No wonder everything is developing so fast.

The ghostly voice replied solemnly, "Langer, the president of the regiment, has escaped from the nine secluded places because he was hunted by the dragon alive, while Aru, the second master, and A Zhi, the third master, invited to join the Wolf clan guild in Shen Jianing but were also seriously injured."
Just then Liang Ping’s eyebrows tightened and he rushed to Jiuyou City. He sank and picked up a few gravel from the ground, which was ejected into the eyes of the two stone lions in the city.
The body was immediately supported by a stream of gas.
Before he boarded the city, he had already heard the soldiers fighting and shouting and killing in the city.
I was just about to ask some questions when I saw a black fog in the sky and dissipated instantly.
Ghosts never talk again. Maybe he’s gone forever.
However, Liang Ping’s heart was heavy, and when he went to Jiuyou City, he saw a river of blood, and the bodies of the whole city piled up into mountains.
As far as you can see, even a living person can see it.
There are old people, children, pregnant women, Wang Chengjun in white armor and members of the Wolf clan association in white fur coats.
The smell of blood was pungent, and just now I could hear the fighting between soldiers and soldiers and the endless shouting and killing. At this moment, the city was silent.
Chapter 27 Dead as a doornail
Dead and alive.
Liang Ping suddenly felt a sense of strength and collapse when he looked at those mountains of dead bodies.
I walked around Wangcheng Street for several times, but I couldn’t see a familiar face even if I saw a live wild dog.
Once again, I came to the old street and finally saw the first familiar face among the corpses. Moreover, he still breathed heavily and seemed to be still trying to find life oxygen.
"Brother Bao"
Liang Ping cried softly with tears in her eyes.
Stride to the front of Bao Ge only to find that Bao Ge’s body was cut in two from the waist.
The thick waist is still overflowing with deep red blood, which turns his white apron into blood red.
Liang Ping was at a loss, squatting in front of Bao Ge, clutching Bao Ge’s bloody palms and gently calling out, "Bao Ge told me where all the other leaders of the Wolf clan guild have gone, and whether they are still alive."
Brother Bao finally looked up at Liang Ping, a pair of confident eyes with faint complaints and difficulties. He clung to Liang Ping’s hand and cracked his mouth, but he still tried his best to get up and hold Liang Ping’s hand and said, "Liang Ping, you are Liang Ping, you are the one we have been waiting for. You can save the world."
Brother Bao didn’t finish his words, but he was already dead.
The whole old street can no longer see the second living Liang Pingfang Bao Ge’s hand slowly getting up and looking around, the dead bodies in the city are lying in various streets and alleys.
Once again, through the black corner alley, where the smell of death is heavier, several black snakes crawl slowly through the black corner alley.
That kind of black snake, Liang Ping, has been seen in death. It is this kind of black snake that appears and dies at any moment.
Does Jiuyou City have the same fate?
Liang Ping finally came to the commercial street, and when he saw the auction house again, there was no living person there either.
I wanted to find a member of the Wolf clan here who I liked a lot, but he was disappointed after all.
According to ghosts, triads ceased to exist as early as the eve of the city war.
There can’t be triads here, but there are bodies of people in Wangcheng besides the Wolf clan guild and the Wangcheng army.
Liang Ping felt incredible about this.
Is it that the heroes and the leaders of the Wolf clan guild have moved to the battlefield?
Thinking like this, Liang Ping took out the positioning and sent the scroll to shuttle in Jiuyou City for four times.
I sent more than 100 streets and alleys, but I didn’t find a second familiar face.
Seeing that the sun is slanting in the west and the night breeze is cool and refreshing.
Liang Ping finally gave up the search and took the lead in coming to the Wolf Cave from Jiuyou City.
The Wolf Cave City is as littered as Jiuyou King City. Bodies can be seen everywhere in the corner of the city. The whole Wolf Cave City is even more horrible in the cool night breeze.
Liang Ping sighed again and left Wolf Cave City.
When I passed Shuijia Village, I saw a message left by my heart.
Look, the date of signature is April 7, 2003.
Seeing this date, Liang Ping immediately thought that April 7 should not be the prosperous public beta day?
However, look at the heart and write
"A leaf can tell that the night rain in Qiu Feng City is shocking and the waves are changing. My concubine is affectionate and bloody. The maple forest will never meet again. I finally found the answer I want. It turns out that the person I love in Guqiu’s heart has never changed. Guqiu’s last dream is to destroy the whole nine secluded places. I’m sorry. Liang Ping, I’m here because of this. If you resent me, then I can say that I did what I should do. From now on, I will return to Maple City and never step out of it."
After reading the letterhead, Liang Ping was shocked, but he also understood that when he came to Jiuyou, he became a person who had fallen into Jiuyou.
Isn’t it the heart that dominates the war between the four major guilds in Jiuyou and the city, not the King of Jiuyou?
Liang Pingfa found the answer here. With a heavy heart, he passed through the second city, but he couldn’t see half of the monster figure, and even some fragments of Long Lin remained.
"Is that the dragon god leaving Long Lin fragments?"
Liang Ping walked into Buercheng and carefully picked up a piece of Long Lin. You can smell a bitterness in the Long Lin fragment.
However, Liang Pingfa confirmed whether it was really left by the dragon god, and he knew more about his life and death.
According to ghosts, the dragon god can’t be returned to Yuan.
But what kind of disaster will the dragon god return to Yuan cause?
The more I want to go deeper, the heavier my mood becomes.
It was already late at night when I left Buercheng.
But Liang Ping rushed to the Bimeng dynasty as quickly as possible.
The Bimeng dynasty is a city, where you can’t see the breath of life, even the dead body has never been seen.
But the surprise is that the lights are on at Bimeng Inn.
"Is there anyone there?"
Seeing the light, Liang Ping’s mood turned out to be hitched, and he rushed to Bimeng Inn to see a familiar figure.
Liang Ping looked at the wife of shop-owner, whose charm was slightly windy and coquettish, and called out a temptation.