Dongo looked at Zongming’s eyes with great significance and said."In fact, the current situation in Pearl Island is deliberately publicized and exaggerated by some people with malicious intentions. The new ruling party Gangtai, the old party, will of course try every means to attack their ruling strength and achievements. No matter which party is in power, Pearl Island will not be stupid enough to set up an independent new country in the United Nations, because it is not beneficial to the development of Pearl Island. Think about it. Even if Pearl Island and the mainland are unified, it will not implement the policy of one country, two systems. Is Pearl Island still the original treasure? Pearl Island has just changed its name, and it can get more rich resources from the mainland to further develop people’s livelihood and economy. This is a good thing, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. However, once Pearl Island really wants to be separated from Tianlong Federation, the first thing he should consider is the threat of force from Tianlong Federation, and now no matter which ruling party in Pearl Island is convinced of the determination to recover Pearl Island from the mainland, Tianlong Federation can change Pearl Island within three days if it really wants to fight Pearl Island. Dead island said that this is actually a conspiracy between the Dongyang Empire and the Ames Empire behind the scenes. We Pearl Island people have never thought of splitting from the motherland’s territory. This kind of power is not flattering. A little people are disdainful of Zeng Boss. Pearl Island is not as serious as you think. In fact, if you really want to drive the Dongyang Empire out of Pearl Island, it is better to ignite the war with them in the land of Pearl Island. This will not only encircle the state of Wei to save Zhao, but also bring most of the forces of Dongyang Empire back to the land, but also make him upside down in the land of Dongyang Empire.Destroy the taste. "

Zong Ming carefully recalled what Dongo had just said. Zong Ming once again made a higher judgment on Dongo’s logical thinking ability. His heart suddenly moved with pride and sent a spirit to Dongo’s brain for a silent scan. Now he can find something suspicious from Dongo language. The most direct way is to invade Dongo’s consciousness to see if his consciousness and words are consistent.
Dongo felt that Zong Ming was staring at him intently, but he didn’t feel that there was a foreign spirit in his brain spying on every thinking cell and nerve fiber.
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Chapter 46 Heroes cherish each other
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The scanning results confirmed that Dongo had a heart like a ghost, and he didn’t feel ashamed to read the idea. He came here as a monster who never trusted anyone. After knowing the true meaning of Dongo, he didn’t intend to tell Dongo about his true identity. Zong Ming smiled knowingly at Dongo and said, "Brother Zhendong, I’m not alone!" I never thought that there would be anyone in Pearl Island who thought the same thing as me. It’s good that we just want to lead the war to Dongyang Imperial People’s Land. They are rampant everywhere in our Tianlong federal territory, so it’s our turn for Tianlong Federals to burn a fire in their lair, and it’s time for Dongyang Imperial People to kill, burn and rob all the light. "
Dongo’s heart is wide, and he doesn’t care about Zong Ming’s gaze at all. He laughs frankly. "Once the boss Pearl Island people have always been dragons and federales, and the blood in their bodies will always be dragons and dragons. Although some people’s style of doing things is a bit confusing, they have never forgotten that they are an open dragon and federales."
Zong Ming smiled and pointed his finger at the outside and said, "Brother Zhendong, but your two precious brothers don’t have the backbone you said."
Dongo God "Color" said apologetically, "The two of them were born out of my father’s outer room by a woman in Dongyang Empire on Pearl Island. I and they are half-brothers. I turned a blind eye to what they did, but I didn’t have the cold-hearted iron hand of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin. Because they both had half the blood of Dongyang Empire and they were educated by Dongyang Empire, they also had their pursuits and ideals. I imposed my thoughts on them and tried to make myself go with the flow like them.
