Looking at the ghost Lord driving the poor sentient beings to make a long sword and chopping at himself, Yu Duxiu’s finger flicked and five drops of blood flew out, killing the first gods in the field for five days.

Facing the ghost Lord’s attack, Jade Duxiu’s expression, the axe in his hand raised and instantly locked, and the ghost Lord was frightened, but he had to bite the bullet and face the difficulties.
This is the collision of all things in heaven.
Ghost Lord is surprised. Jade Duxiu’s axe stops for half. With the magic sword in the ghost Lord’s hand, it pierces into his own body, and then several forces suddenly explode.
"poof" jingxie spurted and splashed the ghost master’s face.
At this time, Yu Duxiu actually smiled, and a lover who should not have felt it actually smiled.
"No, I’m afraid I’m in trouble. I helped Hongjun achieve something unpredictable." The ghost owner exclaimed in his heart that he wanted to get out and listen to Yu Duxiu’s cold voice. "Where are the ghosts going?"
As he spoke, Yu Duxiu chopped the axe and split the ghost Lord.
The reincarnation shakes the ghost master’s real body and recombines to instantly suppress his own HarmonyOS purple gas. A pair of eyes stare at Yu Duxiu intensely. "What do you want?"
"With the help of the force of all beings and the force of all beings, I will attack the will of heaven. I want to fight against the guest and get rid of the control of heaven completely while the will of heaven is traumatized, and then refine the will of heaven to chaos my will in the whole perfect world and perfection." Yu Duxiu played an axe. "Now it seems that it is not ineffective. I actually recovered some feelings."
At this time, the black lotus in Jade Duxiu’s eyes flashed, and many beings were killed. Once again, Jade Duxiu’s doom turned into twelve flowers, and then there seemed to be a twelve lotus in each of the twelve lotus flowers.
It’s not because you want to expand the source and get rid of the control of heaven that you launch such a big disaster!
Jade Duxiu carefully planned, and indeed many ancestors and several powerful people fell into the trap one after another. Jade Duxiu calculated to reap the strength of all beings and then all beings could deal with themselves.
Although Yu Duxiu can’t completely suppress the laws of heaven at this time, it is much faster than his daily nibbling.
"F * * king! Desperate! " The ghost Lord pointed to Jade Duxiu and didn’t know what to say.
"Ghost Lord, if you have any last words, just say it." Jade Duxiu’s mouth is tilted. "It’s good to smile!"
"You can’t kill me." The ghost Lord looked gloomy.
"Then you can try" Jade Duxiu unhurried way
Jade bodhi old zu in Yujingshan stare big eyes "ecstasy! Crazy! It’s so crazy that it evolved into a perfect world to help itself refine chaos. It’s so crazy. "
Cold we also stood there "Hongjun calculation is really deep enough"
"I’m afraid I’m the first person in the heavens and the earth to calculate Hongjun" Jade bodhi old zu sighed gently.
"Really?" Jade Duxiu waved his axe. "Although I can’t kill you, I can seal you. When I am completely in charge of chaos, you will be a part of me and I will kill you and devour you."
While talking, the mysterious and unpredictable rune flow in Jade Duxiu’s hand seems to be the manifestation of the law. The aurora twists and turns into a rope woven into a big net and hangs over the ghost master.
The ghost Lord has a heart to resist, but at this time, HarmonyOS’s purple gas is emitted, and then he watches which silk cocoon firmly wraps himself and is plunged into the depths of the long river of time and completely sinks.
"Want to run? Can you run? " Looking at the perfect world, several strong people fled everywhere, and the tide was gone, and everyone’s fighting spirit fell to the lowest point.
Jade Duxiu’s palm stretched out the chaotic axe and rolled up the airflow. As Jade Duxiu killed the strong, the strong people seemed to wake up and escape, but they blew themselves up like crazy, which constantly hit the will of the perfect world.
Every time it explodes, the will of heaven and earth will decay by one point.
"This group of idiots" covered their eyes with jade bodhi old zu in Yujingshan "I have never seen such rubbish so stupid"
"Really explosive I can’t endure you? I said I would destroy it all. "Talking, Jade Duxiu’s hands flashed with the Falun of Heaven and Man."
If a strong man explodes and wants to be resurrected, he will inevitably experience the five decline of heaven and man, while a jade show will experience the five decline of heaven and man in two worlds, and it seems that none of them has.
Jade Duxiu pushes the law to change the fate of heaven and man. A pair of eyes scanned the square world. "You have no chance."
After that, Jade Duxiu’s divine light turns upside down again, blinding the avenue of Yin and Yang. "There are still some ghosts in the world, but they are vulnerable."
After that, Yu Duxiu casually put away Pangu Zan and turned around and turned to Yujingshan. "The coming is the last stage of the last French robbery."
"Hung-chun, you are really amazing, bodhi old zu. I have seen several outstanding people, but if you are so calculating, there is none." Jade bodhi old zu fart Dian Dian to catch up.
Jade Duxiu rubbed the jade bodhi old zu’s head and forehead, only to see a grain of Dan medicine flying out of the jade bodhi old zu’s belly. "This Dan medicine is not for you, so don’t eat it indiscriminately."
"Hung-chun, are you back?" Cold Miao Yu’s eyes are full of excitement.
Jade Duxiu smiled. "I didn’t expect to meet this group of idiots and reduce my plan from hundreds of millions of years to hundreds of thousands of years. Now I still have my tail unfinished. I will be done in five thousand years. Let’s meet again in five thousand years."
With that, Yudu Duxiu touched Miaoyu’s head, patted Hanju’s shoulder, turned and walked into Yujingshan "after I finished the final finishing, I was a fairy".
"Fairy?" Jade Lao zu nan ni yi
Chapter 2367 Long time no see (finale)
When Yu Duxiu promoted the evolution of the law, it was the black hand behind the vicissitudes of life, and it was no longer elegant to control the flow of words and phrases in the past.
The top master lost his status as a monk. He didn’t have enough status because he knew that there was a war to cut the sky and then there was no war. After that, the land returned to peace, but those tall and strong people were missing
With the passing of the aura of heaven and earth, it has become a myth in the river that has transformed the years.
Jade Duxiu did the same thing again, and made his own calculations. With the decline of practice, the rivers and lakes have risen. In another thousand years, the rivers and lakes have become said that there is a red flood of scientific and technological recovery sweeping everything.
Looking at the birth of the steam engine, Yu Duxiu’s mouth turned up, and "the war of words began."
Age of culture, age of science and technology, age of steel
I think it was only a short hundred years from the invasion of the allied forces to the rise of China. In a hundred years, the magical powers of heaven and earth have changed, and the magical powers have declined.
However, there are still people who are quite interested in the magical powers and constantly study and look for ancient relics.
Looking at the high-rise buildings, planes, cannons, whistling ships, steel world, jade, bodhi old zu, staring at that one by one, the big chimney is constantly polluting the world, and finally the aura is isolated from the star chemistry, and the heavily polluted liquid is polluted. The world of money has blinded everyone’s eyes.