Then he fell heavily and fell into the vast wilderness, rolling out crazy smoke.

Dancing wildly, striking with iron hoofs, stepping out of the highest kangle in life, and flying in the distance, the tiger team rushed to the front in the shallow water.
He almost watched Qi Tianyou fall to the moment and roared into the sky.
He jumped from the horse, stumbled and rushed over, hugged Qi Tianyou and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Brother Qi!"
Qi Tianyou opened his eyes in confusion, but his body was still shaking violently. With every stroke, every blood hole was emitting blood. He wanted to say something but couldn’t say it.
"Qi eldest brother what’s the matter with you? ! Speak and answer me! " Shallow water and clear roar
Qi Tianyou still has a lot of trouble in his throat.
Soaking blood behind him, he replied, "He was seriously injured, but he was forced to transport his skills. Now his blood vessels are blown up all over his body. Now he is in great pain, but he is trying his best. I am afraid I hope you can give him an end."
Shallow water is as clear as falling into an ice cave
He looked at Qi Tianyou in his arms and was speechless at the moment.
An iron man like that is as soft as a bone, and he is bleeding all over his arms. He is bleeding everywhere, and his eyes are like a sieve puppet made of thousands of bullets. God knows he is still alive and there, looking at what he wants to say, but he can’t say it.
He knew that he was so painful that his soul trembled, so painful that even his suicide effort was so painful that he didn’t even have a hint of explanation. He had those hopeful eyes begging himself to kill him quickly and bear the pain again.
"Brother Qi!" Shallow water is sorrowful and growling with one hand, but it is already quivering and touching the tiger’s teeth in your arms.
"I’m sorry I hurt you."
So he seemed to see Qi Tianyou smiling with a bloody face. At first glance, the smile seemed to be reborn as if there was a sound coming from the horizon. Don’t talk nonsense, silly. I was just trying my best to make a commitment.
I know you are a hero, a generation of shallow water and clear water, and you are a big brother.
I’m also a good brother. Don’t let me down.
Shallow water Qing nodded slightly
Hold Qi Tianyou’s strong hand tightly, and pierce Qi Tianyou’s heart with a little cold in his hands. He is calm and calm.
Shallow water said softly, "Take your peace of mind, big brother."
Qi Tianyou suddenly made a violent shaking, and his body bounced violently like a spring, and soon became calm.
Qi Tianyou died.
As a soldier, he didn’t die in the battlefield, but he fell in the hands of his own people.
A large number of soldiers returning from the bloody battle froze when they saw this scene.
They jumped on horses and slowly came to Qi Tianyou’s side to watch him die in this way, and then regained their grief and looked at Heng Changshun.
Eyes fierce as an arrow into the soul Heng Changshun felt like a cold snap all over and couldn’t help shivering slightly.
He folded drink "Qi Tianyou guilty of kidnapping officer is unforgivable! Does anyone else want to learn from him? "
Shallow water cleared the knife.
Raising his head, he looked at Heng Changshun, and his long hair was burning with revenge.
He said, "I want to learn from him" in a simple and calm tone, but he was decisive.
Several soldiers pulled out combat knives at the same time
They silently act behind the shallow water and represent their own position.
Heng Changshun’s heart thumped violently, and a little fear suddenly swept through his heart in recent years.
This is a kind of anger, a kind of struggle, a kind of fighting will that belongs to soldiers.
Heng Changshun panicked and grabbed a combat knife from the soldiers around him. He shouted, "What are you doing? Want to rebel? Do you know that you are mutinying? ?”
Shallow water is clear and stuffy. "You have lost before you fight!"
The wind rising from the ground has swept the whole sky in an instant, and the blood color has flashed in the sky with a knife and a thunderous force to Heng Changshun.
"I won’t lose!" Heng Changshun roared fenglei knife and drew a crazy arc in the middle to meet the boundless urgency.
