"Listening to your words, it seems that you seem to have a way to deal with Gaster?" Qin Chu sneer at a way, "who is that, just being chased by Gaster is like a lost dog, running away? Still dare to talk big here. "

Qin Chu wouldn’t believe that Rheinhaas had a way to deal with Gast, but Rheinhaas said it, but he still reminded Qin Chu. Although he only met Gast once, Qin Chu could still see that Gast, this guy, was definitely a terminating and unscrupulous person.
Think about it inside the volcano, he can disregard his own safety and the lives of Eugene and others, and cast such a drastic measure. Who else can do it?
"I have a way to deal with Gaster, but I don’t have that ability now." Rhine Haas road.
"So what do you want?" Qin Chu stared at Rhine Haas. "It is absolutely impossible for me to let you go in vain like this. Who knows if you will deal with me in turn in the future? I will never do anything to set the tiger free. "
"As long as you spare me." Rhine Haas long spit of relief, "I now, if you want to completely recover, at the very least, it will take hundreds of years. To be honest, it’s hard for me to do you any harm now. "
Qin Chu had a brainwave and said, "I have an idea, but I don’t know if you will accept it. This is the only reassuring way I can think of. "
"What way?" Rhine Haas consternation.
"Be my god"
"What? Let me be a god king and be your next god? " Reinhardt seemed a little angry, but when he thought about the present situation, he finally just sighed and said, "Well, I can be your god, but now you don’t have the qualification and ability."
"What?" Qin Chu slightly one leng.
"Don’t you know?" Rhine Haas didn’t think Qin Chu would be ignorant to this situation, even the most common sense things all don’t know, "I want me to be your next god, not just talk about it. First of all, I should also have a minimum of God’s cultivation, and then occupy one side of God’s domain before I can divide God’s order. At that time, I will be your next God. "
"So hard?" Qin Chu some dumbfounded, frowned, "according to your meaning, before I didn’t become a god, there is no other way to control you? Then I have to kill you … "
"No, no, no, maybe you don’t understand what I said just now. I’ll explain it to you again." Rhine Haas a listen to Qin Chu, daylights out, scrambling explained, "the next god exists only in the department of god, you now for even a god, I attached to you, also can’t count as the next god. Of course, perhaps, I can’t be your god now, but there is another way to let you rest assured of me completely. "
"What?" Qin Chu quietly looked at Rhine Haas.
"Yes, although I can’t be your god now, because your realm is not enough, but I can be your servant. To be your servant, you don’t need the realm. " Rhine Haas wanted to kill himself directly in his heart. What he said just now is great. Now he can’t be a god, but he can only be the servant of the other side.
"God servant?" Qin Chu scratched his head. "What do you mean by servant of God?"
This time, Rheinhas really didn’t dare to say anything more. What Qin Chu asked, he answered honestly: "The servant of God is your servant. You can control the life and death of your servant, and you can instantly understand his thoughts. This is the best way to control a person. "
"Oh?" Hearing this, Qin Chu suddenly came to his senses. "What’s the difference between this servant of God and the next God?"
"The next god is the existence of the department of God, and the subordinate of the king of God is the next god, just like the minister of the emperor on earth, and the servant of God is the figure who waits on the emperor’s guards. Everything about God’s servant is under the master’s control. "
Rhine Haas really wants to slap himself with a few big mouths. Why did he make a big mouth just now? Now he has to be a servant of God. Compared with being a servant of God, it is not only a matter of losing face, but also a matter of not being free to be a god. Although he is a subordinate of the king of God, he still has some freedom. In the absence of things, he can do what he wants. However, the servants of God have no freedom in this respect, and their thoughts, actions and so on are all under the control of their masters. No, no freedom, the master’s words are orders, which must be carried out to the letter.
"So that’s it. All this is under control, and I think it is to control your soul. "Qin Chu laughed." Haha, now I will accept you as my servant. Only in this way will I feel at ease. "
Only by thoroughly controlling each other’s souls can we truly be at ease. Because after taking control of the other person’s soul, once the other person has a bad thought in his heart, he will instantly notice it, but on second thoughts, he can easily erase the servants of God from this world.
