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"I see." Qin Chu nodded. "According to you, if I want to gain a lot of faith, the best way is to have my own believers, right?"

"Lord god’s adult, if in accordance with the most common way, really need this. But … in the divine world, some gods don’t follow these, and they have other ways to gain the power of faith. " Rheinhas sneered.
"What way?"
"Plunder" Rheinhas said lightly, as if to say a very common thing, "a powerful person will plunder the power of faith, and the power of faith obtained like this is the fastest. However, such a person, if he does not have the ability to protect himself, will soon be destroyed, because he plundered others, and others will naturally plunder him. "
Qin Chu frowned: "Listening to your words, how do I feel that the divine world is a very chaotic place?"
Rheinhas said with a smile, "Lord God, after you go to the celestial world, you will understand that it is indeed a chaotic place, but for some people, it is the most wonderful place." The divine world has always advocated the strong. As long as you have enough strength, you can get what you want in it. "
Qin Chu immediately remained. In his cognition, many strong people hope to enter the celestial world as their own goal, but they don’t know that the celestial world would be a chaotic place.
Although Rhine Haas didn’t make it clear, Qin Chu can already be sure that the celestial world is actually a chaotic place with a mixture of good and evil people. In a place like this, everyone has it. It is no wonder that the Alger Farmers’ Association said that the divine world is a place of intrigue, with only naked luo interests.
"However, the more chaotic, the better." Qin Chu’s eyes flashed with excitement. "Heroes are born in troubled times. In turmoil, I will hide and make a fortune."
"God is right. In the divine world, as long as you have the ability, you are not afraid to live. I believe that with the ability of God, you will soon become famous there." Rhine Haas hurriedly kiss up to, also don’t know if it is true.
Qin Chu ha ha a smile, Rhine Haas said this, although there is suspicion of flattery, but Qin Chu now controls the power of order, but also refining a growing world, with this, Qin Chu also has enough power to protect itself.
"I’ll try according to the method you said, how to gather the power of faith. If you don’t make it into a field, the power of this law will be consumed, which really makes people feel distressed. "Qin Chu said.
Qin Chujing settled down and then gathered his thoughts on the godhead within Yuan Ying.
In the process of gathering ideas, Qin Chu clearly felt that there was something more in his mind, as if there were countless voices, which sounded at the same time.
Then, Qin Chu felt that countless white lights lingered around his godhead, just like being locked out, and he couldn’t get in.
Qin Chu a little thinking, then connect their ideas to those white dots.
In an instant, those trivial voices suddenly became clear.
"Lord’s adult, how still not come back? Those bastards in the Temple of Light have already called. "
"Beg the Lord’s adult to appear quickly, or the new town will be destroyed …"
"Lord bless, we will defend our homeland to the death."
All are the voices of prayer. Qin Chu Zheng slightly, and immediately thought of the key. The Temple of Light has begun to attack the natural clan.
"How can it be so fast?" Qin Chu was surprised. "No, I have to hurry back." From these voices, Qin Chu guessed that the fief must have been in crisis.
Paralyzed, natural people eat shit? Qin Chu bad to ruthlessly thinking in my heart, if the natural family dare to play empty cannon, don’t help fief, he immediately turned against the natural family.
Qin Chu used the godhead to gather all the forces of faith into the godhead. So many forces of faith gathered in the godhead, but it was only three hundred drops.
The force of these beliefs, but for more than sixty thousand people that lingered around him, is the whole fief of those who witnessed Qin Chu’s ability. Those who have just moved here don’t know much about Qin Chu, so they have no faith in Qin Chu.
But it is also so, Qin Chu will be so quickly found from the power of these beliefs, his territory, big things will happen.
Qin Chu quit his godhead and said to Rheinhas, "Something happened to me there. I have to go back now. How can I go back at once?"
Rheinhas hurriedly said, "The old slave has left the coordinates. As long as God thinks about the coordinates, he can go back. Now the old slave will pass all the coordinates that have been used to you. " Said Qin Chu felt, in my mind, more information.
"I have been to so many spaces?" Qin Chu slightly a look, then a surprise.
"When the old slave is seriously injured, he needs to collect a lot of blood essence. Only by crossing different worlds can he do it." Rheinhas explained.
By this time, Qin Chu had found the coordinates of his own world. Then, as Rheinhas said, I thought about the coordinate, and then I felt myself surrounded by a powerful force, and then the surrounding scene became blurred.
"Hoo ~ ~ ~"
A moment later, the surrounding scene became clear again. Qin Chu look around, he has appeared in the space above the volcano.
"It has actually become an active volcano, and the magma is raging. The original beauty has been completely destroyed." Qin Chu looked at the scene below and gasped at once.
Gaster’s heavy blow completely destroyed the ban laid by Rheinhas on the magma. The volcanic magma force that has been suppressed has lost the suppression of the ban, and finally it is free. Now it has rushed out of the ground and is raging again. After years of development, this area has become a beautiful place, but now the underground magma rushes out, but it has turned it into a sea of fire.
"God, you can use the power of the realm of God to teleport directly and reach the place you want to go." Rhine Haas see Qin Chu frown there, hurriedly offer advice. He thought Qin Chu was in a hurry to go back to his place, so he frowned.