Zong Ming saw Dongo’s unnatural expression, so he changed the subject without a trace and said, "Brother Zhendong, to tell you the truth, I originally planned to bring the high-level figures of the Sanlian Gang and the Bamboo Gang to a one-stop shop, and then the Fuxing Club people would take over the territory of these two groups. Now I have a talk with you. If you think I am still a figure, I think we should join hands with the Fuxing Club to integrate the mafia forces in Pearl Island once and for all, so that everyone can complement each other. It is absolutely impossible to manage the various places again. Let the Dongyang Empire and the Ames Empire interfere in our own disputes in Pearl Island. At present, the Pearl Island underworld has formed a three-legged situation, which is that these guys are "fucking" behind the scenes and we must never let them succeed! "
Dongo nodded and said, "It’s true that the boss Zeng said that the Dongyang Empire and the Ames Empire have further controlled Pearl Island in their own hands. They not only strongly supported their respective forces at the official level, but also wanted to include gangsters in the flag. Their purpose is to firmly grasp both black and white and make the ruling party of Pearl Island their puppet."
Zong Ming said, "Brother Zhendong, if it is so true, why did the Dongyang Empire and the Ames Empire have ulterior motives and be willing to take advantage of them and stir up the underworld situation in Pearl Island so chaotic?"
Dongo’s expression returned to nature and said, "In fact, we are also a way and means to make money and survive in Tao. To some extent, we and those businessmen who run the right path of industry are both wealth and ideals. There is an old saying that when we do our best, it is not a good thing for a place to be too quiet. People should constantly struggle to improve themselves in all aspects. This is a little experience that I have summed up when I have been in Tao for so long."
Zong Ming carefully pondered Dongo’s words and remained silent for a moment before saying, "Clear water makes fish." It does make sense, but the so-called hero creates the situation. If we can control all these forces in our own hands, we can want him to be clear and clear, and we can also create chaos anytime, anywhere. Don’t you think it will be more fun to play with all road flyovers in this way? When I say unify the overall situation, I mainly want everyone to unite and clean up the foreign forces first. In the future, we can discuss the distribution of their respective interests slowly, and we can’t talk about it together. I think at present, there hasn’t been a gangster in Pearl Island who can curb all the gangsters. It’s not that I talk big. I definitely have enough strength to suppress these people, both in personal ability and in the strength of my staff, but what I want to say is that what I am doing is not chasing. Ask for my personal wealth and power. I want to see a stable, United and stable Pearl Island. I don’t want to see everyone beating their own people in the "fuck" control of Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire. It is precisely because of this that I have the courage to come to your camp to discuss the situation with you after killing so many people in the Three Allies. I believe that your eyes and the world should know that I am not bragging. "
Dongo said, "The hero who knows the time is obvious to the strength of Zeng Boss, but your attitude towards Dongyang Empire has won my heart. It must be very enjoyable and pleasing to work with people like Zeng Boss. I think your departments are more like soldiers than regular troops, and their equipment is superior to ours. Those equipment is simply too advanced. If I am not mistaken, they must be some professional soldiers and they are all real soldiers who have been fighting for a long time."
Zong Ming said, "I have two parts, one is the national department and the other is the international department. There are only a few people in the national department, but there are many international departments because they all hire soldiers and want you to have money." Zong Ming believed in the old saying of all of my heart that you should not throw three words at everyone. This is also the so-called harm to people. It is impossible to prevent people’s hearts, but it is absolutely unreasonable. He has to further observe and understand Dongo. From dragon three’s body, Zong Ming summed up a lesson, that is, no matter what kind of people you are, you must not expose all your details casually.
Dongo asked with a straight face, "Mr. Zeng dared to ask if you were a member of the Tianlong federal military sent by the mainland?"
For Dongo sensitive feeling ZongMing heart again surprised, but his face is not "dew" god "color" to say "my body will have a military temperament? Brother Zhendong, you flatter me too much. I am a typical rogue, a wanted criminal who was chased by the mainland police. It is because I killed too many Dongyang imperialists in the mainland that the mainland police almost joined hands with the Tianlong Federal Security Bureau to exterminate me. That was a narrow escape. You don’t know that there are so many strange people in the mainland that I came to Pearl Island to develop because I heard that if you have the strength in Pearl Island, you can get through an official channel and there will be no adverse situation of being wanted by the official. Wrong novel network many words "
Zong Ming casually played a Tai Chi pusher and changed the subject.