This is the power of the soul
Rhine Haas a face of bleak, but also helpless, he opened his soul, like a weak to be ravaged, bare luo naked in front of Qin Chu.
Qin Chu unceremoniously immediately put a wisp of his soul imprint into the soul of Rheinhaas. With the cooperation of Rheinhaas, this process went very fast, but it was completed in the blink of an eye.
From this moment on, Rheinhas, the king of Diablo, became the servant of Qin Chu.
After putting his soul imprint into the soul of Rheinhas, Qin Chu clearly felt that he had something more in his heart.
"If I had known this, I should have promised him to be a god, which is better than being a servant of God." Rheinhas kept turning this idea in his heart.
Qin Chu naturally felt this idea and grinned: "If I had known, why should I have done it now? But don’t worry, you’ve become my servant, and I won’t treat you badly. As long as you do things well, I’m always very generous to my opponents. However, if you dare to do something that makes me unhappy, hum, you know the consequences. To kill you, for me, it’s just an idea. Do you know? "
Rhine Haas body yishan, lower the head, respectfully. Because of the soul mark, Qin Chu’s every word, give Rhine Haas feeling, with a majesty that he can’t violate.
This is the power of the soul mark. Once you put your soul mark into the other person’s soul, it will make the other person have a heartfelt awe of himself in the depths of his soul. Moreover, this process will be from weak to strong. As time goes on, the role of the soul mark will become more and more powerful, and the awe and majesty of the servant will become more and more powerful.
It is only a short time since Qin Chu put the soul imprint into the soul of Rheinhaas just now. Rheinhaas feeling of Qin Chu has changed from hatred and fear at first to respect and fear now.
Qin Chu is the master of Rhine Haas, and Qin Chu’s words will be regarded as the will of Rhine Haas, and he will not dare to disobey it.
"Tell me all these things you collected first." Qin Chu was not polite, and immediately fulfilled his rights as a master.
Rhine Haas’s every thought, under his supervision. It’s impossible for Reinhardt to deceive himself, so Qin Chu is not worried that Reinhardt will be tricky to himself.
Rheinhas nodded honestly, picked up the little black ball just now, and said respectfully, "God, this black ball is the key control hub of the old slave’s god world." The old slave has been refining for a long time, but it can’t be completely refined. God can take it away, and this thing is useless in the hands of the old slave. "
"Oh?" Qin Chu in the mind a pleased, this world of god is absolutely good. With this thing, you have a strong guarantee.

Chapter 211
Chapter 211
Qin Chu took the little black ball and looked around with his eyes. At this time, he discovered that this little black ball was extraordinary.
At first glance, the little black ball looks very ordinary, but when you put it in your hand and feel it with your heart, you will feel the abnormality inside. The black inside the little black ball keeps circulating, like flowing water or fog. Through this black, Qin Chu can see that there are several shining stars in the black ball. And those two points are still spinning there.
"This little black ball material is also strange, and my Yuan God can’t enter it to detect." Qin Chu was a little surprised. He just tried to pour his Yuan God into it, only to find that he hadn’t entered it yet, so he was blocked by a soft repulsive force.
Qin Chu did not dare to mess around, so he accepted his Yuan God and asked Rheinhas, "What’s the name of this little black ball?"
"Report back to the Lord, this little black ball is the center of the world of God, and its name is actually called the stellar core. The old slave accidentally discovered this realm of God four thousand years ago, and then he took away this star core, constantly refining it with his own strength, and finally took control of the part of the realm of God. "
It turns out that the name of the little black ball is called the stellar core.
"After so long refining, you just took control of the part of the realm of God?" Hear the word of the Rhine Haas, Qin Chu can’t help a slight frown, "you said earlier, oneself can’t completely refining? What’s going on here? "
Qin Chu clearly felt that Rhine Haas said this and didn’t hide anything. He really can’t completely refine this realm of God. For four thousand years, why can’t Rheinhas refine this star core?
