When I was in the hospital, I spent all my time waiting in line, and then I checked if I haven’t come out today. I have to go to the hospital again on Saturday.

Chapter 34 Chapter 34
Song Luo # entered the house with Shi Banshan and looked at the environment in one room to find Yan Yunqi.
It’s really human. This is a small villa with a few clean windows. The curtains are pulled open, and the room is full of light, giving people a feeling of openness and brightness. After entering the Xuan, you can see the kitchen and dining room, and then there is a spacious living room. The sofa and curtains in the living room are warm yellow, and there is a bottle of flower arrangement on the coffee table. A casual woman in her thirties is sitting on the sofa and seeing you come in. She got up and greeted her.
It’s really human. You recognize her as Yan Yunqi, the young biologist who you have seen photos before.
Song Luo # couldn’t walk forward and leaned slightly. "Ms. Yan, I’m really sorry to bother you."
Yan Yunqi, who is really human, shook hands with you one by one and said with a smile, "Nothing I happen to have today. I’m glad if I can help you. Please sit down soon."
Song Luo thanked Yan Yunqi and sat down.
Shi Banshan # sat next to Song Luo
Yan Yunqi, a real human being, sat down, sent tea snacks and fruits to your nanny before opening the door, and then left to busy himself. Yan Yunqi took the teacup and asked, "I heard that you wanted to ask me something about the study of orange rose with me before. What do you want to know?"
Song Luo "Ms. Yan, let’s begin. First of all, I want to know, what was the reason why you left the Orange Rose Institute?"
Yan Yunqi, a real human being, expressed his memory after a while and said, "It’s been a long time since this happened. I was unhappy when I left the Orange Rose Research Institute. All the mysterious core projects of Orange Rose Research were not made public, and people in the Institute knew little about them. However, there is no argument about whether the experimental priority, resource inclination or personnel treatment are the best."
What a human being! "I was still young at that time, and I was a little competitive. I knew that the project team was behind, so I always entered the core project team. At that time, I was the core member of my own project team. Later, when the project was completed, I can also say without modesty that I was the person who made the greatest contribution to the project team. I have already proved my ability to the senior management of the institute, so I handed in my application to enter the core project team."
What a human being! "I was not afraid of your jokes. I was a little arrogant at that time. I thought it was impossible to refuse my application if the senior management of the institute was not blind. I waited with confidence and talked to my friends about it. After I entered the core project team, the institute refused my application, and I boasted about Haikou long ago. I felt as if I had been severely slapped in the face and could not accept it."
It’s really human. "What I can’t accept especially is that I later found out that the other ability of the same project as mine was far less than that of my white researcher who was selected into the core project team. After the incident went out, the institute said that everyone had it, and some people said that I stole the credit of the white researcher, otherwise it was him who entered the core project team instead of me."
It’s really human. "Although the senior management of the institute found me later and said that I refused my application because I wanted to give it to me because of more important things and asked me to take charge of another project with several other people, I couldn’t accept this explanation and didn’t want to listen to those rumors. I just chose to leave when I was angry."
It’s really human, said Yan Yunqi with a smile and added, "Now it seems that I decided to leave the Orange Rose Institute correctly despite some impulses, and my career has developed steadily. Now it is considered a small achievement, and I have washed away the reputation of the researcher who entered the core project team at that time, and I still check this person’s status in the academic circle."
Song Luo # laughed. "This is also because of your outstanding ability. I think if you had joined that core project team, you would have made great achievements now."
What a human being! A young scientist, Yan Yunqi, was obviously not humiliated. He was very happy to hear your compliment and asked, "That’s probably what happened when I left the institute. Do you want to know anything else?"
Song Luo "Can you talk about the core project team of Orange Rose Research Institute? What do you know about it? "
It’s really human beings. Yan Yunqi is not surprised to hear this question. She said, "Is there something wrong with the core project team of Orange Rose Research Institute? I guess it’s impossible for you to ask me about these past things, but it may disappoint you. Although I have been in the Orange Rose Institute for a long time and tried to join this core project team, I don’t know much about it. "
The core project group "Really Human" is very mysterious. Even in the Orange Rose Research Institute, everyone knows that there is such a project group, but they know almost nothing about what it is. Does it sound like a famous head? But I can be sure that this is not the case. Of course, I wanted to join this core project team because I was too hot-headed to make a decision or after careful consideration. "
It’s really human. "A scientific research project team will always unveil its mystery when it comes to results. Our scientific researchers may sound tall in general, but in fact, everyone is human. Ordinary people should have desires. We will pursue it in a different way from ordinary people. After all, the academic circle has its own rules and bottom lines. Of course, these people also choose to trample on it."
