This sword is almost beyond the flash.

It gives birth to light in absolute darkness against the virtual turbulence.
Dark light
Dark sword
The dark sword has broken the original law, and at that moment it has already broken the barrier blockade.
Then it illuminate that enemy who delivered a terrible blow.
That terrible dark visitor
He has a ferocious minion and a face like a lion.
He looked at Chen Senran in the virtual cold as iron.
"It’s you." Chen Senran couldn’t help it.
Ps is in a bad state.
Page 291 blackbirds and flowers
It was when you said two words that the dark sword had come to the end.
This is a sword too fast, and even the darkness will be swallowed up and reborn.
Light appears and ends.
The cold face of that terrible familiar enemy hiding in the dark passed away.
Then there was a heavy impact.
That lion-like enemy, its reaction is also fast to the extreme.
It’s almost gone.
It didn’t answer Chen Senran’s words.
It’s the best answer when it strikes back. It’s wild, overbearing and the enemy strikes back
It ruthlessly seized Chen Senran’s sword.
This has almost reached the peak of contemporary kendo sword.
It’s strong, very strong.
Strong has completely surpassed the concept of strong that normal people can understand.
Is strong.
"Poor mortal, I smell it in your body …" It held Chen Senran’s sword in the dark and laughed in a low voice and said, "It’s qualified for the taste of prey."
"What …"
"I’ve decided that I’m going to take your head and put it in my No.1. collection room, thank me for giving you such a high honor."
"Now …"
"Don’t talk nonsense" Chen Senran interrupted it. He took a step back and was out of the attack range of that terrible hunter.
Darkness enveloped again
Now they are all in the dark again.
"Interesting, I like interesting prey." The lion muttered to himself as if he had temporarily forgotten his enslaved life.
And at the same time
Svein also met with snipers.
Stop him. It’s hiding in the dark, Le Fulan
Her critical sneak attack blocked Svein’s attempt to break the gap.
The short exit was completely sealed.
Once again, the whole place is in absolute hiding place.
And darkness.
Kill the enemy
Everything is like a dead end.
One party will go out alive and die.
And everyone has found his enemy.
long-time enemy
Le Fulan vs. Svein
The lost black rose royal family has occupied the bloody army of Knox for more than a hundred years
"my dear Svein, is your wisdom still there today and tonight?" Le Fulan said proudly in the dark.
"My dear temple, today and tonight, my wisdom may have been in one place, but please don’t forget that I am still a …" Swiin took a deep breath and rolled back pieces of thick black feathers on his body, growing "Noxas soldier"
Noxas soldiers will drain the last drop of blood.
Glory is my life.
In the dark, Svein suddenly got up and was covered with thick black feathers. He was like a huge crow.
He went straight to his destiny.
"Quack-"The blackbird is singing.
Scream bitterly
The whole thing is constantly echoing the sad cry.
With svein’s fatal blow
"Noxas … a soldier?" Le Fulan seemed shocked by something. She murmured "Glory is my life" in the dark.
"This is what my father said, you deserters …"
"Not qualified …"
"Say …"