Dongo really didn’t ask him about the topic just now and said with a smile, "You killed so many people not long ago, and there are Dongyang imperial people. Have you seen any police officers bothering you so far?"
Zong Ming emerged with a smile and said, "Pearl Island is really a good place. Only in this place can I put my hands and feet to work hard, and I have built an immortal career."
The magic is the magic that deceives people without blinking an eye. It seems that the lesson that dragon three taught Zong Ming is unforgettable. He will never trust people lightly again.
Dongo certainly won’t know the true identity of Zong Ming. He responded to Zong Ming’s warm smile and said, "The law of the jungle competes with natural selection to produce the strong, and the strong can dominate everything. In Pearl Island, you will definitely get what you want. But the Pearl Island base area will extend your power to the world, and you can form an alliance with your partner to make our three gangs out of the control of Dongyang Empire. But Zeng Boss, I have a suggestion that I don’t know if you want to listen."
Zong Ming said, "Of course you suggested that I should listen. You are very important in North Island. Your words must be good words."
Dongo said to Zong Ming with a wily look, "Once the boss, now you are in Pearl Island, and it won’t be long before you can be famous for the black and white roads of the whole Pearl Island. Personally, I see that you have won the support of Fuxing Society and the Three-League Gang, and it is not difficult to take the bamboo gang at one stroke. But in this way, you will definitely attract the attention of Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire, and it will also cause many unnecessary troubles. In today’s world, every Tianlong Federation is closely watching. Each enemy is absolutely attached to and nervous about the existing or potential threats. If they can’t make you form an alliance, they will try their best to destroy the present scientific and technological means in the assassination of the enemy, which can be said to be impossible to prevent. Therefore, I think that Boss Zeng should hide the front and gather the mountain now, and it is not advisable to attract too much attention before you are firmly established in Pearl Island. Although you don’t have to worry about these things, you will be in great trouble. I wonder what Boss Zeng thinks of my words? "
Zong Ming looked at Dongo with unfathomable eyes and said, "Brother Zhendong, I will definitely do as you say after I accept your opinion, and I intend to entrust you to do the work of Fuxing Club after this. They are too conservative. They are not as wily as you, and they are not as tolerant of sex as you. You have completed all the advantages of your father, and you will surely become the most promising new generation of Pearl Island. I will support you after you are conditionally. The only way is to turn Pearl Island into a dragon Federation. Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire come here to invest and start a business. We welcome it, but.
The east of Marco is "colored". He said, "It has always been my father’s greatest wish to unify all the underworld in Pearl Island. He is trying to control what Dongyang Imperial people can do in various ways. My father, mainly my father, also wants to use Dongyang Imperial manpower as an excuse to strengthen himself first, because Dongyang Imperial people originally had a strong influence in Pearl Island. He did not lead the wolf into the room, saying that maybe in some people’s eyes, our Chen family father is a lackey of Dongyang Imperial people.
But who will know my father’s pain and unwillingness? "
Zong Ming sighed and said, "Since ancient times, heroes have been lonely, and people can’t stand cold at heights. Heroes are often lonely and incomprehensible. Which one of them doesn’t have the experience of being misunderstood and humiliated by others? I can fully understand what your father has done, and I will help you fulfill this wish as long as I am still in Pearl Island. As you said, this temple in Pearl Island is still too small to be a great god. I have never thought of staying in Pearl Island for a generation. I am a mainlander, and I will go back to the mainland sooner or later to get my roots. "
Dongo’s eyes have a feeling that heroes cherish each other. He said, "Once the boss really felt a brief encounter with you and me. Even if I was misunderstood by everyone in Dongo, I really didn’t waste my life if I met such a bosom friend! You and I really should be an old saying that no discord, no concord! "
Zong Ming’s mood is as calm as ever. He sighed and said, "As the saying goes, Chen Shouxin, the tiger father dog, can be as proud as you."
