"This river was formed in nearly a hundred years. When our people came here, there was no river."

Dark demon said
"Fight for nothing."
GuHui nodded to dark demon control beam gun and the black dumpling to fight.
Although the black dumpling is powerful, is the beam cannon a vegetarian? Two huge beams of light interweave and shoot, and the nine-headed black dumpling keeps retreating.
The dense beam shooting black dumpling can’t take care of both ends. The two heads are smashed and the pain is called a plunge into the river and disappear.
The black dumpling disappeared, and the raging waves seemed to settle down a little, and soon they came smoothly.
When falling into the city and driving in the river, several Warcraft emerged, but they were scattered by the light cannon controlled by the dark demon.
After crossing the Mosuo River, I saw two giant stone carvings hundreds of feet high standing in front of me. The stone carvings are two ghosts dancing.
"That’s the ghost gate. After passing the ghost gate, you will go to the holy land."
Dark demon a thrill said, pointing to the screen
"Good speed forward" GuHui nodded.
Manipulating the flying city all the way consumes a lot of physical strength of the dark demon, and when it is like water, it will sit down and rest.
The first time I manipulated Feicheng, I felt a little excited. I quickly pressed the acceleration button and Feicheng flew forward with a roar.
The ghost gate is far away, but there is still a distance to get there.
It took six hours to fly to the city at the limit speed.
Before the ghost gate stone carving, the flying city became the size of a broad bean. Although it was extremely flying, it was still much slower.
Looking at two ghost statues that are too big to be marginal, Gu Hui’s eyes flashing with golden awns and looking at each part of them carefully.
The two stone carvings are naturally formed without any traces of artificial polishing. Look at the unique expression in the indulging dance. In addition to the shock, Gu Hui can’t help but admire the wonders of nature.
Looking at it through the screen as if it were going to pour a statue like water, I exclaimed that a small mouth was wide open and didn’t close properly for a long time.
You can imagine the shock in your heart when you open your eyes and look at the huge statue on the big screen.
The dark demon opened his eyes and looked at it, and then Furui continued to meditate. The statue of Ghost Gate is huge, but she is used to it.
After flying for several hours, it was getting dark to hide in the night, and the ghosts jumped as if they were alive.
But several people know that this is an illusion.
Ordinary people will feel the movement of nearby objects when they stop by car for a long time, which is caused by psychological illusion caused by conditioned reflex.
It is normal to have these illusions after flying in the city for four months.
It’s getting dark. Come and fly to the city tower. A huge ball of light lights up. Three miles nearby shines brightly.
Flying through the night is like a firefly looking for a place to stay in the dark.
The dark demon regained his strength and changed like water to control Feicheng and continue to fly.
GuHui eyes staring at the screen dare not relax.
Soon after, the barrier appeared a little light the size of a broad bean.
"Where the lights are on, there is a world beyond."
Dark demon said, pointing to the little light.
"How long will it take to get there?
Gu Hui asked.
"three days"
Dark demon replied
"Yeah, I see."
GuHui thoughtfully a said
"In a few days, we can reach the burial ground. After the burial ground, there will be no card."