A few days before the wedding, she showed him the designed invitation. He sat in his chair with the invitation, tossed it over and over again. It was not bad. I found that you still have many skills to further develop!

Gentle froze, but he smiled. The two men looked at each other in the eye. She suddenly remembered that night, when the kiss was red, but in a blink of an eye, there was nothing else. I went out first!
"Gentle, we still have to get the certificate first!"
Gently back to the past, the figure is numb, and the head is dizzy.
But this time no one stopped signing, and soon after half an hour, two people came out with marriage certificates.
"Give me one of you!" Tengyun said to her
I gave it to him with a gentle smile, and then he looked at it and put two copies together in his pocket. All the valuables at home were kept by me.
"Grandma, they are already waiting for us to go!" He was in a good mood and went up the steps first. Looking at his hands gently, he couldn’t help but feel puzzled. She felt a little dreamy. It wouldn’t be a dream, would it?
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☆, 22 wedding night.
This is a sudden wedding feast. The sudden marriage of the richest man in the city made everyone stunned.
She wore her favorite wedding dress and held her uncle’s arm in front of the groom.
He promised her grandmother that he would give her happiness. At that moment, something seemed unreal, but of course she knew it was just a way to comfort the old man.
The bridesmaid and groomsman group can be described as a powerful group of two brothers and sisters.
It is reasonable to say that being surrounded by acquaintances should not be so nervous, but she was nervous and almost suffocated at the moment when she looked at him in a straight suit in front of her.
The dark and deep eagle eyes seemed to have captured her heart for a long time, and it felt a little out of control.
He stretched out his hand gently in front of her eyes, then lowered his eyes slightly, and then handed his hand into his hand. He held it in his palm-
I don’t know how many times she danced with him. It’s not too strange to them, but this time he gently held her hand and she felt like she was on the edge of a cliff.
The best man and maid of honor watched the scene, but they were all smiling.
Do those girls see some different feelings in Tathagata’s eyes?
And those groomsmen can sigh when they look at the bride blindly
At the wedding, he kissed her lip lightly and tossed it for a long time before he was willing to let it go.
Gentleness was almost kissed and almost fainted. Fortunately, he gently hugged her waist and was not in a hurry.
Many girls are jealous and crazy, but they can also watch tenderness in his arms.
"My mother’s cousin is so old and her uncle is dead. What qualifications does she have to marry General Teng?" Her cousin sat there and couldn’t help complaining to her mother.
"I heard that your uncle had a little bit of gratitude to Teng. Maybe Teng always thanked him."
Puyang Ruifeng looked at the priest in the corner, and a couple gave each other rings after saying "I do", but they couldn’t help but grunt and then turned away.
It seems that the show is just a show.
On the wedding night, he seemed a little drunk and held her and kicked the bedroom door.
There are still many people waiting to make trouble in the bridal chamber, and he comes to the net.
Until everyone was away from the messy big bed, the burning flames rose in their keen eyes.
"Do you like noodles or noodles?"
He has a deep and charming voice, and a pair of keen eagle eyes look at the red mark on the neck of a woman.
Sexy fingers gently caressed her, blew the bomb to break the skin marks, and then bowed their heads and bit her delicate neck.
Is he really drunk?
Just now, everyone made a lot of noise and asked him to bite her mouth, but he bit her neck. After half a night of trouble by his brothers, he didn’t have enough fun.
Although everything he wants to do seems logical, has he forgotten something?
"Boss, you are drunk!" She told him with an embarrassed smile
Because she has been his private secret room for too many years, she is used to correcting or waking him up at the right time.
But obviously this night is not suitable, she is too clever.
Dark and deep eyes locked her clear apricot eyes, and she felt her heart tremble violently.
"Being drunk won’t hinder anything!" Sexy thin lips don’t hesitate to block that soft lip. Today, after he kissed it several times, he was addicted.
Gentle and frightened, the six gods pinched his arm with both hands and tried to share it with him, but he only looked up slightly after kissing happily.
He said you were beautiful!
Looking at his blurred and deep eyes, she felt as if she were in a place that didn’t belong to her, but she didn’t know that her whole heart was hooked away after he saw her swollen lip.
She said that you are very rich, and you don’t forget to respond to the extreme.
What did he laugh at you for? But now whatever it is, it’s all yours!
It’s like an understatement and it’s like being serious.