Just after the scenes, it is hard to say that the terrorist incident Liang Ping’s heart is also uneasy

I heaved a sigh of relief and remembered the words of the two old men and turned left when they reached Baihu Mountain.
The distance of 1 step doesn’t seem far, but the accident is that the roars are broken again.
At the same time, a murderous beast came from behind.
Long sword cold so a shake is horizontal after horizontal cut away.
The blow did fall, and suddenly there was a beautiful sound like the music of the elves in the ear.
"Liang Ping, you lied to me. Your score is not Mu Ye. What did you lie to me about?"
Liang Ping’s heart was suddenly surprised.
"No, you’re already dead. How?"
The unified elvish voice became awesome and cold.
"If I don’t die, I won’t be able to get revenge on you. You are a cheat and a low moral cheat. You will be judged in hell and condemned by your conscience. You will be lost in this boundless night and you will die as miserable as those two old men."
"Ha ha ha"
Unified elves burst into laughter.
"Not worse than them!"
"even worse!"
The sound echoed melodiously in Baihu Mountain, stirring up Liang Ping’s guilt.
"I just scored from ruin, but I didn’t really show them the way."
"I was careless."
"I still can’t do it after all."
"I am me after all"
Liang Ping was condemned by conscience as the unified elf said.
A lot of earthly things appeared in his mind.
Once I found a dollar in the park for my grandmother, but he didn’t return it, which made him feel like a knife at the moment.
Seeing a classmate being bullied at school once made him feel guilty that he didn’t help before.
Once he stole an online game ingot while playing a game, which made him repent.
Peeking at a beautiful woman taking a bath in an apartment once made him blush.
I can remember the past anecdotes vividly.
I don’t know how long it’s been, but I heard the elf sound in my ear again.
"It seems that Mo Yu is really entrusted by a non-human person like you. How can you make contributions and become a pillar of the silver empire!"
"I will do everything I can, even if I die in a situation where I will never live beyond my life, I will never entrust my daughter to such a bad person as you."
The voice of the unified elves gradually faded away and Liang Ping was sobbing.
"Was I really so bad in the past?"
"It turned out that my heart would be so painful after facing up to my mistakes."
The tiger roars to bring Liang Ping’s remorse back to reality.
But all of a sudden, the two old people’s voices came to my ears
They almost accused each other of saying, "If you didn’t show up, we could have lived in this dark night. You let us see the truth, you let us see ourselves down and out, you let us fear, and you let us die."
Every word they said attacked Liang Ping’s good thoughts.
Liang Ping finally lost control of his emotions.
"Stop talking, I don’t want to listen!"
Binge drinking is galloping towards the left front.
Soon milli obstacle is to see that a red unicorn fire.
There was another noise in my ear.
Their voices are full of sorrow, revenge and forgiveness.
Liang Ping clutched the moon shadow sword and clenched his teeth, which was cruel to ignore after all.
Heavy shouting is struggling to run forward.
Seeing that Kirin’s fire is about to disappear, it is eager to shout "Shen Bi is coming! Shen Bi is here! "
Sure enough, a silvery white light appeared in the dark night full of gloom.
Liang Ping stared at the light and ran away without hesitation.