"Wuji told me that you and Luo Yulou are cousins, and he and Luo Yulou are also cousins." Chu Yanqi smiled. According to the principle of geometric proof, Sang Feilong and Wuji are also related.

"Go and call Wuji in!" ChuYanQi waved and walked towards his room.
Sang Feilong felt that this "young master" was always a bit confusing, but in any case, he went out just visible and called Wuji.
"You all go out and let Wuji wait on you." ChuYanQi ordered. ! ! !

Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Treat
Sang Feilong with all the people back out, ChuYan perched on the chair, pulled out a note, handed it to the infinite.
Wuji naturally understood, inspired the diaphragm with a little spiritual force and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"I can’t do it, I can only let them do it!" ChuYanQi immediately put his plan aside, this just said, "if you agree, just do it, don’t agree, forget it, you find someone else, anyway, you are looking for abuse, it’s not easy? Just find someone to offend, and you are afraid that he will not toss you to death? "
"I don’t want to find another master, just do as you say!" Wuji said.
"No matter what happens, you can’t pick on them later?" ChuYanQi said again.
"I promise!" Wuji said.
"All right!" Chu Yanqi nodded, stretched out his hand in Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven, and broke the note. Then he picked up a small handless den from the table and smashed it directly on the infinite head.
Almost instinctively, Wuji wanted to avoid it, but then he understood it. Immediately, he abruptly got it all at once, and the handless small was broken by hand, and a wisp of blood slowly slipped down Wuji’s forehead.
"Young master, what’s the matter?" Sang Feilong and others are outside, listening to the voice, busy mentioning the voice and asking.
"Hao Qiang, Hao Qiang …" ChuYanQi mentioned voice, deliberately shout loudly, at the same time make a wink to the infinite.
"Little master!" When Sang Haoran came in, he saw Wuji kneeling on the ground, his forehead cracked, a small handless den smashed to pieces, and Chu Yanqi looked gloomy and seemed very angry.
"Take this slave out and teach me a lesson!" ChuYan habitat calm face said.
"Young master, don’t be angry, why bother with a slave!" Sang Haoran was surprised. At first, when Xiaodou and Sang Linhui put forward the plan, he wanted to oppose it, because he knew that Chu Yanqi would not agree.
Don’t say Wuji is an immortal in the period of Dan Ling. Even if Wuji is an ordinary mortal, Chu Yanqi won’t agree with their practice, but now his reaction seems to be somewhat abnormal.
"Also chapter one hundred and seventy-seven treat stupefied, take him out for me!" ChuYan habitat with a snort of cold, said.
"Wuji offended his master and voluntarily accepted the punishment. Please don’t be angry." Wuji said.
"Hao Qiang …" ChuYanQi cried again.
"Report back, young master. Hao Qiang went out to do some shopping and will be right back." Small beans busy said.
"What about the Five Childes?" Chu Yanqi said.
"What’s your order, young master?" Sang Linhui also came in.
"The last time you not is say, want to discipline people, in to me? Now, please take care of it for me. " ChuYan habitat took one look at the infinite, said.
"Yes!" SangLinHui promised, originally this attention, is he and small beans single-handedly in favor of, so he didn’t object.
Wuji stood up, got up, went outside and knelt down in the yard.
"Mr. Promise, we have sinned, but this is the master’s command!" SangLinHui narrowing her eyes, a face of smile.
Promise looked up and saw his one eye, sneer at all of a sudden in the heart, ChuYan habitat? Although he asked for it himself, he came up with this bad idea, but they, now they push it on his head in an understatement?
"It seems that you have a lot of resentment?" SangLinHui said, while already from the storage ring, take out a dark whip, and then so on the infinite back whipped in the past.
The whip fell heavily on Wuji, and Wuji snorted in pain, but then he held back and said nothing.
ChuYanQi sit by the window, just watching.
Sang Linhui naturally won’t show mercy, and Wuji actually doesn’t have to resist with a spiritual force, so he fought hard.
"This fool!" ChuYan perched in his heart and scolded him. After watching it for a while, he couldn’t stand it any longer. Is it just like watching Wuji being abused by them every day?
Although it is the promise of their own requirements, but this practice achievement method, it is too abnormal.
By the way, sang Feilong said, Wuji’s real name is again? Cang zi mo? Cang zi mo? His surname is Cang? By the way, he is his royal highness, the prince of Cangyu dynasty. His natural name is Cangwu, and he is really confused. Wuji himself said that his name is Cangwu …
Last name is Cang! ?
Chu Yanqi couldn’t sit still. He stood up and walked around the room. I don’t know how long it took. Sang Linhui came in through the bead curtain and reported, "Little Lord, Wuji fainted with pain."
"Wake him up, I have something to ask him." ChuYan habitat waved and said directly.
"Yes!" SangLinHui promised, with a bucket of cold water, directly spilled the infinite woke up.
Hearing Chu Yanqi calling him, Wuji endured the pain and came in. He didn’t enter the room either. He knelt outside through the curtain: "Master!" "
"Change into clean clothes and go out with me." Chu Yanqi ordered, "Hurry up."
"Master …" Infinite leng ran, go out at this time, in theory, now that Sang Feilong and others are here, he should not take him with him if he wants to go out.
"Hurry up, I have no patience to wait!" Chu Yanqi said.
"Yes!" Without asking much, Wuji turned around and went back to his room. He washed it with some clean water for a while, then put on clean clothes, still in a very ordinary black suit, and then came to his side and asked, "Master, do you need a car?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Don’t!" ChuYanQi shook his head and said, and he strode toward the outside.
"Little master!" Sang Feilong stood in his way. "Where are you going?"
"I’m going out for a walk, you don’t have to follow me!" Chu Yanqi said.
"Young master, no one is following, and we are not at ease." Sang Feilong refused his request.
"Just let the infinite follow me." ChuYan habitat sink a voice said.