Chapter 021 【 towering giant tree 】
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It turns out that the Tiandi Chamber of Commerce stood out from many chambers of commerce in a very short period of time, from a second-rate small guild to a first-class chamber of commerce. Throughout the imperial city, only the Heaven and Earth Chamber of Commerce sells Guben Peiyuan Dan. Naturally, the attention of those nobles and rich people is focused on the Heaven and Earth Chamber of Commerce.
Muxiu will be destroyed by Lin Feng! Invisible, the Heaven and Earth Chamber of Commerce has become the target of public criticism!
The Medicine Refining Association has announced that it will terminate its cooperation with the World Chamber of Commerce, and cut off the supply of medicines in the pharmacies under the World Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, other business alliances are also vaguely integrated, and they have adopted bad competition methods such as price reduction to attract customers, so as to suppress the World Chamber of Commerce, which is still weak!
The chamber of commerce in the world, which was originally engaged in small profits but quick turnover, will only lead to the loss of the business alliance if it also reduces the price! But … If you don’t reduce the price, you will lose more customers! No matter what you do, the chamber of commerce can’t make a bargain!
Wade looked uncertain and said, "This time, I was really reckless. I foolishly thought that we could control Guben Peiyuan Dan by the strength of our Chamber of Commerce alone …"
Qin Chu smiled faintly: "The wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it. This is an eternal truth; But … what if this tree is a giant tree? "
Wade wry smile way: "towering trees, the wind is not easy to blow down. But … do you think that a small chamber of commerce between heaven and earth can become a towering tree before it is blown down by the wind? "
Wade took out the profit from the recent auction of Dan medicine and handed it to Qin Chu. You Zi looked apologetic: "The original promise can’t be finished, but your medicine is a treasure no matter where it is, so don’t worry about being buried!"
Qin Chu said with a smile, "What if I can make your chamber of commerce in the world become a towering tree in a short time? How do you thank me? "
Wade looked at Qin Chu incredulously and said with surprise, "Do you have any way to save the World Chamber of Commerce?"
"Haha, I not only have a way, but also can make the chamber of commerce in the world a first-class chamber of commerce!"
"I can give you twenty percent of the world chamber of commerce! If you can make the World Chamber of Commerce a first-class chamber of commerce, I will be the master and give you 30% of the shares! " Wade a grind way.
"Deal!" Qin Chu hey but a smile, immediately agreed.
"That you have what way? If we don’t hurry up, our chamber of commerce will go bankrupt! " Wade said, but his heart relaxed, as if infected by Qin Chu’s confidence.
"What does the Chamber of Commerce mainly rely on to make money?"
Wade looked blushing: "The Chamber of Commerce has always been a small guild, which mainly sells some daily necessities on weekdays. Occasionally, some precious weapons are auctioned. "
Qin Chu frowned: "So there is no characteristic? Auction weapons? What weapon? "
Wade immediately took out the sapphire machete: "Weapons like this, of course, those weapons don’t have the characteristics of cutting iron like mud."
Nonsense, this sapphire machete has a golden chopping tactic on it. Ordinary metal is as simple as cutting tofu. But such a sapphire machete can’t cut anything else, even if it is cut on a stone, it may break!
But when I heard these Qin Chu suddenly had a bottom in my heart, the sapphire machete was a piece of garbage in my opinion, and I just didn’t want to spend the real yuan in my body to refine a piece of garbage, not even a magic weapon. But … Listen to Wade, people buy such rubbish …
"Who usually buys these things?"
"Generally, nobles and rich people, and occasionally some practitioners come to buy them, but these are luxury activities, and nobles participate more."
Qin Chu shone at the moment and waved the sapphire machete: "Is it just as good as this thing?"
Wade nodded: "This kind of weapon is also top grade compared with the previous ones, at least it is also a silver weapon."
Weapons are divided into semi-artifact, sacristy, semi-sacristy, gold, silver, bronze, level 3, level 2, and ordinary! The level below bronze is more common, and the level above the semi-sacristy is rare! All silver levels are absolutely precious!
"Give it to me. Now take me to the warehouse of your chamber of commerce and see if I can get you a bunch of magic weapons! " Qin Chu reminded me again, "By the way, don’t forget to give me the 30% shares when you go back!"
In the reserve warehouse of the Chamber of Commerce of Heaven and Earth, Qin Chu is working here in crazy refining.
The mountains of steel, red copper and many weapons-making special metals in the reserve warehouse were all mobilized by Qin Chu.
"If you want to use ordinary steel to create a sharp weapon, you need to refine it at least hundreds of times. But with the soul fire, you can instantly remove the impurities inside and turn ordinary steel into steel mother! "
Steel mother is the essence of steel concentration, and ordinary flame can’t be calcined at all. General magic weapons are forged with materials close to steel mother.
However, Qin Chu is tempered with soul fire … All steel mothers!
However, this needs to consume a lot of steel. Basically, after a ton of steel refining, only one or two hundred kilograms of steel mother can come out! However, the characteristics of steel mother determine its price, which is a hundred times or even a thousand times that of steel!
Steel mother, red copper, fine gold … Materials that can be used are added one by one. Then, Qin Chu conveniently added several auxiliary spiritual strategies, and a weapon was formed! Refining a weapon takes only a blink of an eye!
Qin Chu specially set up the modelling of several weapons, one-handed sword, wide sword, two-handed sword, mace … There are all kinds of weapons! Qin Chu didn’t waste the rest of the leftover bits and pieces. After thinking about it, didn’t noble women like to keep up with the joneses?
So the scraps that can’t be refined are made into simple or elegant or noble necklaces, bracelets and headdresses one after another. The key is to carve the appropriate array, so that the general ornaments of these materials become small-scale spiritual devices, some of which can absorb moisture and moisturize the skin, some of which are at a constant temperature, and so on. Some of them are also inlaid with some beautiful and shiny fine diamonds.
Refining these things is a breathing time, and more than a dozen pieces of ornaments are released.
Everything in the whole warehouse is consumed, and there are more than 8,000 pieces of ornaments and more than 1,000 weapons on the ground!
"refining these things is really a waste of my knowledge!" Qin Chu had a stretch, full of tired feeling, using soul fire … It’s too consuming.