Can’t, resin demon Lin Zhao has been in the place where babies are forbidden for decades, and the idea of being cautious and saving lives first has already gone deep into his soul.

However, it has just been reunited, and it is preparing to display its innate five-dun magical power. When fleeing, it is found that the sword rain that chased him all over the sky immediately began to change, turning into hundreds of finely divided sword lights, forming a huge sword net, wrapping it, and squeezing it hard toward the central government, saving thorns, and it is bound to be strangled invisible.
In the face of such a desperate situation, at this moment, the resin demon Lin Zhao remembered the situation that he was jointly pursued by countless factions. At that time, he had countless dangerous situations and wouldn’t let it go now. However, he never gave up that fraction, went shopping all the way, and finally spelled out an open hand. At this time, a long-lost brave spirit emanated from the corpse demon Lin Zhao. At this moment, he will fight back to the death to get a slim chance of life.
Determined, Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, ignored the thousands of sword lights that would bombard him, turned his hands, and pinched the dharma tactic with self-expression. The extremely difficult fire, without any delay, naturally moved out, covered the whole body, black flame transpiration, straight at the height of the ruler, and the surrounding space seemed blurred.
Resin magic Lin Zhao mouth with a clear drink, the whole people into a fire, at a direction, to meet the blue sword light, dashed past.
Resin magic Lin Zhao also don’t know, his body all day resin fire, can protect yourself out of the sword net. After all, this piece of blue sword net is so powerful that it is his invisible body, and it is also stirred by the sharp and sharp gas that is far away. However, he has no choice but to do so, because this is his only chance to live. In this way, he only needs to accept the sword light on one side. If he stays where he is, he will accept the sword light from all directions and everywhere.
It’s very late, in fact, it’s just a moment. Blink of an eye, the dense blue sword light, like a lotus flower, finally arrived near the corpse demon Lin Zhao. At this moment, the corpse demon Lin Zhao was ready to accept all the pain and was ready to die.
"I want to live! I can live! " These two sentences, but at this moment the resin magic Lin Zhao, the only idea in my heart, besides, I have no idea.
However, when he gritted his teeth and was ready to fight to the death, he found that those blue sword lights, just like that, pierced him silently. However, he did not feel the slightest pain, nor did he find himself hurt by Yiding. In this way, easily, the resin demon Lin Zhao rushed out from the sword net.
And at this time, the resin demon Lin Zhao looked back and found that the dense, overwhelming blue sword net that generally came after him, just like that, suddenly disappeared, never to see the slightest trace again.
Resin magic Lin Zhao eyes to, suddenly found that the blue sword light of the earth, but also in his bones light spirit god net formed white fog barrier! However, at this moment, the blue sword light is not as big as before, just outside the sword body, slightly Teng, but only three feet long. Just, the sword light, it is very different from the previous one integrated mass, but turned into numerous waves of triangular sawtooth, constantly cutting, into the bones light spirit god net inside.
At this moment, the resin demon Lin Zhaocai is completely return to absolute being, understand that he has been taken in, and the previous blue sword light, blue sword rain and blue sword net are all false, but an illusion. This is the real killer sword. At this moment, the resin demon Lin Zhao thinks that he has seen through the real power of this sword.
If you have been confused by this phantom sword, you will definitely think that your defense multiplier is useless. In this case, you will either stop using it or change it to another multiplier. At this time, this real blue sword light will advance and slay yourself with a sword.
Thought of here, resin magic Lin Zhao heart but also can’t help for one of the winds. At this moment, he was extremely grateful to the magic monk who refined the network of bones and light spirits.
"Fortunately, my body is a powerful defense multiplier for the bones and light spirit network. Moreover, this bone and light spirit network is not an unusual defense multiplier. It doesn’t need course, but it is more protective. Otherwise, I’m afraid I really can’t escape this robbery this time! "
Resin magic Lin Zhao thought he had really seen through the blow of this green stork sword, but it wasn’t. That fantasy sword just now is false, but it is also powerful. This sword is also one of the secrets of the immortal sword Sect: the magic sword!
