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"The flying eagle gang with a large number of people was created by the Wang. The reason why there are more people in that gang is because everyone looks at the Wang’s skill." Huang Mao said.

"Is there any other background?" What Li Yi was most afraid of was that the war had started, and he was told that he could not start work because of his gray and powerful background.
"It seems that there is no background." Huang Mao scratched his head and said.
"Don’t be like, be accurate, yes or no?" Li Yi said.
"This … is waiting for us to investigate."
"Tomorrow will be Friday, and I will do it myself." Li Yi also don’t want to say more, if the rules which day, but a little bad.
"Brother Yi, I’m sure I can find out tomorrow."
"Well, let’s talk about another gang."
"This tiger gang is short-handed and not fierce. It was put by a student named Yang Guangdu …"
"Who handled it?" Li Yi asked.
"Yang Guangdu? Brother Yi, what’s the matter? "
"Nothing, go on."
Yang Guangdu, a guy who is close to brain damage, can manage such an important matter. This gang is not expected to be so good.
"Brother Yi, don’t underestimate this gang. This gang has a background. This gang is composed of three people."
"Oh?" Li Yi found it really interesting now.
"They are the son of the principal of this school, the son of the police chief, and Yang Guangdu."
"This background is really big enough."
"Let’s not move this gang yet. If they work hard, we will soon be defeated." Huang Mao said.
"Is there any intersection between this gang and us?"
"No, it has always been peaceful."
"As long as they don’t come looking for trouble, they have to wait until I have the strength to resist it." Li Yi and the pie mouth said.
"So our current goal is the Flying Eagle Gang?" Huang Mao asked.
"If there is no background, it will be our goal first." Li Yi wanted to mean to say.
Chapter 39 Cash on Hand, Delivery on Hand
"So when are we going to subdue this gang?" Huang Mao asked.
Li Yi smiled and wanted to say now. At that time, the old man Wuji ran out again.
"Boy, will you listen if I say something?"
"Nonsense, why don’t you listen?"
"Boy, I said, now this gang has you, but sooner or later you will step into the realm of fixing the truth. Can you still take care of these things then?"
"I don’t think so." Li Yi wanted to mean to say.
"Good, so every time you conquer a gang, may you kill all the people in this gang?"
"If you kill them all, there is no point in taking them in, old man. You are not that stupid, are you?"
"Yes, many people will definitely stay. What if one day those people rebel?"
Li Yi was silent, because Li Yi thought of it, and what Huang Mao did to subdue these gangs was not done by himself, and he did not have that great ability to manage this gang.
In the end, the gang I built by myself will fall apart. Maybe by that time, this gang will be of little value to me, but it is also a commemorative value!
"Old man, what do you think I should do?" Li Yi thought for a long time but didn’t understand.
"Simple, temper yellow hair. I don’t think yellow hair is stupid. If you temper it, you should be able to take on a big responsibility."
"Then how to hone?" Li Yi asked again.
"Think for yourself, don’t rely on me." Infinite dropped this sentence and practiced.
"Brother Yi, when are we going to subdue this gang?" Yellow hair asked again.
"At the earliest, I have to wait until I finish the exam, Wednesday." Li Yi thought for a moment and said.
"I will review during this time, and I won’t come here. There will definitely be people from the Flying Eagle gang coming here. I will come to see these people on Wednesday. You should know how to do it." Li Yi said after careful consideration.
"What are they going to eat these days?" Huang Mao asked.
"A cake and a bag of pickles are just a meal. We don’t have that much spare money." Li Yi said.
"Ok, Brother Yi." Huang Mao is not dissatisfied with Li Yi’s words now.
"If I can’t keep the guard, I’ll wait for the next Flying Eagle to send someone, and I’ll catch it and keep it until the guard succeeds." Li Yi said.
"Ok, Brother Yi."
"I’m going to school. From now on, I’ll watch until Wednesday, understand?"
"I understand."
Li Yi walked out of the room and saw Chen Ming outside the room.
"Chen Ming, why don’t you go in?"
"Boss, I don’t have the demeanor of being the boss of the underworld. It’s also a mess to go in. It’s better to think about the exam." Chen Ming said.
"We have all changed the class teacher, why are we still thinking about the exam?"
"Boss, it’s better to do well in the exam than not to do well in it."
"Yes, I should think about it, too." Li Yi said.
"Oh, boss, it’s going to be late for school. Let’s run!" Chen Ming looked at his watch and found that it was almost one o’clock.
"Run, I hope it’s not too late."
"Eldest brother, do you think I can be like you when I become a fixer?"
"What kind?"
"Eldest brother, just one can play several."
"Great." Chen Ming shouted.