You Yun couldn’t stand it and said, "Isn’t there anyone behind here? These children have good qualifications, or all of them will come to my door? "

Ordinary words are on pins and needles in the ears of other elders. They are not confused people, and they will not be unable to recognize the voice of Zhang Jiao’s words, otherwise the position of the elders will be mixed up in vain.
Liu Feng, the fifth elder, took the lead to stand up and said angrily, "Can’t we share the worries for Zhang Jiao? I think these kids are all good. You don’t want them, I want them all. "
His figure is not very tall, but it is also burly. When he is not angry, his eyes are like two bells. When he is angry, it is even more scary. The sound is like thunder.
Don’t say that Liu Feng is careless at ordinary times, and he does everything without covering his face. He is unambiguous when it comes to the key, and he takes over all of them, leaving others speechless.
"Liu Feng, what you think is beautiful. There are so many people, I’m afraid you can’t swallow it. Let me help you share it. These girls are more suitable for me." Six elders Xiaojing pointed to some of the girls and told them to go behind them.
Ying Jie, the seven elders, came in droves for fear of falling behind others. Yingjie is shorter and thinner than Liu Feng, with small eyes and a much weaker voice than Liu Feng. When she smiles, she is even more "chirping", which makes people feel humorous instead of dignified.
A heavy hum interrupted the absurd behavior of several elders, smiled awkwardly and sat down with some ugly faces.
"Zuo Hao." Deep and remote clouds speak.
"Zhang Jiao!" Zuo Hao Jianli.
"I remember that you have no disciples so far. Do you want to consider recruiting one here?"
"Today is not the same as in the past. My subordinates have this intention. They just take a fancy to a child and want to recruit him. Please take a look." Zuo Hao tried his best to cooperate with Zhang Jiao to play a double reed, waved his hand, and Tianjun stepped forward.
"ZuoHao, are you silly? Although the child is gifted, but the soul body, the soul body understand? A loser. What do you want? " The elder couldn’t help talking at dawn, saying that Zuo Hao was an outstanding disciple of his school before, and he naturally cared for him, so he spoke out and advised him.
Now, the man with the palm power in Tiangu is the oldest, even more authoritative than the palm teaching, so he dares to interrupt in front of the palm teaching. You Yun is also courteous to him on weekdays.
"Master calm down, disciples have their own reasons, and I hope that Master will not stop." Although you are already an Eight Elders, you dare not forget your kindness in the past, and you still habitually call the Big Elders Master. Although some of them are neither fish nor fowl, no one dares to disagree with others, and the following disciples dare not chew their tongues, otherwise they will be enemies with two powerful elders and will be prostrate.
"Tianjun?" You Yun Zhang Jiao suddenly interjected and frowned. "Strange, soul body?" As if talking to himself, doubts disappeared and turned into a bottomless pool. It’s unpredictable,
Tianjun knows clearly about being a soul body, but two grandfathers once said that extremes meet. Who said that a soul body is a waste? Who says the soul can’t be immortal? I am convinced of this.
While thinking about it, I suddenly heard a crisp chant of "Drip Rinrin" and looked up. It turned out to be a flying sword drawn out of its sheath. Tianjun was slightly stunned because he didn’t know the intention of the deep cloud suddenly drawing his sword.
Deep and remote clouds caress the blade, their eyes are empty, and they look happy.
This sword, about three feet long and zero, is glittering, the dragon pattern looms, and the scabbard is orange and glittering as jade.
Quite different from what is usually seen, Tianjun is thinking to himself, "It’s really a heavenly valley palm Sect, and just looking at this sword is enough to make people respect!"
As soon as Youyun’s eyes closed, he suddenly brought the sword in his hand to Tianjun and asked, "What do you think of this flying sword, son?"
Tianjun took it and finished reading it. Suddenly, there was a light thunder, dazzling golden light and cold air. Now Zhengrong said, "This sword is beyond the control of ordinary people!"
Youyun smiled and said excitedly, "This sword is called Panlong. It is made from the 10,000-year-old black iron collected by my founder, Bo Xuan. It has the function of avoiding poison and evil spirits. It is an ordinary snake insect, and it can escape from the wind within a hundred paces. At that time, it was awesome to all evil spirits, and the demons were frightened."