Dongo also sighed and said, "It’s a pity that I still have two brothers who are too disappointing. It’s really my Chen family. Unfortunately, their thoughts have been assimilated too deeply and too much by Dongyang Imperial People, and there are simply too many people like my two brothers in Pearl Island. Dongyang Imperial People really have their own uniqueness in brainwashing people."
Zong Minghu’s eyes "shot" out a kind of bright light and said in a low voice, "Brother Zhendong, just look at me and give me something in return. I really want to talk about wisdom. Our Tianlong Federation is by no means inferior to a nation, but our Tianlong Federation has been poisoned by the Confucian doctrine of the mean. We have long forgotten that being kind and being bullied by others and riding an ancient dragon without anger will make people look like a long worm, but once the dragon is angry, it will definitely be a storm."
Before Dongo answered, Zong Ming continued, "Brother Zhendong, we will do as you just said. I will arrange for you to have a consultation with the leading brother of Fuxing Club first. During this period, I have to prepare for several terrorist attacks on Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire at the Pearl Island base. After I finish, you will invite the leading brother of the bamboo gang to sit together and talk about it once. If the bamboo gang goes its own way, we will destroy them. You can show them a little bit about the sun flag bearer. In my case, let’s just say that the Fuxing Society invited an expert from Tianlong Federal Mainland to grasp his whereabouts by the shadow method. I need you and Sun Flag to find a chance for me to break into their headquarters in Pearl Island. I want to secretly evaporate the four men, namely, Najing Shouxing, Tanigawa Kiyoo, Tamaki Hideyoshi and Taniguchi Gongxiong, without disturbing the Dongyang Empire. "
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Chapter 47 Prelude to the raid
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There is a large rubber garden in the outer suburb of Beidao City. This rubber garden property in Fiona Fang is 10 kilometers. It is the industry of Fujitsu Synthetic Rubber Company of Dongyang Empire in Pearl Island and the largest branch of Sun Flag in Tianlong Mainland.
When the Sanlian gang sent Kobayashi Showa’s body to Inoue Shouxing, Inoue Shouxing’s face was shocked. The expression was even more serious than when he heard that Sano Ichiro had lost his blood and ghosts two days ago. Although he knew that Kobayashi Showa must have been run, how did he think that Kobayashi Showa was also murdered, but he didn’t think that Kobayashi would actually cut his belly and try his best to make Kobu play the role of the village demon knife. Kobayashi Showa and the person who cut his belly would be a terrible corner? This is a problem that Inoue Shouxing can’t figure out.
When I saw Kobayashi Showa’s body, I knew that Murakami’s demon knife must have been taken away from me. In less than two days, I lost two very important gods in a row. It is conceivable that Inoue Shouxing felt heavy.
Inoue Shouhang’s hands twisted and his face was livid. He said, "It’s only two days before Xiao Linjun was" forced "to commit suicide, and we lost two big gods. Can you tell me what kind of people came to Pearl Island? What will happen to Pearl Island? Is this a conspiracy of the Tianlong Federation? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
On the scene, Tanigawa Qingfu Imperial Wood Hideyoshi and Taniguchi Gongxiong also looked dignified, and one of the two members who sent Kobayashi Showa’s body was Zongming.
Zong Ming learned from Dongo that Dongyang Imperial had such a large department in Pearl Island, and decided to come and have a look in person. After consulting with Dongo, he dressed up as a member of the triad and another member of the triad named Tang Yufei came to the rubber garden.
Tang Yufei is a right-hand man in Dongo’s hand and can be said to be Dongo’s right-hand man. He values "sex" in Dongo’s mind just like Yan Chen’s position in Zong Ming’s heart. Tang Yufei can be regarded as a veteran figure of the Sanlian Gang, and Chen Shouxin is extremely dependent on the "color" hard bones in the Pearl Island underworld.
Dongo sent him to come with Zong Ming mainly to show Gao Zongming’s identity in the Sanlian Gang and also to show that the Sanlian Gang attached importance to this matter.