The magic sword, as its name implies, is a fencing that kills people with the magic sword. He is invalid to the body, pointing to the origin of the monk, and the simulated effect is really fake.
The Qing Jian used by this famous Jian Xiu was given by his master, and it is naturally an excellent sword. This sword, like Wei Wuji’s innate Qi Geng Jin Excalibur, also has several kinds of swordsmanship, among which the most powerful one is the magic sword. Therefore, this famous Jian Xiu only needs to move his mind, and there is no need to pinch the tactic at all, so he can display it.
This magic sword, after being nourished by the Qi of the green stork sword itself, is more effective, giving people a feeling that it is more powerful than the real sword light. Moreover, we can also carry out natural evolution according to the enemy’s wishes, trap the enemy into a dead end, and kill his spirit and will to survive bit by bit.
Once the enemy despairs himself, then the fantasy sword derived from this magic sword, even though it is virtual, has real lethality to the soul. Because, if a person is in despair, he will have the effect of chopping his own fantasy sword on himself. As a result, every fantasy sword will be chopped down according to his own mind, and this feeling of injury will be derived, making him think that he has really been hit so hard.
The deeper the despair, the heavier the damage you imagine, and the heavier the real damage caused by the sword of fantasy. When he feels he is going to die, he dies.
This is typical of scaring yourself and killing yourself, but it is extremely effective. Fear is the seven emotions of human beings, and everyone will have it. The only difference lies in the big and small, and whether it can be controlled!
Previously, if the resin demon Lin Zhao was at that last minute, he was not inspired by blood and had a desperate heart, but he sank and despaired, so he would die without getting the real sword light. However, with this desperate heart and a fearless heart that can bear all the pain, the sword of fantasy will not break down, because it doesn’t know that it should evolve pain to hurt the people in front of it. As a result, it can only do no harm at all.
It can be said that Lin Zhao, the corpse demon, is real, circling around the gate of hell, instead of what he thinks, and he will be fine.
At this point, the resin demon Lin Zhao was freed from the magic sword, and the real green stork sword light was still fighting with the bones light spirit god net. Obviously, in a short period of time, there would be no result. At this time, it is natural to fight back to unload the evil spirit in my heart.
However, the resin demon Lin Zhao felt very strange about the situation of his sword-repairing enemy. Because, in the case that the green stork sword was obviously reactive before the white bones light spirit god network, he did not use any other instruments, but grinned slightly, and his face was full of smug smiles.
Seeing this, the resin demon Lin Zhao actually lingered up, and the spirit force swept out quickly, looking around, trying to make a survey, to see if this Jian Xiu had any vicious attack means in his trance. After all, the previous sword repair method still made him concerned!
However, where did the resin demon Lin Zhao know? This time, this Jian Xiu really didn’t play tricks, but was stopped by someone else’s tricks! This man was none other than Lin Zhao, a corpse demon, who came to collect the soul’s seven emotions demon Tang Tianchi.
In fact, Shang Tianchi has no opinion of the resin demon Lin Zhao, but it is the same vein. If it is from ruin, it can’t be said in the past. Therefore, when Lin Zhao, a corpse demon, fell into dreamland, Tang Tianchi immediately made a move to attack Jian Xiu and implemented the plan of encircling Wei to save Zhao.
As the head of the seven emotions, Tang Tianchi is sensitive to the changes of people’s seven emotions. As soon as he approached, he found that the mood of Jian Xiu was full of joy. Although, he can’t really understand the source of joy, but he doesn’t need to know, because the seven emotions released by himself can be spontaneously evolved according to the enemy’s emotions, inducing them to develop towards the extreme of this emotion.
The joy of this famous sword repair is naturally due to the fact that the resin demon Lin Zhaozhong has won the magic sword, which has been in chaos. However, the only fly in the ointment is that the opponent’s defense multiplier is too severe, which makes his own green sword unable to make rapid progress, making himself a hit. At this time, Tang Tianchi’s seven emotions eroded, and immediately let him see the white fog barrier manifested by the white bones and light spirits. Under the power of its fluctuating sword, it was like a tear, and a little bit of "Snoop, Snoop" was broken and went deeper into the inside.
