"That that what is their killer? Also send a killer attack as just now? "

Warm thoughtfully, "Not necessarily, maybe. We didn’t expect that those people just now were also powerful, but I don’t think it was their real strength or that they hired a group of fugitives."
Lin Wenyan laughed at himself. "I didn’t expect that one day I would be chased by so-called relatives and returned with so much blood. Is it really so important to be incompetent and rich?"
Warm also don’t know how to comfort him lightly way "just treat them as strangers"
Lin Wenyan said bitterly, "To strangers, they never really treat me, and I must treat them as family?"
At this time, after handling the cemetery, those families have come back, and A Dai has also rushed from a distance. His face is excited. As soon as he got on the bus, he shouted, "Young lady, I dug up a lot of secrets. Do you want to hear it?"
Warm nod
For a second, A Dai smiled and took out his mobile phone. "Then send a red envelope as a reward."
Warm Gherardini watched him also don’t talk A Dai can’t resist the pie pie "well, don’t dare to take credit for things" as soon as the words turn on Wen Lin’s voice and get excited "you also want to hear it, right? I don’t have much friendship with you. Hey hey, you know. "
Lin Wenyan was in distress situation, but it was very cooperative to take out his mobile phone and ask the A Dai number. Two people didn’t bother to add friends, and then a red envelope was sent to A Dai. "Ah, you are much more than Dagong Trench. I knew I wouldn’t brainwash you just now. Uh, what did I say? Ha ha ha … "
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Excited and self-aware, A Dai was ashamed to be stupid, and quickly pulled the topic to serious business and wanted to sell suspense. At this time, he couldn’t care less. "Little lady, the worthless killer said that hiring them was a woman. Ha ha ha was actually a woman. Didn’t you guess? Are you gentle? Guess wrong … "
Warm Gherardini interrupted "Is it actually warm?"
A Dai’s smug expression froze. "Huh?"
Warm grunted and laughed. "Warm is Wen Liang’s daughter. Is there any difference between her hand and Wen Liang’s hand?"
A Dai was depressed.
Warm asked, "What else did you ask?"
A Dai grudgingly grunted, "Guess again and see if you can get it right."
Warm eyebrows "planning all this is not just a warm person, right?" She really wants me to die, but it’s not easy to hire so many fugitives. Besides, the cemetery is so quiet here today that no one has arranged it in advance, right? Then it’s not even her strength alone. Before she used the help of the Kim family, after the Kim family fell down, besides being gentle, she also had the imperial city family to rely on. But this time she wanted to prove herself to be gentle, so she wouldn’t have left home. It seems that Wen Lan and Jin Fengwu went to the Rose Garden to yell at each other. I didn’t expect Jinlong to have some things that were not a dude … "
Her tone was unhurried, but she said that she was quite sure, as if everything had already been under control. What happened now just verified her prediction.
A Dai’s mouth pursed as he listened. "You know everything. Why do you want me to ask questions?"
Warm good laughs "don’t you play? Those people are not afraid of death. It’s not easy to pry their mouths. Did you do a lot of things? You don’t want to give this opportunity to you for nothing? "
Smell speech A Dai couldn’t help laughing. "Hey hey, I know that little lady hurts me. Oh, a slip of the tongue hurts you. Don’t tell Dagong and my cousin …"
Wu’s mouth is pumping. He didn’t chat that much, okay? Besides, he is still too busy to live, and he is not in a playful mood. After checking it several times, he still can’t see anything wrong with the car.
There is nothing more frustrating than this.
Warm to see him a little anxious not to say "don’t take your time"
Wu’s face is very ugly, and he blames himself and feels guilty. "I’m sorry, miss, I can’t find out where the problem is. This time, if there are not public people staring at me in the dark, I might really have an accident."
Then he really became a sinner, and this knowledge made his back chill, and suddenly he understood more deeply how regretful and self-blaming his father was at the moment of the car accident.
Warm complexion is calm. "It’s not your fault. Since Wen Liang dares to do this, there must be something hard. If you can easily find him, he has been forbearing for years."
Wu still feel to blame was about to mouth cell phone suddenly rang he eagerly pick up "? Can you ask? Where did the man move? "
"Finally, he said it was the brake system."
Supposedly, this answer is not an accident. Many car accidents are caused by brake failure, which is also the most vulnerable place, but Wu can’t believe it after listening to it. I checked it five times less and found nothing wrong. "
"It’s not your fault that this cargo is actually a modified car talent. He said that he tampered with it and no one could find it. The problem will only appear when it takes a while, but it can’t come at that time."
Wu gnashed his teeth. "Can you change it back?"
"I’m afraid not, unless this person does it himself, but this will expose the next move. How can I go?"
Wu gas lamented the steering wheel growl "that how to do? I can’t let the young lady sit on this road either? "
"Do you want to change cars?"
Wu Junyan Tieqing "What’s the difference between telling each other that we found something wrong with the car?"
The other party also doesn’t know what to say and sighs, "Otherwise, the plan will stop here? You can’t really let Miss Wen take the risk, even if you are willing to work, you can’t kill us? "
Wu is short of breath. "Do you ask what danger is behind that man?"
"I asked him a long time ago, and he didn’t know much. He just made the brakes fail."
"Damn it!"