"I heard that you came from Donglu, and you were born in Qingtianbao. Only when you learned about the fungi in the reverse world can you save the fortress of God of War."

Tianyang looked up and saw Lin Jianbing’s face and nose, saying, "I have seen that fungus with my own eyes in the inverse world of Qingtianbao."
"This kind of flora also appeared in the Black Star Castle in the post-fortress war. We suspected that the Black Star Castle was secretly cultivated. Unfortunately, afterwards, the Black Star Castle exploded and the mountain collapsed. All the evidence was lost."
Lin Jianping nodded and asked, "Do you think this time, the fungus in the reverse boundary of the Ares Castle will be a disaster caused by people?"
Tianyang thought, "I have one who belongs to her and is a mediator. It is by relying on her that we can find the devil’s brain so quickly."
"At that time, my genus sensed someone near the hiding place of the demon brain. I came to solve the demon brain and looked for this person. Unfortunately, when the incident was over, my genus could not sense this person."
Lin Jianbing smiled. "You mean this person is probably the culprit of this incident."
He looked at Huohan Mountain. "Maybe he is still in the city now."
Huo Hanshan immediately said to Minister An, "Horse blockade city launches all manpower to screen people in the city."
Minister Ann immediately left with the secret to deal with this matter.
Lin Jianbing looked at Tianyang again and smiled faintly. "I heard from Hanshan that you are a little brother or a member of the Thunder Parliament. You are very capable. When I was your age, I was still trying to climb my little brother’s future."
Tianyang was praised by such people, but he was not excited and happy in his heart, but he was calm and smiled in response to "Mr. Lin is flattering me."
Lin Jianbing smiled. "I have something to do, so I’ll go first. You saved the fortress of God of War. Hanshan has its own thanks. If you pass through the glorious castle, you can enter the city for a chat."
He patted Tianyang on the shoulder and Huo Hanshan left the office.
Tianyang just spat out a sigh and looked at Lin Jianbing’s shoulder just now. He suddenly had a strong idea in his heart.
I want to be as tall as him one day!
He shook his fist and his mouth was raised.
A moment later, Huo Hanshan came back and smiled at Tianyang. "Lord Lin won’t praise others casually. Mr Tianyang has a bright future."
Tianyang is modest.
Huo Hanshan laughed. "I don’t want to know how many people in this world want to see Lord Lin, but Lord Lin just took the initiative to invite him. If this matter comes out, Mr. Yang will be hot. I’m afraid that people who want to make friends with you will have to go outside the city gate from me."
Tianyang smiled and didn’t respond this time
HuoHanshan convergence smile primly said, "This time Mr. Tianyang’s contribution is the biggest. I owe you a big favor at the Ares Castle. If there is anything I can do for the Ares Castle, Mr. Tianyang can let people take a word."
"If it weren’t for the violation of principles and justice, I would try my best to help you."
Huo Hanshan’s promise is more valuable than any treasure.
I heard Huo Hanshan say, "Besides, as far as I know, the business of your Thunder Council is mainly mercenary groups. I wonder if Mr. Tianyang has a mercenary group?"
This is to do business with me?
Well, it should be possible to split up several mercenary groups by splitting up the blood city
Tianyang nodded "How many"
Huo Hanshan smiled and said, "That’s great. There are several settlements in the territory of Fort Ares that are often harassed by bandits, but these places are far from the city, so we have always hired mercenary groups to take charge of protection."
"It’s just that the agreement between the mercenary groups is coming soon. Well, after three years, the protection workers will be handed over to Mr. Tianyang’s mercenary group. What do you think?"
Tianyang certainly won’t refuse such a good thing. Business is one thing. It is important to be able to establish contact with the Ares Castle, which will become an important channel for him.
On the same day, Yang readily promised and signed an agreement with Huohanshan on the spot. Huohanshan arranged a team of personnel to go back to the garbage collection city with Tianyang and then take him and the mercenary group to the settlement for handover.
Chapter 1143 Modulation media
After signing an agreement with Huo Hanshan, Yang coughed the day after tomorrow and looked at Minister Mu Chen. "Mr. Mu Lao may have something to trouble you. Do you know if you have it now?"
Pastoral Chen looked at Huohanshan for instructions. Huohanshan smiled and headed for the pastoral road. "What can I do for you, Mr. Tianyang? Let’s talk while walking? "
Tianyang and Mu Chen walked out of the office, and then the corridor officials dispersed, and the two stepped into the ladder and walked to the floor.
"Well, I have some sublimated media materials at hand, and I want to ask the shepherd to help me make them into media." Tianyangmen said that he came to kurotsuchi nemu to look for institutions that can make media through the church.
But now that we have climbed the fortress of God of War, we must go further and further.
Mu Chen laughed after listening. "It’s simple. How about this? Our medical center has the instruments needed to modulate the media. I’ll send an assistant to you and Mr. Tianyang will modulate it yourself. What do you think?"
Tianyang zheng said, "can I? I have never modulated it. "
Mu Chen haha said, "It is not difficult to modulate the media. It is difficult to search the materials needed by the media. If you have materials, you can even buy instruments to modulate them yourself."
"modulation instruments also need a few sets of materials such as material pulverizers and material mixers, which require simple learning to master the theory without much advanced knowledge."
Tianyang leng thought that it would be a big loss to entrust’ gold’ to modulate his father’s media.
At this time, the ladder door hit the animal husbandry and said, "Mr. Tianyang can bring the materials to be prepared to me at the medical center at 2 noon, and I will prepare the corresponding equipment and personnel for you."