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It’s nice that Suzaku’s brother is still that Suzaku’s brother. Although he has changed, he is still so duplicitous.

"That’s right. Thanks to Queque who came to save us, I was scared to death when I first fell. My brain was all white. Are you also unable to think of what to take?"
Sunny sunny also leaned against Chu Que. Although the rain stopped, the temperature had dropped, and she was a little cold.
Chu que is warm, and she also wants to stick with the big firebird ~
Unicorn Chan nodded. "If you don’t come, you’ll be scared to forget everything!"
Chu Que wanted to keep poker face, but his mouth rose uncontrollably.
These two adzuki beans are not heartless.
It seems a bit crowded to see the three of them in a boat. Unicorn Chan suggested, "It can also make the flying boat bigger!"
Sunny sunny hurriedly motioning with his hand, "don’t don’t, it’s good to be hidden. You can make this flying boat smaller, right? Let’s change our position later so that they can’t see the boat or we can’t tell. "
This flying boat is much bigger than Unicorn Chan’s pocket even before it is enlarged or when it is a model size.
Lenovo just Unicorn Chan took out the water droplets from his pocket and his pocket was stuck in the body. These two people found the pocket problem even if they were slow.
Looking at Unicorn Chan’s white semicircular pocket, sunny eyes asked, "Qiqi, are you tinker bell?" ?
Chapter 85
"ah? There is no little bell "Unicorn Chan hasn’t seen the cartoon and can’t understand the sunny words.
Qingqing explained a tinker bell animation to Unicorn Chan when he saw that he had failed to play terrier.
After listening to Unicorn Chan, he shook his head and said, "It’s not Tinker Bell. You can’t take whatever you want."
The researcher at the Power Center speculated that Unicorn Chan could only take the thought out of his pocket when he needed it especially.
Unicorn Chan told the researcher’s inference to Sunny and Chu Que.
Qing Qing looked enviously at Unicorn Chan’s pocket and said, "Your powers are all so powerful. One is the double power of flying and spitting fire, and the other is that Tinker Bell with magical pockets is not as ordinary as me."
Chu que … this rich Versailles atmosphere.
"Are you still ordinary? If I have an IQ of 16, I’d rather not have these two powers. "
Unicorn Chan also follow summer-planting "fine fine unusual! Qingqing’s left eye can see the past! "
He pointed to his head and remembered that he was on the Ferris wheel before. Sunny saw his past life.
He also taught Sunny how to independently control the function of opening and closing.
Sunny sunny stretched out a small head for Chu Que and Unicorn Chan. She smiled and pointed to her right eye. Mysteriously, the novel "Tell you a secret. My eyes can see that the future is just like Qiqi pocket."
Unicorn Chan also learn to sunny tone, close to them and said softly, "The nest also has secrets, and the nest can send blessings."
"wow! It turns out that it’s true that Qiqi is koi fish! Queque, you go and forward koi fish. You also said that you wanted to win the lottery that day. "
Chu que …
"No signal now? I see that you are all in Versailles. In fact, I am the most common without double powers.
Besides, this adzuki bean koi fish is right in front of me. I can’t touch it. Why should I forward that stupid thing? "
Chu que stretched out his hand and touched the Unicorn Chan furry little skull.
Unicorn Chan caught Chu Que’s hand leaving his head.
"It’s not like this. It’s a nest that sends a blessing to Queque. It will take effect soon, but it won’t take effect continuously. Is it possible that Queque needs it now after several years?"
Chu Que smell speech "ceng" to put his hand back from Kirin’s hand and stuffed it into his pants pocket.
"Also limited so much? Then don’t. I have to find a good opportunity. "
Unicorn Chan twisted his fingers a little embarrassedly. "It’s not very bad. It’s a little lucky."
"Queque is right. After all, it takes several years to receive a blessing from koi fish. It should be well planned to maximize the blessing."
"Not koi fish’s blessing, but Kirin’s blessing."
"Good jiaqi jiaqi blessing" sunny nodded solemnly.
"You two this is a special power? All reported? " Chu Que asked about something else.
"Yeah, but I didn’t know about jiaqi’s power until today. I thought he remembered things."
"I don’t know about sunny right eye."
Qingqing continued the topic interrupted by Unicorn Chan just now. "Queque, why don’t you report the double power?"
"My grandfather is afraid of this, so I will listen to him."
"You should report it. Maybe you have power for the country? And our special powers are confidential, and no one else will know except the lover. "
"Well, there will be someone to protect Queque." Unicorn Chan also counted the benefits together with Sunny.
"I’ll go back to work as a master. We can’t go out and talk nonsense with others about what happened here today."
Compared with their own Chu que, I feel that these two small powers are even more unheard of.
He is more experienced than the two boys and knows that some unscrupulous countries will secretly capture special powers to do research.
Master Chu’s worries are not targeted.
What kind of danger will these two adzuki bean abilities face if they are made public? Chuque dare not imagine.
Qingqing held out his little finger. "Well, hook, today’s things are secret. None of us can tell anyone if we know!" "
"Except for the designated liaison," Sunny thought for another sentence.
She will report to the liaison teacher when she goes back today.
Unicorn Chan remembered that uncle Xing, who smiled kindly.
When I get back, I have to ask Uncle Xing to help me take it out today to avoid water droplets and flying boats.
Three retractor hand haven’t put suddenly heard a man shouting "chu que! Qiqi! Sunny! "
Three hours surprised to look back and see seven holding a vine on the edge of the cliff and stepping on a tree growing from the cliff. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be hurt.