100 meters ahead. There is an extra table with a wine jar on it and two people sitting next to it. A man, a middle-aged man in a white robe embroidered with gold thread, was reading with relish with a roll of books in his hand; The other is a bald man, wearing a wide robe, with his eyes slightly narrowed and his hands tucked inside his sleeves. Seems to be dozing off there, the breath of the whole body converges with the body, and there is no leakage!

In the scorching sun, a pretentious man was drinking hard liquor and reading a book. Another big guy like Tarzan, but he dozed off there. Weird, weird! To Qin Chu’s surprise, the breath of these two people in front is tightly closed. Don’t tell each other’s strength in front!
Qin Chu mind flash, this two people is the bearer of the dragon?
The reason why Qin Chu made this judgment is because the guy who intercepted the carriage just now, the breath on his body is the breath of the dragon! It smells like Agatha, the red dragon mounted by Theseus!
Hundred to ten thousand small! The pretentious man swept Qin Chu with his eyes, and Nunu said, "Do it, if you have wine, you can have a few drinks by yourself!" Say that. Pretending to force the man to continue to read the books in his hand with relish.
Hear the words of pretending to be a man. Qin Chu’s state of mind suddenly reached a state where there was no wave in an ancient well, smiled and walked away freely. Pick up a jar of wine without a cup. He took a few sips from his huge mouth. Then casually threw the jar on the table, Qin Chu makin knife quota sat down.
Pack to force men did not expect that Qin Chu was so calm.
What’s going on here? It is said in the book that this move will have a certain deterrent effect on the enemy! Eugene heart secretly muttered, but look at Qin Chu’s performance, this recruit, seems to be … No effect on it!
The bald Taishan beside him opened his eyes, and a touch of green light passed in his eyes. He said faintly, "My name is Solomon, and you are Qin Chu!"
Qin Chu heart andao, sure enough, as I expected, the two men proved to be dragon. Just didn’t expect, Solomon was so calm, not the kui is a dragon three generations of heads of families!
"The other day, you injured a little girl named Agatha." Solomon didn’t blink.
"Yes!" Qin Chu made no secret of it. When a man does something, he does it by himself, and he has to bear it himself!
"She is my granddaughter!" Solomon said, finally, his eyes fell on Qin Chu’s face and he said faintly, "So, you must give me an explanation!"
"What explanation?" Qin Chu frowned.
"If you hit someone, you must give me an explanation!" Solomon said simply. Eugene, who was next to him, interrupted: Boy, if you kill someone for life, you owe him money. You hit someone, so what should you say? "This tone of voice, like a local ruffians and hooligans in blackmail.
"Don’t you just listen to my explanation and don’t want to know why I hurt her?" Qin Chu asked.
"No, I only know that you hurt her. This is enough! " Solomon shook his head and stared at Qin Chu with green eyes. Sleeves move slowly. You have to take your hand out.

Chapter 151 The opportunity to blackmail
Chu’s mind at the moment has reached an unprecedented peace. Around the cutting liver, the continent is vividly reflected in my mind, just like an ancient well without waves, quietly reflecting the bright moon in the sky
In a calm state, we can clearly observe the dynamics of the enemy’s shots. Qin Chu is not nervous, under the control of mind, all the magic weapons of refining are ready.
Hussein said that Solomon’s hands are the most powerful hands in the world. One hand can break all magic and the other hand can ignore all physical defenses! No one can stop Solomon’s attack! At least for now!
So Qin Chu was afraid of Solomon’s hand!
The surrounding aura is quickly suppressed, and two powerful momentum is soaring. Qin Chu felt that Solomon’s eyes were like invisible ropes, firmly tied to himself. This kind of eyes, like can see through everything, when moved on Qin Chu, Qin Chu felt his pores suddenly shrink, goose bumps all stand up!
What a powerful spirit This is Qin Chu’s evaluation of Solomon!
"King Solomon, do you want to kill your favorite daughter Jinlong?" Hussein finally stood up and shouted at Solomon.
Lingering around the aura with a lag, Solomon heard the word "golden dragon", thou without wave face finally showed a little fluctuation, green eyes slowly turned to Qin Chu’s side of Hussein.
Hussein was fearless, stepped forward, took off his hat with a lift of his hand and revealed his original face.
"Hussein?" Solomon was silent for a moment, and the name was uttered in a hoarse quarrel.