So, although not sweeping, but the speed is not slow, the next thing, there is no need to help its catalysis, and it can be imagined by itself. It must be that the resin demon Lin Zhao was beheaded by his green sword. At the thought of this, his heart is particularly happy. If not, he still has it in his heart. At this time, the time and place are wrong, and I am afraid I can’t help laughing.
However, even so, the famous Jian Xiu had to open his mouth to remove some smiles, otherwise, he could not bear it.
Just as this famous Jian Xiu was fully enjoying this share of joy, he didn’t know that Tang Tianchi had followed this share of joy, which eroded his fascination and secretly caused seven emotions. However, Tang Tianchi was not in a hurry to ignite it, but quietly eroded his mind.
On the other hand, Tang Tianchi’s own strength is still low at this time, and it is easy to make a mistake to startle him, so he wants to kill him with one blow; Second, he still wants to see if he has a chance to take this sword-repairing spirit into the seven evil spirits and seven emotions, and turn it into the head of the seven emotions for his own consumption and refining.
I’m so proud of Jian Xiu. I only know that I’m happy. Where did I expect that I would die of happiness? When really should be the old saying, the cycle of justice, retribution!

Chapter 329 Life and death escape
Chapter 329 Life and death escape
"Before, before, before, …"
The sound of tears kept ringing in the ears of this famous Jian Xiu. The green stork sword also made a dash all the way, breaking the white fog barrier and slamming it on the clear ontology as thin as cicada’s wings.
One sword, two swords, three swords, ……
With the crazy chopping of the green stork sword, numerous fine, dense cracks like cobwebs began to appear on the white bone light spirit god net. At first sight, the broken white bone light spirit god net was just around the corner, and the enemy who robbed himself of the benefits was destroyed in an instant.
With this in mind, the famous sword is even more happy in his heart, and the smile on his face is like a flower, more in full bloom.
Of course, these are all false, and they are all illusions derived from Tang Tianchi, the head of the seven emotions, which catalyzes the joy of sword repair itself with his own emotions. Although Tang Tianchi himself doesn’t know the specific content of these fantasies, he can adjust the progress of this illusion by releasing his emotions.
Tang Tianchi is a cautious man, and he knows that his current strength is not strong. Even if you have already got into the opponent’s mud pill palace and confronted the enemy’s soul, you may not have much chance of winning. After all, for a monk, being fascinated is the real root. The flesh is just a body, and the body can be changed, but being fascinated is not easier, easier, and it is not yourself. Therefore, every monk, as long as he has the means of spiritual defense, must try his best to do it.
A high-ranking monk who built the foundation can already practice the mysterious method of reading the sword by god, which is suitable for both offensive and defensive purposes. Although it is very difficult to practice, not everyone can practice successfully. But this, as a top-ranking Buddhist monk, and look at his precious hand, is obviously a talented person, and the chances of success in practice are also great. In addition, the method of illusion is itself a kind of secret method aimed at being fascinated. From the success of this sword to attack the corpse demon Lin Zhao, Tang Tianchi knew that this person must have a very profound attainments on the illusion. And this accomplishment. Strangulation is not necessarily a difficult task to kill a devil with a medium-level foundation level.
Therefore, when Tang Tianchi released the seven emotions, he deliberately slowed down the speed, just like a trickle, slowly flowing, which made the famous Jian Xiu see the desired effect in his heart, encouraged his joy, and did not let him be satisfied at once, which made him extremely poor and broke his illusion.
In this time of delay, Tang Tianchi tried his best to seduce the true anger of seven emotions through Jian Xiu’s own joy, and slowly, he was immersed in yin and spread to all the spirits of Jian Xiu. The effect he wants is that when the seven emotions are really on fire, the mind of this famous sword can be burned to ashes.
Of course, he didn’t really want this effect, but he took protective measures for his own safety. As long as this measure is arranged. Then he won’t have any worries, and he won’t have to worry about getting hurt. At that time, he can take the seven evils and seven emotions network out, just hold your horses and collect and refine the sword.