In the face of Jing Shouhang’s question, Zong Ming is of course not convenient to answer the question. Tang Yufei then hurriedly took over the topic and said in a heavy tone, "Mr. Jing, the main reason for this matter is that we and Zhao Zhiqiang, an important figure in Fuxing Club, came to Beidao City, and I don’t know that Zhao Zhiqiang invited an alien with super powers from the local area. This time, my help suffered such heavy losses because of the master. We were surrounded by them when we besieged Zhao Zhiqiang. In World War I, we lost nearly 300 elite members of the Three Allies, Xiao Linjun also. It was in that world war that we were killed in Pearl Island. We have never heard of such a high-ranking figure in the Fuxing Society. Therefore, our archduke speculated that the Fuxing Society may have invited high-ranking people from the mainland to help out. At present, the situation in Pearl Island is unstable. Maybe the mainland authorities have cracked down on sex. "
Inoue Shouhang looked at Zongming and Tang Yufei’s eyes and didn’t doubt Zongming’s identity because they felt unfamiliar with Zongming, because they had great confidence and grasp in controlling Chen Shouxin’s father. He never doubted that Chen’s father would have second thoughts on their Dongyang Empire. Of course, he knew that Tang Yufei could be on an equal footing with Tang Yufei in the Sanlian Gang. Of course, he was not an ordinary person in the Sanlian Gang. Inoue Shouhang said with a sullen face, "Now we don’t care about the grievances of the Sanlian Gang and Fuxing Club. We have to do the only thing now." Is to help me find the Fuxing Club and invite the alien to Beidao City. It’s the site of your three gangs that suddenly appears such an unusual alien. No one can be seen. You must mobilize all of you and ask us to find the alien at all costs. Please help me tell Zhen Dongjun not to take revenge on the Fuxing Club now and fight to the death. He will help us find the world master who took our two big gods as soon as possible. This is more important to our Dongyang Empire than destroying the whole Fuxing Club. If this can be done smoothly, he will be our Dongyang Empire.
Tang Yufei’s "color" is more important than solemnly answering, "Mr. Jing, our archduke is very aware that this matter is important" sex ".Now he has made all the three gangs, including other allied gangs, show carpets in the North Island area. If the alien is still in the North Island area, we will definitely find his whereabouts. Before we come to see Mr. Jing, the archduke confessed that Mr. Jing may need more people to do things here because of Xiao Linjun’s unfortunate death. My brother Xiao and I will stay and listen to Mr. Jing’s command, and we can help Mr. Jing to do some small things at
Inoue Shouxing nodded with satisfaction and said, "Zhendongjun deserves to be a man who can achieve great things. I am very satisfied with this arrangement. Now it is an extraordinary period. We really need a lot of people to handle affairs. Since your Dagong has such an arrangement, Yu Feijun and this Xiaojun will stay. We will not mistreat anyone who is willing to work for our Dongyang Empire."
Zong Ming now goes by the pseudonym Xiao. As expected, he successfully entered the Sun Flag in the important camp of Pearl Island. Actually, Zong Ming didn’t do this, but he had such an opportunity to get close to Inoue Shouhang and others before he "touched" the real strength of Inoue Shouhang, Tanigawa Qingfu Imperial Wood Hideyoshi and Taniguchi Gongxiong. Of course, it was much safer than he ventured into the bosom friend without knowing whether he was bold or not.
Zong Ming told another secret to Qingsheng, Qingling, Qingqing, Taigeleiman and Koshev before he flew here with Tang Yu, that is, to launch a free terrorist attack on Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire at Pearl Island military base as the case may be, with the aim of destroying various important facilities of those two military bases as much as possible and assassinating their senior officers and generals at the base.
In order to prevent emergencies, the ghost soldiers and the free and unfettered soldiers cooperated as a whole for the first time. Qingsheng led 12 members of the Wolf Group and the first 100 ghost soldiers of Taigeleiman. An action team was responsible for cracking down on the Ames Empire’s military base in Pearl Island. Qingling took Koshev, a 12-member eagle group, and led 100 ghost soldiers. Another action team was responsible for cracking down on the Dongyang Imperial military base in Pearl Island. While Qingze and Leopard team members have more than 100 ghost warriors mobile reserves and are divided into two echelons ready to support the two action teams in case of unexpected emergencies.
