Although she knows that she is asking too much, she really wants to …

Xiao Linchu didn’t dare to look at Fengyun’s light eyes. He wasn’t sure if he blushed and nodded silently.
Fengyun shouted excitedly, "Great, I’ll find the balls-"
Xiao Linchu’s face suddenly turned black. "What are you looking for eggs for?"
"I took him to find Xiao Yi. Don’t you want me to take my balls? But will it be bad for me to be a pro-woman and meet such a handsome man alone? " Feng Yun looked at Xiao Linchu with light concern, but saw Xiao Linchu’s face getting more and more ugly, and his ink eyes also felt the coolness.
She gathered up a smile and said cautiously, "What’s the matter?"
"You said you wanted that late just to go out and find Xiao Yi Mo?" Xiao Linchu asked coldly.
Fengyun nodded lightly. "Yes!"
Xiao Linchu roared, "Then what are you doing stuttering? Is your tongue stained with shit? "
Feng Yunqing made a disgusting expression and looked at Xiao Linchu in surprise. "I’m ashamed to have a couple go to see another man. Is it wrong for me to stumble?"
Xiao Linchu was angry. "Then what are you itching for?"
Fengyun frowned lightly and was angry at him. "My heart itches. I want to show it to Xiao Yimo when I think that I have learned to write my own name!"
Xiao Linchu got up. "Don’t eat at night!"
Fengyun doesn’t care about her dinner at all. "Then can I go out and find Xiao Yi?"
"no!" Xiao Linchu did not hesitate.
Feng Yun’s face suddenly faded. If I had known, I wouldn’t have discussed it with him. She just sneaked out …
Hate hate stamping her a person secretly glanced at Xiao Linchu’s room and saw that he was gnashing his teeth at the messy room full of houses. She quickly slipped out.
Will you find your balls or not? There’s no way. She’ll sneak off to find Xiao Yimo alone.
She learned to write her own name. She must tell Xiao Yimo such an important news. Chapter 8 You know it’s me?
Chapter 8 You know it’s me?
She looked forward to Xiao Yi’s expression after seeing herself.
Fold your own crooked words and stuff them in your arms. Fengyun creeps out like a thief.
I left the house and met Mammy at the door. She was explaining something to two handmaids. When I saw her coming out, I suddenly smiled. "Yunqing, where are you going?"
Fengyun gently pressed her chest and pointed to the outside. "I’m going for a walk!"
"Did you tell Xiao Chu?" Mammy is worried. Look at her.
Fengyun nodded lightly like pecking rice. "I just said it!"
Mammy smiled and got out of the way. When Fengyun passed her lightly, she trimmed Fengyun’s skirt. "Look at your wrinkled clothes!"
Fengyun smiles lightly and embarrassedly, but she can’t help sighing. It’s normal for her clothes to be pleated. Well, she’s not Xiao Linchu, who is meticulous in her hair and clothes.
Mammy tidied her clothes and nagged a few words. Fengyun chuckled and was simple and honest. Mammy waved her hand. "Okay, go back early and don’t get into trouble, okay?"
"I know!" Fengyun light say that finish, the wind blows out. If Xiao Linchu knows that she is going to be arrested again.
She ran to Ancheng Alley in one breath, her face flushed and knocked at the door outside Xiao Yi Mo.
She knocked at the door in a special way, probably because she was used to being chased some time ago, patting the children and looking back, and she kept shouting "Xiao Gong Xiao Gong …"
Seeing that no one came after her, she turned her head to continue filming.
But just raise your hand, the door opened at the door, and there was a face of cold attendants jiing’s face.
Fengyun chuckled a little reluctantly. "Is Xiao Gong here?"
Jingruo glanced at the back room and turned to stare at Fengyun. "Who are you?"
Feng Yunqing just wanted to explain that the faint male voice in the room sounded like nature, which made Feng Yunqing’s heart numb.
"Hey, let her in!" Xiao yi mo yin is mixed with a patient cough. He seems to be ill.
Feng Yun-ching’s coughing is very painful these days. Her goddess is ill …
Before she was slow, she tried at the door, but her eyes were staring at the white man in the room.
The man sat behind a humble desk and placed a pile of rice paper in front of him. There were a few lines on the paper with verve and flying ink.
Suddenly, Fengyun felt inferior. She pressed the chest paper and moved into the room step by step.
Xiao Yi devoted himself to looking up at her. It seems that there is no accident at all. It is her.
"Miss Yunqing, what can I do for you?" Xiao also devoted to light way
Feng Yunqing was a little surprised. "Do you know it’s me?"
Xiao also devoted to light nod phoenix cloud light more surprised "how do you know it’s my chapter 9, I know you are not ugly.
Chapter 9 I know you are not ugly
When I just called the door, Jingruo didn’t recognize her
Xiao Yimo smiled, "I can tell the sound of a light girl!"
Feng Yun understood the first few steps. "Don’t you feel strange? People call me ugly, but I’m not ugly at all! "
Xiao Yi is still a faint smile. "I know you are not ugly …"