Chi yuan don’t eye then sullenly take a sip of red wine.

"What report rest assured that it was just the first dance, and I didn’t know how to dance." Yun Zui and Chi Zui said that to others.
Everyone here, even the men and women who are just familiar with dancing, is actually taught by her.
So she just stepped on someone, not by accident, but on purpose
It seems true that Yunzui said this. Everyone can’t help but wait for Yunzui and Chimie to dance together to see if they will step on Chimie’s foot.
936 Chapter 936 The first dance (6)
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Everyone is looking forward to it
But the women’s department is more jealous than
Yunzui can actually dance with Chimie, and they can’t help but be jealous and crazy!
Then someone got up and said, "Who will dance with me?"
I’ve watched it twice, so it shouldn’t be too bad to jump now.
Yun Zui and Chi Mie couldn’t help looking at the speaker. It’s good that someone is willing to try.
Yun Zui and Chi Mie shook hands, and some people have heard the music coming from China and started again.
Chi Mie and Yun Zui clasped their hands and attracted everyone’s attention.
But how do Yunzui and Chi Mie look so well matched when they are both in white?
Just now, Yunzui and Lingyuan are also very suitable together, but how can they feel very suitable when Chi Mi and Yunzui are together?
Everyone is puzzled, but they should also know that Yunzui’s temperament is a good match for both of them.
That is, Yunzui and all of them are the same kind of people who will feel a good match.
Xiao Tian saw that someone had taken the initiative to join the party.
Although it may not be smooth to jump, it is a good thing that someone takes the initiative.
Yunzui and Chimie are the best match when they hold hands, and their steps are so precise. Yunzui really never stepped on Chimie again, and Chimie never stepped on Yunzui.
The two of them seem to be very familiar with each other and cooperate so tacitly.
Yunzui didn’t expect Chi Mi to be so smart and jump so well. It’s the first time for him!
There are others who join Yunzui and Chimie. Although it is good to dance together, others just find it difficult to embroider flowers. When they match together, they find that they really step on their feet and fall to the ground.
At that time, ugly faces appeared.
Some people were ashamed and stopped jumping, but some people fell down and got up again.
"Can you jump or not?" A daughter yelled and stepped on each other’s feet.
Just now, I wanted to show my intelligence in front of Chi Mi. First, there is no problem, but jumping up with my partner now and finding the root is not as simple as I thought.
At that time, some anger made her lose face, so she said angrily and sat back in her seat
Her words were heard by everyone, but Chi Mie and Yun Zuigen were never debugged once.
But other people who want to try find that it is not as simple as they thought, but they can get familiar with it so smoothly once. That’s because they have seen it twice and heard Yunzui’s formula, and it makes no sense for an old hand like Yunzui to partner with him and make mistakes.
Finally, Yunzui "tightens my waist" in Chi Mie’s novel.
It’s not white, but it’s done quickly
Yunzui immediately hugged her and spun, which was very beautiful and difficult.
So difficult, the fluffy skirt is as beautiful as a butterfly’s wings.
Amazing everyone for a while.
Because it looks beautiful, but they know it must be very difficult.
But Yunzui did it in one go. Just now, those men and women didn’t do it. Is this Yunzui’s casual hair or has it been a dance for a long time?
They also exclaimed, but Yunzui felt relaxed.
Chapter 937 Praise each other
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