "Come to my side quickly!"
Still fighting Chen Qiong greeted the ugly Buddha and Li Chunniang gathered around Li Laodao to draw the demon-worshipping method in the dungeon symbol array, which finally stabilized.
Looking around, I can see that the valley is full of zombies, zombies, spirits, lurking, manipulating rocks and dancing, and the Shangwu family are running around on all fours like beasts, like ghosts.
At this time, the Yin array has scattered a crescent moon, such as hanging on the night.
Zombies face upwards, screaming and spitting pale corpse gas.
"This time it was a disaster!"
Li Chunniang turned pale. "It’s better to leave quickly."
Chen Qiong looked at what the group of demons were dancing in front of him, and his face was uncertain. "Who ever thought that the Yin Temple had hidden so many zombies? It is estimated that the stone corpse essence of Yongan South Valley Road is also from the Yin Temple, and it must be known beforehand."
He has a clever mind and has guessed most of the process
Then he looked at the injured two people hesitated. "It’s dangerous here. Why don’t we evacuate first and wait for reinforcements to arrive …"
"You go."
Xiao Qingman struggled, and his eyes were full of determination. "If Ann Mouse escapes this time and takes away the lunar refining diagram, I will have another chance to slay it myself in this life!"
Chen Qionggang wanted to persuade the veteran Li Shouxin to say suddenly, "Don’t worry, I have informed the town evil army that they will arrive nearby in a moment."
"Li Daochang … you!"
Chen Qiong a listen to immediately worry "resin tide has control government troops come to die, isn’t it? It is urgent to migrate nearby people holed up in Anjun Yong if destroyed …"
Li Shouxin shook his head and said, "You have underestimated a captain Wang. He trained well, and now the government army has led evil spirits into the body to form an army array, which is not easy for us to break."
"Has the department attracted evil spirit into the body?"
Chen Qiong first one leng then nasty way "that is not easy to venture recruits lack of morale and vulnerable to impact in the city and the defender is …"
Just then, the zombie group suddenly rioted.
Everyone looked at Taniguchi’s large sergeant and arrived in armor, shield and spear helmet, with firm eyes.
Cut, cut, cut, and step neatly.
Spears are like a forest.
And Wang Xuan, in front of the army array, walks with a horizontal gun. The jade-faced armor is as deep as a needle in the sea.
Chen Qiong startled this momentum he bianjun seen.
Li Laodao pulled Hu murmured, "This favor … is not good …"
So-called know yourself and know yourself.
When the troops arrived, Wang Xuan had already explored the situation in the previous step. Just now, when Li Laodao saved people, he had seen the scene on the cliff.