India poured indifferent way "whatever you think"

"Get to the point," said the unruly. "What do you want with him?"
India poured back some eyes full of vigilance and pulled Xie Hengyan back a little.
Xie Hengyan worried that "printing is poured …"
"Before Kang asked, you two took a child," he squinted. "Although the child is young, he has learned a superb technique to control the field."
India pours Xie Hengyan glances, India pours her eyes, and looks out at the prison door, asking Kang Wen, but don’t look hard and unruly. "I’m not lying. Not long ago, the doll was still in the little girl’s arms and suddenly disappeared."
"The child? ….. talk with your mouth closed as a fairy? " I stared at the prison door and printed, "How many lives have been caused from the return of Yangcheng all the way to Fei Shi Cun? Can you two put aside and be happy to prepare for the New Year?"
Look at him and say "I don’t know".
Before the unruly sudden, a heavy punch struck the edge of the prison door and stirred up all the guards around the cabin aisle, and they all came out in fear. "Little Master!"
"Don’t forget that you’re the bastard who killed my second uncle! That day in Laifeng Town, your stone sword made people take the mountain … It was my uncle’s blood on his face! " The unruly can’t help but roar with grief. "What did he do wrong to be humiliated by you? Even the dead can’t find a place to return to … Don’t you have a koo ghost to kill you when you dream back at midnight? !”
The more Inkyung refused to speak, the more his silence aroused unruly anger. His huge dustpan face clung to the prison door, almost tearing the rusty fence in half. The distance between them was only a few feet. It looked like a defeated rooster venting his anger. "Remember to kill someone or not, and one day … I will let you know what blood out is!"
Yin Zhu didn’t explain this. When Xie Heng tried to justify Yin Zhu in the previous step, when Yin Zhu backhand pulled him and shook his head coldly, it meant no need.
Or … it’s not necessary.
Chapter 67 Returning home
At the same time, the same cold moonlight poured down.
Cheng Yuling holds a tray in his hand. The tray is full of a bowl and two bowls of brown and black floating hot smoke and thick medicine juice.
She slowly stopped outside the door and then slowed her voice and whispered, "… it’s me."
The wooden door of the corridor, accompanied by dancing lights, creaked slowly from the inside out.
Then I met an old face, accompanied by a pair of dull eyes. At that time, I was lying on the couch, unable to say how sick and weak I was.
Nowadays, he is no longer arrogant and arrogant as he was in his prime. He is like a paper tiger with his fingers cut off, and he has long since lost his former scenery.
Cheng Mi Ling came in with a medicine bowl. At that time, Chengdao Feng was already in a coma, so she relaxed her steps and walked slowly to his side. She put the medicine bowl on the table and carefully tucked a thin blanket for Chengdao Feng.
At this time, I opened my eyes and lowered my voice to a line and asked, "Are you coming?"
Cheng Yuling smiled, with a bitter face, and said, "Yes, I’m coming."
Since the previous mansion dungeon was destroyed, I came to Fengzhen as far away as I could after I let Yin pour a sword through my heart. Hearing the news and suffering from the busy surrounding things, I was able to visit for the time being, so I decided to set aside a short period of several days to go to Pingchao to meet the talents.
However, it is obvious that Cheng Daofeng didn’t expect her to come so much. In a sense, he didn’t want to go to the mansion as sinister as the dragon’s den.
In particular, her special status has long been a tacit fact between father and daughter.
"You shouldn’t have come."
Chengdaofeng sat up straight and Chengdaoling once again took the medicine bowl and put it on his hand, but he never said a word. Chengdaofeng looked up and swept her one eye, then held the medicine bowl and looked up and gulped down the black and hot medicine juice.
"Dad, can you tell me if you plan to?" As Cheng Mi Ling tidied up the medicine bowl, he said, "All these years have gone to the past. I never wanted to ask you too much about what it is that today is different from the past. The imperial palace is not as prestige as it was in those years. First, the imperial power is in front and the government is in the back … Dad, you are so hurt that you push us out one by one?"
When Cheng Daofeng was silent for a long time, the other party tilted his head and said to Cheng Yuling, "Find Ling … I will go with you when you go back after this festival. There is no need to stay here for a long time."
Cheng Yuling said, "Does dad mean to go home?"
Chengdao looked up slightly and then sighed "… it’s time to go back and have a look."
As soon as Cheng Yuling stepped out of the threshold and covered the wooden door again, everything in the room was closed. His eyes were probably asleep and he was half-baked
"Master is asleep?" Huoshitang behind the wall not far away, the sound is very low, and slowly asked Cheng Mi Ling to say
"Yes, it’s so late for the housekeeper to rest," said Cheng Mi-ling. "This will help me to serve the housekeeper, and you don’t have to be with dad all the time."
"Hey, Miss, what are you talking about?" Huo Shitang said quickly. "I am lucky that my old bones has been dragged to this day. It has been like this for twenty or thirty years-how can I easily abandon him at this critical moment when my eyes are weak and I need someone to look after me?"
Cheng Mi-ling said that Huo Shitang was also a man who attached great importance to feelings. He came from Daoism for many years, practiced the technique when he was in his twenties, and then took charge of the Bi Royal Mansion for the first time. Now it is nearly ancient years, and they have known each other for countless years. Now his temples are getting more and more stained with layers of frost. After all, Huo Shitang is old, but he has never changed for a moment since he became old.
"It’s okay. My dad wanted to go back early in the morning." Cheng Mi-fang thought that his heart was not warm here, so he took the initiative to pull through Huoshitang. "After this festival, we won’t go anywhere. Just go home together and live a good life."
Huo Shitang asked blankly, "Why do you want to go back?"
Cheng Zhiling smiled and sighed, "Yes, no matter how good the government is, it can’t compare with our own home."
Huoshitang said, "Miss said yes."
"By the way, housekeeper," Cheng Yuling suddenly turned back and said to him, "How come I’ve never heard you talk about your family when you’ve been in the Jade Palace for decades? Now it’s just the New Year’s Day. Haven’t you ever thought about … going back to your hometown? "
Huoshitang had a moment’s absence, but then he laughed. I don’t know how to laugh, but there was a hint of inexplicable gloom.
"Where can I be from?" With a wry smile, Huo Shitang repeated to the sky and the moonlight, "Where else can I go … to find my hometown?"
Cheng Yuling wondered, "The housekeeper said that?"
"Nothing" Huo Shitang shook his head and then turned around to leave her with a cold and vicissitudes of life. "You will naturally understand later."
"Pain pain …"
"Ahhh …"
"Easy, easy, no, it’s too narrow ….."
"Oh dear, how can you seal and pour this king’s egg …"
At that time, it was already late at night outside the cabin. In the dark corner of the iron prison, Xie Hengyan was flushed and her eyes were full of tears. The whole person was forced to curl up like a shrimp and lie prone on the wide window sill in front of her eyes. She could not help but breathe hard and tired.
"No, no, no, no" Xie Hengyan suddenly turned around and stamped the back with a hoof. "Don’t do it … how can this get out? Don’t do it … Let go!"
Chapter 68 Come back to Maple
Shortly after the Lantern Festival on the tenth day of the first month, the residue of red firecrackers has not been removed everywhere, and the outside of Maple Town, which has always been lively and noisy, has been caught in a busy schedule at the beginning of the year.
Little Green’s tavern has been going around for fifteen yuan since the night of New Year’s Eve. There are travelers who have no place to live in other places, but they can’t go back to their hometown. They just get together and talk all night in this tavern. A nest is more than ten days, and Little Green is so busy that there is no place to rest.