"Why not?" Haikui strange way.

Wood donglin some difficult smile.
Haikui waved his hand. "Come on. Don’t talk if you don’t want to. So what you mean now is that you still want to tell me about the difficulties you met. Asking for my help is right. "
Mu Donglin nodded. "That’s what it means."
Haikui is sitting on the sofa. "Then you go ahead."
Wood donglin corners of the mouth pulled a smile. "Kratos also know less. Yidan made his fortune by doing jade business. Our main business now is jade. Arts and crafts ornaments this piece. I earn a lot a year. This makes some people jealous. Send someone to smash our jade processing factory. Even went to our store selling jade to make trouble. Sometimes we let some auction houses sell jade on our behalf, and some people will get in the way. Many such things have happened intermittently in recent years. But recently it has become more rampant. We also employ security guards. But in recent days, I found that they are all very good at finding trouble. There are even practitioners involved. My consciousness is not simple. To draw out the people behind the scenes. I did it once. Finally, I found someone who was higher than me. I realized that things were beyond my control. "
Haikui understood. Asked bluntly, "Who have you offended?"
Mu Donglin smiled awkwardly. "Offend is a small factions. However, the head of the sect is not weak. Yuan infant period. I’m no match at all. And the boss is extremely defensive. Let’s transfer all our assets to the enterprise founded by his disciples. Or kill us. I have no choice but to ask Kui Shao for help. "
Haikui smiled. Only in infancy. Not worth mentioning. But it’s really awesome for Mu Donglin. "I said at the beginning. The more money you make, the more likely it is to make people jealous. It’s normal to offend some petty factions. What’s the name of that sect? "
"Xinghai pie. The owner is an old man in his fifties. This sect belongs to Waidanmen. Mainly practice with the magic weapon of Dan medicine. " Mu Donglin poured Haikui a glass of water. Very attentive.
"Xinghai School." Haikui shook his head. "Never heard of it. I only heard that there is a Star Sect. What stars and immortals have boundless magic. Immortal happiness and so on. Have you ever heard of it? "
Mu Donglin smiled. "You are too joking. That’s the Wulin Sect of the Western Regions. Besides, it’s on TV. It has nothing to do with Xinghai School. "
Haikui also smiled. "I thought you were busy practicing and didn’t watch TV. Who knows that you have seen it. "
Mu Donglin has some shame. "Every village is connected to the Internet. At least we live in a big city, don’t we? "
"What do you want me to do. Now that I have the money. It’s easy to get rid of a buffoon for you with little effort. " Haikui took a sip of tea. Lean back on the sofa. Didn’t put the Xinghai Sect in the eye. The head of the company is only in infancy. Even if there are hidden monsters in the sect. You may not be able to achieve Mahayana.
"this." Mu Donglin began to be embarrassed again.
"What’s the matter?" Haikui is in distress situation. It’s so hard to say a word.
But the next second. Haikui knew why Mu Donglin was puzzled. If it were him. It is also difficult.
Mu Donglin looked embarrassed and said, "The company is facing difficulties now. Yi Dan said that 500 million can’t be given to you. If I give you all the money I can transfer, Now the company is being run by people everywhere. There will be no money to turn around. You may face extinction. "
Haikui said directly and unwillingly, "I *. This is a renege. "
Mu Donglin’s embarrassed eyebrows are full of sorrow. "I know. In particular, I know that the consequences of Kui Shao’s unhappiness are more serious than those of offending the head of Xinghai Sect. But although I’m in love with Dan. But all the financial power is in Dan’s hands. "
Haikui chuckled and said, "Money is a man’s bone. Those who are spineless really can’t get up. I don’t have the guts. I understand you. "
Mu Donglin looked like he met a bosom friend. Stretched out his hand and took Haikui’s hand. "Kratos. I think so. Look at that. You help me take care of the head of the Star Sect. Solve a temporary crisis. Then yidan has no worries. I’ll ask her to give you 500 million quickly. You look good. "
Haikui pulled his hand out of his hand. Rub it on your body. "You call chu dreamless told me that five hundred million is ready. Is it already calculated? "
Wood donglin a face of embarrassed. "This matter. I think about it. Only Que Shao has the ability to help me solve it. So ask Que for less help. "
Haikui put down the tea. "Ask for a formal point next time. Get a small bag of tea from the hotel for 50 cents. You are too embarrassed. " Haikui said with a smile. "Oh. It slipped my mind. You have no money. Your wife is holding the money. "
Wood donglin embarrassed smile.
"What is the harmony between husband and wife?" Haikui suddenly asked.
Wood donglin a stiff smile on his face. "This … this …"
"A few times a night."
Mu Donglin froze with a smile. "This … this …"
Haikui hey hey smiled. "Don’t disgrace our yogi."
Mu Donglin said with shame, "Not bad … not bad. We discussed it. Get ready to get married as soon as this thing is done. Update at the first time "
"So fast. I still have a few months to go. Pregnant. " Haikui raised his eyebrows and asked.