Qin Chu paused for a moment, surprised and said, "In this space, can you use the power of the realm of God?"
"Of course, you have refined the boundary of God, and you can also use the power of the boundary of God. The realm of God is originally a space, which contains the power of space. The Lord of God controls the realm of God and can naturally use the power of space. God, if you use the space power of the realm of God, the speed will be very fast, even if you turn around this planet, it will only take a moment. " Rheinhas twisted his beard and smiled proudly.
Qin Chu couldn’t help but marvel. It is no wonder that the gods of the divine world will also covet the realm of God. If he controls a realm of gods, it is not only like having an independent world, but more importantly, he can use the power of the realm of gods to shuttle through space and teleport.
Qin Chu is talented. After hearing Reinhardt’s words, he mastered the practice of using the power of space in the realm of God with a little try. He and Rhine Haas’s body was wrapped by the force of space in the realm of God, just like a transparent zongzi. Qin Chu clearly felt that after being wrapped by the force of space, his own was like being integrated into the surrounding space.
"Move with your heart, move at will." Qin Chu looked at a protruding mountain peak in the distance to the south, his mind moved, and the next moment his body appeared directly on the mountain peak. I didn’t feel the wind, I didn’t feel any discomfort.
"Sure enough, it’s powerful, using the power of this space to hurry, and it’s thousands and tens of thousands times faster than walking in a boat." Qin Chu couldn’t help but marvel.
"Go, Rhine Haas, come back with me, I will be interesting to see how bold they are." Qin Chu sneered at the direction of the fief. Temple of Light, since you dare to start work on me, I don’t need to be polite. Lao Tzu is not allowed to knead dough round and flat.
Rhine Haas felt the murderous look emanating from Qin Chu, and his sly eyes sparkled with excitement. That way, it’s like seeing something good.
"By the way, take this blood pool first, and when you are free, I will forge a good magic weapon for you." Qin Chu remembered the blood pool he had collected, so he took it out again and gave it back to Rheinhas. Reinhardt’s body is fragile, and he still needs to absorb the essence of the blood inside and restore his body.
"Thank God" Rheinhas was pleasantly surprised to accept the skull handed by Qin Chu. The essence of the blood inside is that he used the boundary of God to cross many plane spaces and captured a large number of creatures. If the essence of the blood was destroyed by Qin Chu, although Rheinhas is now a servant of God, he will not do anything disobedient, but his heart will always leave a knot in one’s heart.
Qin Chu waved his hand and said faintly, "Although this is to restore your body, the essence of blood contains too much qi, which will only do you harm in the long run. I will use the power of wood to help you restore your body."
This time, Rheinhas was really overjoyed. He was ecstatic and said, "Thank God for his generosity. I don’t have to worry anymore." His body is very fragile now, and if it breaks down, the end will be tragic.
The forest where the fief is located. Smoke is everywhere, and the forest with dense vegetation is full of scars and debris of trees everywhere. The Legion of the Temple of Light has been oppressed near the fief, and all the Warcraft soldiers have been dispatched, with the help of the last terrain, to resist the Legion of Light and give them a head-on blow.
Fighting side by side with Warcraft warriors, there are also natural warriors, who are divided into two groups: near attack and far battle, and the tactics of disturbing the enemy are used very well. But the army of light holds the crossbow of mass destruction. Although this crossbow has a short range, within a short distance, each crossbow can explode 300 arrows in an instant with radiation surface.
The horror of these arrows lies not in their penetrating power, but in the incendiary bombs attached to them.
If the people on this side of the fief come within range, the crossbows will shoot arrows, and once the incendiary bomb bursts, it will splash flames around. After these flames are touched, they will adhere to it until the attached things are burned clean.
Those trees are destroyed by this incendiary bomb, and there is no resistance at all. Without half a cup of tea, they will be completely burned. Those warriors of Warcraft and natural warriors will fall into flames if they have no time to flee.
Without the shelter of trees, the soldiers dare not go forward, so they can only stab in the back in the distance, but the troops in front of the bright army are all wearing armor, and these arrows from afar fall on them without any lethality.
The army of light, step by step, is approaching the fief and the forest of nature.
In the big account of the army of light.
Next to the sand table, a tall middle-aged man with a beard stared at the changes on the sand table with dribbling eyes. He was dressed in pale gold armor, and the momentum was as fierce as a lion’s. The subordinates next to him were afraid to say anything. This big fellow is the head of this bright army.
This watch team kept moving forward, where the soldiers are helpless doing unnecessary resistance, his cold face, emerge a ferocious smile.
The men next to him smiled at the head of the army and quickly kowtowed: "Under the wise leadership of the head of the army, it is absolutely easy to step over the forest of nature this time, and then the head of the army will be immortalized."
This head smiled proudly and said, "That’s nature. With these crossbows, the natural people are clowns who are not on the table. If I had these crossbows before, I would have stepped over the forest of nature. "
"Qin Chu, the bastard who should be burned at the stake, is really impatient to dare to let those barbarian soldiers come up and throw eggs at stones in the face of you." Men continue to kiss up.