"I am Hussein!" Hussein stood in front of him and looked at Solomon with a complicated expression. The atmosphere between one person and Yi Long presents a strange state. In Solomon’s eyes, the boy in front of him stole his favorite daughter Jinlong from himself, which eventually led to the disappearance of Jinlong, so Hussein was the chief culprit in the separation of his father and daughter; In Hussein’s eyes, why did Solomon make himself resentful? If Solomon and Jinlong hadn’t fought and wounded Jinlong. How can it be besieged by those little people in the temple, and how can Jinlong leave himself because of this?
"How dare you appear in front of me!" Solomon’s green eyes stared at Hussein intensely. "What happened to Jinlong? Why did it disappear completely? What do you mean by that sentence you just said? "
"Why?" Hussein remembered the past, and his heart was burning with anger. "King Solomon, you have to ask yourself all this! Don’t you remember what you did to Jinlong in those days? If it weren’t for you, how could Jinlong be forced to die alive! "
"what!" When Solomon heard Hussein’s words, it was like a bolt from the blue, and his daughter was forced to die by herself?
Qin Chu mind move. Then I saw a dim figure flash, and the next Xuan Solomon appeared in front of Hussein, with a hand covered with fine scales around Hussein’s neck. Qin Chu finally saw, Hussein said, Solomon’s hands can break any magic and defense!
Hussein’s face turned red in an instant, and his arms were put on Solomon’s hands, and his arms turned into dazzling gold in an instant.
Solomon’s face changed slightly, and his huge arm suddenly shook. Qin Chu had keenly seen that the scales on his arm had been removed by Hussein! Hussein, who inherits Yu Jinlong’s sharp strength of gold, is not as good as Solomon, but his destructive power is not necessarily worse than Solomon!
Fortunately, however, this move by Hussein calmed Solomon down. With a snort of cold, he suddenly let go of Hussein: "What happened to Jinlong? Tell me the truth! "
Hussein coughed twice hard. Although Solomon’s hand was short just now, it also caused him great harm. When he heard Solomon’s words, Hussein’s eyes shot with resentment: "How do you want to know about Jinlong?" Why do you want to know? " Hussein’s anger was stirred up by Solomon, and he has begun to lose his mind.
Solomon’s green eyes have begun to spray anger outward. His hands clenched slowly. For many years, no one dared to be so presumptuous in front of him! Eugene next to him stepped back two steps, but he didn’t intervene. He said to himself, "The boss is angry, and this boy is unlucky!"
Qin Chu also detected Solomon’s outbreak, and star saber was hidden in his hand, going round and round. As long as Solomon made a slight movement, star saber in Qin Chu’s hand would immediately attack Solomon in the ear!
Hussein was not afraid. He angrily said, "Jinlong is dead! You don’t know anything! You hurt Jinlong, and it’s all your fault! "
Hussein’s words, like a sharp knife, pierced Solomon’s heart.
Solomon can hide the memory in his heart, and under the reminder of these words, it reappears on the surface. Solomon has vaguely guessed what Hussein meant by this sentence. But Solomon still couldn’t believe it: "How is it possible! Although I attacked Jinlong that year, I know that her injury is not fatal! "
Solomon wanted to hurt Jinlong, and then sent other dragons to bring Jinlong back to the Dragon Valley by force. Now, however, hearing Hussein’s words, Solomon was extremely surprised!
"What the hell is going on! The injury of Jinlong in those days, I am the clearest, definitely not fatal! You are lying, what happened in this! " Solomon instantly thought of the key.
"Jinlong was injured by you, and then he was ridiculed by the people in the temple. The bamboo dragon was starved to death by the people in the temple!" Hou Hankou … Zhong Xue, "If you hadn’t wounded Jinlong, how could those scumbags have forced Jinlong to death alive!"
"No!" Solomon green eyes cold light, "Jinlong since dead, how can you survive! And "the power inside your body just now. It’s the same strength as the golden dragon. Do you get the power of the golden dragon and want to blame the temple? "
Hussein didn’t expect Solomon to say this. He laughed and cried: "Jinlong, Jinlong, have you seen it? This is your father! He doesn’t believe me, but he doubts me! " Hussein mercilessly stared at Solomon, slowly, "Solomon, Jinlong’s revenge, I will personally revenge. And you, I must make you regret it! "
"With you?" Solomon was furious and laughed.