Panlong has spirituality, and when he heard this, he recalled that Jin Ge was an iron horse, and suddenly his pride soared into the sky, and his endless glory bloomed, telling the glory of that year.
You Yun paused, looked up, and blurted out a shocking sentence: "Today, I give you the Panlong."
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Chapter 57 "If You Are the One"
Everyone was surprised. Obviously, teaching in the palm of one’s hand is not aimless. The master of one door can do it if he says it.
Several elders were dumbfounded. They didn’t expect the palm church to come out here at all, and immediately exploded the pot.
"It’s absolutely impossible to take charge of teaching. Why can this boy accept the relics of this ancestor?"
"Look before you leap!"
"Palm teaching, palm teaching …"
For a while, I couldn’t consider many courtesies, and many people talked nonsense. You should know that this dragon sword is owned by Bo Xuan, the founder of the mountain. Although it is not as precious as the eight-product Dan medicine Xueyudan, it is also the top grade.
It has been placed in the secret room for thousands of years, and it has never been owned by anyone. The reason is said to be the oral instructions of the founder of Boxuan, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, you Yunzhang Sect acted on its own initiative and took out this sword for no reason. It’s just for his own use. Without the resolution of the Presbyterian Church, it’s natural to be indignant that it should be given to a soul body for nothing.
"Are you finished? Who is the palm teacher in Tiangu? " A sharp momentum spewed from the deep and remote clouds, and the monstrous anger made the things on the table drift from place to place, and the whole palace trembled slightly, like shaking the earth, which made people tremble.
You Yun has been a bit eccentric since he took charge of teaching, but he is also kind on weekdays. Regardless of the size of affairs, the elders are also responsible for their own duties. Some out-of-line things have turned a blind eye to the past. I have never been so angry with them. Have I ever seen such an appearance? Unusually, people keep speculating, and it is difficult for some people to accept it for a while, and it is inevitable that they have bad feelings.
On weekdays, these elders are lofty and arrogant, and the rules and regulations are backwards. Naturally, they are unwilling to let this fairy baby fall into the hands of a basket case. When they look at each other, the three elders dream of getting up and still want to reason, and they don’t want to be stopped by a token in the hands of Youyun.
This black token looks a little rough, but there is a word engraved on it: "Fang!" "
"Eight directions?" Extremely helpless and extremely wronged, Meng Ying gave way to one side in vain, sat down with unwilling heart and winked at Wan Sha in the distance.
Wansha knew that things were irreversible, her face was distorted, her fingers dug into the meat, and she said, "One day, you will fall into my hands, and I want you to die."
This token is a token of the elders, and it is more authoritative than the palm teaching. In fact, the ruler of Tiangu is still in the hands of the elders. He said that if you die in the middle of the night, you will never pass the night shift, even if you are a disciple of this sect.
To put it bluntly, the Presbyterian Church is a puppet. The bigger things can’t be managed, and the smaller things don’t want to be managed. If you exaggerate, the Presbyterian Church can even impeach directly. As long as the Presbyterian Church majority passes, there is no room for redemption, which will even make the Presbyterian Church lose face. Of course, this kind of situation is very rare, unless it is really incompatible, after all, it is not good for anyone to look up and see it.
However, these eight orders are imperial edicts in the valley of heaven, representing the infinite authority of the elders. If anyone refuses to accept them, shoot them, no matter who they are.
No one will talk nonsense and importune again, and it will not be safe if it is not good. Since the elder said, it is another matter, and everyone is silent and waits to see what happens.
After a smile, Youyun’s face smiled again: "What do you think?"
Tianjun took a look, and according to the facts, he said, "It’s a shame to get nothing for nothing, but to be disrespectful, Marie."
Youyun laughed happily, as if he had already expected the words from Tianjun’s mouth, and some quipped, "Do you know the fate it is about to face?"
Tianjun was startled and confused. You Yun’s one leg flexed, and his leg fell against the sword. A famous sword, with a bang, stood on his knee and folded in two!