"What if your arm is broken!"

Say that finish MuHai roar loud on the right arm a row and fall.
"Ding …"
Lingjian instantly breaks and the arm is intact.
"This … how is this possible?"
Everyone stare big eyes wait for a while looked at MuHai right arm.
Just now, everyone can confirm that Muhai showed no mercy to his right arm.
It was a force blow and it didn’t work. The protector didn’t cut it.
How strong is his body?
Whether it’s bosses or those female brothers, there is a look of surprise in their eyes.
"Shout …"
When Miao Ruolan came to her senses, a horrible fist was calling her …
Chapter 351 Accident [More]
"Boom …"
There was a loud noise and a shocking blasting sound.
Miao Ruolan figure inverted and born aura protector kept swaying.
The skin cracked on her back, and the blood slowly overflowed from her back and soon became red.
"Ah …"
Miao Ruolan clenched his teeth and mobilized his mental strength to repair the wound.
"Boom …"
One hand grabbed her arm and the other fist hit her directly on the head.
Head roar dizzy Miao Ruolan almost fainted.
A nosebleed poured out, and her hands were red with blood.
"You … don’t you dare!"
Miao Ruolan a full face of angry fingers MuHai grind said.
"Ha ha …"
MuHai ha ha a smiling face is cold murder surrounded by frozen Miao Ruolan body is not a quiver.
"Boom …"
Muhai stepped on her body and slammed into it.
The ground cracked. Miao Ruolan’s body was blown into the ground like it was embedded in it.
A burst of pain kept coming, and Miao Ruolan’s teeth trembled with pain. She mobilized her body and spirit to repair her body crazily.
"Xiao you … don’t you dare!"
Miao Ruolan just finished another punch in her face. She just repaired her body and was injured by Muhai again.
Head was buzzing straight ring.
"Ah …"
Miao Ruolan’s body trembled and kept howling, and his eyes turned from resentment to fear at Muhai.
Above her head, a mass of black magic thoughts rolled up and went straight into Muhai Dantian.
"Boom …"
Muhai’s fists force the left and right bows, and each punch penetrates the aura protector and directly bombards Miao Ruolan’s body.
Her body was cracked and bloody, and she looked miserable.
"God, this … this is too small, isn’t it?"
"Although Dean Miao’s strength is in the middle of Yuan Ying, her flesh is the strongest. I didn’t expect to be beaten so miserable."
"Be sure to stay away from this small place after it’s terrible."
Those bosses can’t help but stare big eyes and look scared when they see this.
Liu Kun couldn’t help frowning slightly when he saw this scene. A murder flashed in his eyes.
"Master, this little strength is very strong." Yu Hao’s face showed a fear
"You can’t beat him." Liu Kun said.
"Boom …"
The roar kept ringing, making the whole thing twisted and air billow rolled up.
This dozen is half an hour.
There are more and more people in the sky.
In addition to a few bosses in the Fourth Hospital, there are also many agents.
They all frowned slightly when they saw this scene, revealing a face of horror.
Look at Miao Ruolan. At the moment, it’s already miserable. Half of his teeth have been knocked off, and he has no good meat.
Muhai stopped at the moment and looked at her coldly, and the murder kept coming.
Muhai frowned to reveal a dignified color.
I couldn’t kill her after playing for half an hour.
I didn’t expect her body to be so powerful.
If this is an ordinary yuan baby, he has already died ten thousand times.
Muhai is a real murder. Every punch is a powerful attack, and it hurts her so badly that she can’t do it.
"Please … please forgive me …"
Miao Ruolan put on a gesture and begged Muhai for mercy.