Wood donglin embarrassed dry cough twice.
Haikui’s bad smile. "It seems that I have to go to the stall as a fortune teller in the future. Guess it is very accurate. "
Wood donglin ha ha smiled and scratched his head.
"Can you see the head of the Stars Sect now?" Haikui stopped joking with Mu Donglin. Straight to the point again.
"Not now. But he can find his apprentice. " Wood donglin also face a positive said.
Haikui nodded. "ok. Catch one of his disciples. Get that old guy out. Let’s talk. "
Wood donglin also nodded. "In fact, I also thought of. His disciples’ cultivation is very weak. I can deal with it. "
Haikui clapped his hands. "good. Do it now. I’m waiting to get the money. If I hadn’t blown the cowhide out with someone. It helps to be in a hurry for money. I don’t think I’m in such a good mood to help you today. "
"Thank you very much. Thank you, Kui Shao. "
Haikui clap your hands. "Don’t mention it. You go and get his apprentice. It’s best to find a wild place or a remote place. Then bring the head. "
Mu Donglin was all smiles. "This I want to good early. Jinnan North District is relatively backward. Many dilapidated warehouses. We arrested people and went there. "
"ok." Haikui touched the storage bag. But I remembered something. He said, "I once gave Wu Yidan a piece of Yu Pei, which could resist the master’s blow in the early days of distraction. Then I don’t want to go back to Yu Pei. You ask Wu Yidan to find a safe place or change hotels later. You often come to this hotel. It is estimated that the opponent has long known. "
Mu Donglin nodded. "I didn’t expect this. Let Yidan change hotels later. "
Now that it’s agreed, act immediately. After Mu Donglin arranged Wu Yidan. Go and catch the disciples of Xinghai Sect.
The disciple of Xinghai School is the boss of a company. This company also deals in jade. Occasionally come into contact with such mysterious things as cultivating truth and immortality. Then there are two spare money to play with. In order to seek a long life and a healthy body, one who prays to God and worships immortals. He was lucky not to meet some common charlatans. I met a real man of practice. He is also a disciple of the Xinghai School. He began to eat and drink. When the big ye for. Finally, the disciple of Xinghai School was happy. Just introduce this boss to his master. Spent a lot of incense money to worship the master as a teacher.
People’s * * will expand with the improvement of status and ability. Since this boss became a disciple of Xinghai Sect. I have seen some fantastic existence. Never put yourself above an ordinary person again. Just want more. There are poor practices and rich practices in this way of cultivation. Poor repair is very hard. Whether you’re inside Dan or outside Dan. In the end, we must achieve ourselves. Physical transformation is the first step. Especially the foreign Dan faction. With the help of the magic weapon of Dan medicine, you must spend money like water. Those who are sent outside the Dan school increase their income by collecting some rich bosses and rich people in the secular world.
The boss donated a lot of money to Xinghaipai. But he also wants to practice. Also want to buy first-class medicinal materials. What? Ginseng, pilose antler, ganoderma lucidum, strong body. So money is like running water. It just slipped away. Then we have to think of ways to make money.
As the head of the school. Have a certain foundation. Money is a fixed routine. Collect incense money. Accept disciples and then teach them to practice. Then it’s ok for the apprentice to offer money. And as a junior disciple of the boss. He’s going to take other rich people as apprentices. He has to have that ability. Finally, I still have an idea about my own business. Are all in the jade business. There is only one idea. If there is no competition. So is my sales just like riding a rocket?
With this idea. The boss began to use some means to attack his opponent. So it caused the wood donglin their present situation.
This book started from, the first time to see the genuine content!
Chapter 499 To fight for that day first.
Anyway, people die for money and birds die for food. Money is really a good thing. No matter whether you are immortal or not, you need it, especially those who are on the road to cultivate immortality.
Cultivating immortals is like crossing a river with thousands of troops and horses competing for sails. The road leading to the celestial world is a wooden bridge. Only one or two people succeed in crossing the wooden bridge with thousands of troops and horses, and more often fail or even lose their lives in vain.
Everyone loves their lives, and they don’t want to lose their lives in vain. They have to constantly improve their cultivation and keep moving forward instead of staying where they are and waiting for death.
Haikui understands this truth, so he also understands what the head of Xinghai Sect has done. It has always been Haikui’s principle not to provoke others actively. But this time, there is no way. He wants to get 500 million yuan. Although he has several fairy helpers, they can’t make bricks and crocks pile up into houses themselves. Although they have the ability to move mountains and fill seas, they can’t directly remove others’ palaces, such as Potala Palace. That estimate makes many people worry.
In fact, when Mu Donglin told Hai Kui that the money could not be given, Hai Kui’s anger rose, but he immediately suppressed it and knew that everyone had a difficulty. Moreover, he felt that he was a cultured and quality cultivation person, so he calmed down. If 500 million was so easy to take, it would be unreasonable. Somehow, it seemed like his own destiny, so he set you up a little bumpy, and after this bumpy, you could get what you wanted.