That night, there was a fierce battle with the Sanlian Gang. Because Zong Ming expected that the enemy had set a death trap to let his opponent drill in, adding ghost soldiers’ sophisticated combat experience and carefree soldiers’ superman’s individual combat effectiveness. In that battle, they were almost killed and wiped out by the enemy, and the destructive power of these super combat machines to those two target military bases was foreseeable.
All the plans are going on quietly step by step according to Zong Ming’s scheduled steps.
Xia Huatian and Dongo also had a long talk before Zong Ming came. It is also conceivable that Dongo was shocked when he learned Xia Huatian’s true identity. He always thought that his intelligence work was perfect, but once Zong Ming appeared, and secondly, the leading brother of Fuxing Society was lurking under his nose. He knew that these two blows gave Dongo a very profound lesson, which made him make a big change to the original intelligence network of the Sanlian Gang, and at the same time let him know that the Sanlian Gang would be so defeated this time, another important factor.
Zong Ming didn’t personally take part in the attack on the military base of Pearl Island against the Dongyang Empire and the Ames Empire. He gave himself the chance to assassinate Inoue Shouxing Tanigawa Qingfu Tamaki Hideyoshi and Taniguchi Miyako by any means.
At the same time, the Sano family at the foot of Mount Fuji in Dongyang Empire secretly sent two mysterious figures to catch the flight to Kitajima city that night after receiving the notification from Inoue Shouxing. According to the flight schedule, these two mysterious figures should have arrived at Kitajima airport when Inoue Shouxing came to the manor.
Although it’s summer, it’s still rainy in North Island. In the wind, there are still fluttering raindrops like lines and nets, which make people feel heavy and depressed. This kind of continuous drizzle is the most annoying. Wearing rain gear is too troublesome, and it will make you look like a drowned rat if you don’t wear it.
Ten kilometers away from the Ames Imperial Naval Base on the west coast of North Island City, there is a famous red light district dedicated to this base. Thousands of Ames Imperial soldiers are looking for fun here. Of course, gambling and drugs are the turf for mafia forces, but no force in North Island City can reach out to this oil and water area.
Fulong garage is the largest large-scale garage in this red light district, which sells cars and repairs cars. There are nearly 200 ordinary employees in this place. Of course, it is the best place to hide their strength. When nothing happens, everyone is a regular employee of the garage, but once something happens, their horses can "fuck" up the garage and hide weapons and turn them into fierce and powerful three-gang killers.
After dinner, more than 100 super soldiers led by Taigelman and Qingsheng Institute took different types of vehicles to this secret knot in Fulong garage, which belongs to the three-gang industry.
More than 100 sub-armed super soldiers are quietly closing their eyes, setting up four sentry burqa ambush posts, which are necessary for pre-war defense. This is the experience of Tiger Lehman in his many years of campaign. Sometimes, regardless of his opponent, he will be vigilant to the highest degree. They are all dressed in black special warfare. This outfit can not only protect against wind and rain, but also protect against the cold. The price of each set is as high as 25,000 US dollars. Therefore, although it is stormy tonight, for Tiger Lehman, the wartime is whether it is cold or stormy.
This kind of weather will not only cause much trouble to their actions, but also be more conducive to their surprise attacks, because people are often extremely alert to’ sex’ in this weather, especially for the Ames soldiers who are used to peaceful days. They never thought that anyone would dare to attack their military base on Pearl Island.
So little by little, the sea breeze in the north island city is getting colder and colder in the middle of the night. The rain is still so strong and dense. The Ames Imperial Naval Base, which is ten kilometers away, is now shrouded in a cold atmosphere.
The night "color" is as thick as ink. A few steps away, it’s dark and you can’t see it. It’s very quiet around, except for the occasional sound of a few clear cars speeding by.