At that moment, the thunder blew up a gorgeous light in the sky.
It’s more and more difficult for Heng Changshun to resist in the bursts of wind and thunder.
The light and shallow water are clear, the long hair is flowing freely, and the whole body is bathed in blood. It seems that for nine days, the devil’s strength has made every knife more heavy than a knife. The wind and thunder knife has become a joke. In the blood shadow, the waves are as turbulent as the waves, and the crazy attack has already stopped.
Heng Changshun never thought that a recruit pawn could beat his temper.
His heart is flustered and his fighting spirit is even more scattered.
On the same day, the lush and cold knife light curled freely with light and shadow all over the sky. When the fenglei knife was hit again and again, Heng Changshun couldn’t control the knife to surge. Juli combating Dao flew out of shallow water in a moment. qing dao drew a piercing arc in the middle and finally put it on his neck.
Looking at each other’s fierce eyes full of hatred, Heng Changshun’s heart trembled, and he couldn’t help but kneel down slowly in his heart.
This time he lost again and it was a head-on battle, and he lost so miserably that he even fought back.
"Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! " A group of soldiers are shouting, which is an angry roar shaking the sky.
One voice shouted, "Little Brother! Can’t kill! "
It’s blood bath.
Shallow water Qing slowly looked back at the blood-soaked blood-soaked word for word and said, "You should be beheaded by those who have catch-up in the White Army! Those who dare to kill officials are judged on right and wrong! If you want to kill Heng Changshun, you have to think about the consequences first! "
Shallow water is clear in front of Yun Ni’s sad look like a flower with rain.
In this life, I will be responsible for her after all?
I’m so sorry, Yun Ni, but I’m a man and I have to make a man choice after all.
Even if you have this chance in your life!
Shallow water clear face hazy out a crazy smile "kill then kill which have so many good concerns let’s iron man either die before the battle or die like a horse, always choose a happy way to die."
When he was soaked in blood, he hurriedly said, "You really can’t kill him, shallow brother. If you kill him, the South Governor will never let you go. If you let him go once and wait until we get back, everyone will report things together. If the South Governor decides to be afraid of him again, so will born to die. Even if the South Governor doesn’t kill him, we still have a chance to kill him. Are you eager for this moment?"
Shallow water Qing shook his head lightly. "Mu Wei, thank you for your kindness. It’s my constant habit to leave my destiny to others."
Heng Changshun was screaming in horror. "Shallow water is clear. Do you dare to kill me? Nearly a thousand people are watching! If you can’t run, you will die! "
Shallow water Qing smiled and pulled out the tiger tooth from Qi Tianyou’s body.
"I know," he said slowly, turning the tiger’s teeth with his left hand. "I know I shouldn’t kill you. I know that if I kill you, I’m sorry that Brother Qi died. I’m sorry that the people who are still alive are still infatuated with me. But if I don’t kill you, I’m afraid I’ll have trouble eating and drinking. If I don’t kill you, I’ll fight again. Although soldiers are walking dead, I live with courage and strength. I shouldn’t kill you, but I have to kill you. Some things in this world are unreasonable
He leaned close to Heng Changshun’s ear and whispered, "I’ll tell you a secret before I kill you. Yun Ni is my woman."
Heng Changshun’s face was terrible, and he felt a pain in his chest, and his teeth had broken through.
He grabbed the shallow water with both hands and the armor was soaked with blood.
Then he lay down hard.
Before he died, he stared at the sky with wide eyes as if he had something to say but couldn’t say it.
When I went back, Lu Fanghu said softly, "I have greeted all my brothers. When Heng Chang died, he said that he was killed by the enemy when he took the lead."
Shallow water Qing lightly replied, "I’m afraid there are too many people to hide from."
Fang Hu’s face shows a little cruel. "Don’t blame the veteran for being unkind if anyone dares to say it."
After thinking about the sky for a long time, I finally said nothing but sighed.