It’s really human. "But there is no doubt that relying on these crooked ways can’t go long in academic circles, because whether a person has the ability to match his status may not be seen in other fields, but it is hidden in academic circles by ability."
It’s really human. "I’m sorry for accidentally digressing. I want to say that judging the status of a person or a research institute in the academic circle depends on their scientific research achievements, while understanding their scientific research achievements depends on their publishing papers. The core project team of Orange Rose Research Institute is mysterious, but besides the achievements, it is also the same as other project teams to publish papers."
It’s really human. "I tried to inquire about this core project team in the institute, but I got away with it. After that, I got to know something about them by looking for ways to publish their papers."
It’s really human. Then Yan Yunqi gave a general introduction to this core project group, which has published papers in some influential journals. You found that these papers can be divided into two research directions, one is bio-genetic engineering and the other is microbial research.
Song Luo # said thoughtfully, "Before, we once entered the experimental building of the core project group of Orange Rose Institute and found a microbial culture room there. According to Gershwin, the head of the institute, there was a study on pathogenic microorganisms."
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi nodded and said, "It’s true that they have published some papers on pathogenic microorganisms, but their research on microorganisms is not the direction of pathogenic microorganisms."
Song Luo # sincerely looked at Yan Yunqi. "Ms. Yan, this discovery is very important to us. I wonder if you have any copies of these papers? If so, can you give us a copy? "
What a human being (please)
Song Luo (Ah, is this … actually pleasing? )
What a human being (because you suck up well? )
Shibanshan (poof)
Song Luo (OK …)
Song Luo r please
Xiao Tong [Song Luo] carries out pleasing appraisal: D1=/6 Difficult to succeed! Daoyou Daoyou is destined to be a man of practice in our generation ~
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi sees that you are quite pleasing to the eye. You think you look good and talk well. You nod and say, "It’s been so many years. I can’t find this list now, but it’s not difficult to rearrange it. Leave me an email address and I’ll send it to you later."
Shi Banshan (this hue sells well)
Song Luo (…)
Song Luo # revealed a surprise expression "That’s really thank you."
Song Luo # took out his lowercase mailbox and tore this paper and handed it to Yan Yunqi.
What a human Yan Yunqi took the paper and put it away.
Song Luo "Ms. Yan, in addition, we also want to know from you whether you found any abnormalities in this research when you were in the Orange Rose Institute one year ago?"
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi thought about it and said something about himself, which is similar to what Lei Shaojun said before.
It’s really human. After a pause, Yan Yunqi added, "There’s one thing I don’t know if it counts. You know the abnormality first. When I lived in the dormitory building of Orange Rose Research Institute in the dead of night, I always heard strange audio and video. I also told other colleagues that some people said they heard it, while others said they didn’t, but anyway, no one assumed that the sound was themselves."
It’s really human. "I think it’s a bit strange because some people who live far away from my house can hear sighs and the volume is similar to mine. It sounds like a ghost story, right?"
Song Luo # nodded. "Really, did you finally find the source of the sigh?"
Yan Yunqi shook his head regretfully. "It’s a pity that although I have made some achievements in the field of biology, I am not an expert. Speaking of it, I have always been very curious about this matter, but obviously the Orange Rose Institute can’t let me find someone to study it. This is still a mystery to me for the time being."
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi looks at you and laughs. "Since you want to check the organic conversation of Orange Rose Institute this time, why don’t you help me check this sigh?" If this sigh is still there. "
**** *w*w*w****8 ****
Song Luo # nodded and promised, "No problem. If we can figure this out and it doesn’t involve anything that needs to be kept secret, we’ll be happy to answer your questions."
Song Luo (I have no more questions. Is there anything else you want to ask? )
Shi Banshan (neither did I)
Song Luo # got up and said goodbye to "Ms. Yan, thank you again. Your news is very valuable to us."
It’s really human. Yan Yunqi got up and said politely, "You’re welcome. Xia Guo citizens are also what I should do here. I think you should still have a lot of things to do now, so I won’t delay your time. Let me walk you out."
Song Luo # Thanks again to Yan Yunqi.
History of mid-levels # follow up.
It’s really human Yan Yunqi who sent you out of the house.
Song Luo # Back to Temporary Residence
Shi Banshan # Go back together