"God matrixay, old slave refining it for four thousand years, to try the method, also have tried, but there has been no way. There seems to be a powerful force in this star core, which has always rejected the power of the old slave, so the old slave really has no way to surrender it. "Rheinhas looked ashamed and helpless.
"Oh?" Qin Chu heard the interest. "It has been refining for four thousand years, but it has not been refining. This is interesting." Qin Chu is very interested in things like refining treasures, no matter how complicated and difficult.
"How to refine this star core?" Qin Chu inquired.
"There is the mark of the old slave in this star core. As long as the old slave erases the soul mark, God can refine it again." Rhine Haas busy way.
"After refining, you can also erase the soul mark inside?" Qin Chu eyebrows a wrinkly, how do you feel the star nuclear refining, like refining other people’s magic weapon?
In Qin Chu’s view, this mysterious world of God is stronger than magic weapon. At the very least, after refining, it can only be abolished like its own refined Lingbao, but it can’t erase the soul mark inside. This is also the reason why Qin Chu has always been interested in artifacts such as Poseidon fork, because the marks in these artifacts can be erased by his own random refining.
"Take your soul mark out first." Qin Chu wanted to think, for Reinhardt’s way, it’s complicated to take away the soul imprint, but it won’t hurt Reinhardt’s soul. But if you erase the soul mark inside, it will definitely do some harm to the soul of Reinhardt.
Rhine Haas is now dead set on Qin Chu because of the soul mark of God’s servant, and has become a full-fledged slave. Hearing that Qin Chu can think for himself, he can’t help but shed tears. His soul now is very weak because of the lightning attack of Xiaobai’s punishment just now. If you forcefully erase his soul mark again, it will only make Rhine Haas much more.
Rhine Haas quickly thanked him: "Thank God." Said, and immediately began to pull away the soul mark inside the star nucleus. In order to refine this stellar core, Rheinhaas has spared no effort for 4,000 years. The soul power contained in this stellar core can occupy more than one-fifth of Rheinhaas power. If Qin Chu obliterates it at once, Reinhardt’s thousand-year penance will be destroyed.
Qin Chu was not idle when Rheinhaas pulled away the soul mark in the star nucleus, and his eyes rested on the pile of things beside him.
Those superb staves and exquisite and pocket-sized skeletons are not attractive to Qin Chu. Because those staves are for the use of wizards and the like, they are of no use to Qin Chu, except that materials can be removed from them for use. As for the exquisite skeletons of Xiuzhen, Qin Chu already knows quite well. These skeletons exude evil breath and the fierce spirit that drives people, just like the huge skeleton that once soaked in the blood pool inside the volcano, it should be the same. Looks like a puppet or something.
"However, it is a good way to use these skeletons to absorb the fierce spirit in the blood pool and make the essence of blood more pure." Qin Chu thought, these skeletons, certainly is some powerful fierce beasts, got by rheinhas, then get into this appearance.
"Well, like this refined bones puppet, power is good. But when you really meet a master, you still don’t have much resistance. Although Rheinhas is a generation of god kings, he knows too little about refining. " Qin Chu to the skeleton, shook his head, refined like this, don’t have much technical content. Reinhardt’s previous refining was simply a waste of materials.
What a waste of the bones of those fierce beasts
"Well, what is this transparent crystal?" Qin Chu finally eyes rested on the half-meter square transparent crystal. It seems that there is nothing strange about the crystal, but Qin Chu became interested in the thought that it was collected by Rheinhas.
Everything collected by Rheinhas has something extraordinary. It doesn’t seem to have any strange crystals, so I think there are some strange places.
Qin Chu reached out to the crystal, and suddenly felt his abdomen, rippling a warm current, and then the warm current went through the body uncontrollably, and quickly flocked to the transparent crystal along his arm.