"You! Don’t play tricks on me, or you will know the consequences! " The ancestors of the hundred families looked at the puppet next to them and said lightly.

Puppet growl, driving the chain of the body "Hua".
"Go, lead the way!" The ancestors of the hundred families shouted, and the puppet around him has turned into a black shadow, and directly disappeared into the void crack.
"It’s up to you next." The remains of the immortal emperor looked at the ancestors of the hundred families.
In the sky, the huge crack is surging, and from time to time there is a sound of thunder and explosion, as if the peerless demon king was about to be born. The ancestors of the hundred families stood quietly in the air, staring at the cracks in the sky, as if waiting for something.
A little while later, there was a sudden muffled sound in the void crack, as if something were knocking at this space.
"coming!" One hundred ancestors eyes a clot, suddenly raise my hand to hit the void crack, fly out between the palm of an invisible knife gas will tear this void crack bigger. At this time, a huge portal was drilled from the void crack, which was similar to that when Chaos left, but the breath was obviously different.
The door was wide open, and the puppet of the ancestors of the hundred families who had drilled into the void before roared out and returned to the ancestors of the hundred families.
A dozen surprises suddenly came from the portal, and they saw eleven sarcophagus flying out of it, and each sarcophagus exuded a strong fairy spirit. Impressively, it was the eleven immortals who followed the broken void of Xianjun Tower into the battlefield outside the sky in the city of Zhuxian.
"It’s them!" Zhuge doesn’t shine at the moment.
Just then, after the eleven sarcophagus, there was a long whistle, and a golden Optimus Prime flew out and landed on this land with a crash, as if it were through to heaven and earth, which was thousands of meters long, shining with golden light and emitting a sacred breath.
A golden light emerged from the void crack and landed on the golden pillar. When the golden light dispersed, a golden monkey stood at the top of the golden pillar and gave a strange laugh: "Ga ga ga ga hey, did you two guys beat that bastard up for me?"
"Hey, monkey, stop it, we have serious things to do." The ancestors of the hundred families said.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey," the golden monkey smiled, and the golden pillar that went straight to heaven and earth flashed and became an ordinary stick, which was carried by the golden monkey on his shoulder.
The monkey monster smiled and said, "Honestly, I should have come back first just now. I must teach that guy a good lesson. I was so miserable that I couldn’t let my arrogance go on."
When talking to some big fairy figures, Zhuge Buliang and others naturally dare not interrupt. Looking at the golden monkey, Zhuge Buliang suddenly thought of the master who taught himself "immobility" in eighteen layers of hell, and the figure in ancient mythology.
"Who is this monkey?" Zhuge asked quietly before dawn, although his heart was a little low, but he still wanted to confirm it.
"What monkeys are not monkeys!" Nan Yi stood next to Zhuge Liang, and when Zhuge Liang said this, he immediately scolded, "This is also an ancestor left over from the ancient immortal world, but no one knows his name, and the world just calls him Buddha Saint."
"Buddha saint?" Zhuge is not bright and one leng.
Nan Yi nodded and said, "Yes, Buddhism has always flourished in the realm of ancient cultivation of immortals, and this existence is the existence of Xeon in Buddhism. However, the years have been too long, and Buddhism does not know why it declined. Only this Buddha saint survived. "
Saint … "Zhuge not bright some headaches rubbed his temples, the Buddha saint … seems to be a far cry from the story you know.
Chapter 722 Secret
The three ancestors, Daxian, talked for more than ten minutes. Finally, the immortal emperor said, "It’s really hard for these young people. Although chaos has used 50% of its strength, it’s still terrible. It’s really not easy for these young people to consume him."
"But when Chaos goes back this time, he will be ready to use all his strength, and he will definitely come again." The ancestors of the hundred families said.
The immortal emperor shook his head: "He can’t use all the strength. After all, the body it uses now is incomplete and can’t fully bear his strength unless …"
"Unless it is a complete seven-star treasure body." The ancestors of the hundred families said that the next moment, the eyes of the three ancestors Daxian gathered on Zhuge Buliang not far away at the same time and were stared at by the three ancestors. Zhuge Buliang suddenly felt chilly and had no secrets.
"Is he the new seven-star treasure you mentioned?" The ancestor of the hundred families said, his eyes were bright, as if he were trying to see through Zhuge Liang: "As expected, the next purpose of chaos is him, but I’m curious. Since I know that the Seven Star Treasure will become the furnace tripod of chaos, why did you do it ….."
"no! In fact, I have been worried about a problem. " Suddenly, the immortal emperor said, looking up at the ancestors of the hundred families and the great sage of the Buddhist world, he said, "Chaos has fought with us more than once. Although it has no substance, its magical power is unimaginable. But this time, chaos used the first treasure to come. Although it only used 50% of the power, I feel that he did not reach the limit at all. "
"Not to the limit?" Carrying a golden hoop, the Buddha Saint rolled his eyes and said, "What do you mean, old man? Could it be that Chaos guy has other purposes? "
The immortal emperor’s mutilated body frowned and said, "There are some strange things in it. In fact, Yaozu and I began to doubt it 20,000 years ago. Moreover, I have told several younger generations about this matter. The crux of the matter lies in the young man named Zhuge Buliang below. Chaos is looking for a complete seven-star treasure body, I am afraid it really has another purpose. I suspect that after chaos, there is another one! "
As soon as this statement came out, the eyes of the ancestors of the hundred families and the Buddha Saint suddenly became dignified. Even these two famous figures of the ancestor level could not help but change color when they heard what the immortal emperor said. A chaos has been so difficult to deal with. After chaos, there are even people behind it. If so, this catastrophe will be unprecedented.
"Of course, it’s just a guess, so every word I say next, you should remember it and keep it secret. Before we know the truth of this matter, only the three of us know it, and we must never spread it out to avoid panic." The immortal emperor said.
"hmm!" The ancestors of the hundred families and the Buddha looked at each other and nodded their heads.
The three ancestors, Daxian, laid a silence array around them. This array came from the hands of the three ancestors, and even the falling sky and the sinking cloud could not be heard. Everyone stared at each other, but they dared not say anything. They could only wait in situ. Zhuge is not bright, in particular. At the moment, he feels a little flustered. The three great ancestors have turned their attention to themselves many times, as if they were talking about something, but they just can’t hear anything.
"Chief, what shall we do?" The prince of the devils to sink to the cloud, asked in a low voice.
"Let’s wait," said Shen Guiyun. "It seems that my ancestors have something to discuss with the so-called immortal emperor." Having said that, Shen Guiyun’s eyes are obviously impatient. Shen Guiyun is also a legendary figure. After the ancestors of Baizu left, he settled the chaotic Baizu on his own, and he was also an extraordinary person. But you can hear from the tone that he seems to have some prejudice against the immortal emperor.
But at this moment, there are hundreds of ancestors, and he dare not have too many opinions.
Finally, the three ancestors, Daxian, lifted the ban. The remains of the immortal emperor glanced at everyone. Finally, his eyes were fixed on Zhuge’s dim body and he smiled and said, "Young man, please come and talk."
"ah! Me? " Zhuge Liang pointed to himself in disbelief and looked around. It is hard to imagine that the ancestor Daxian should talk to himself, which really flattered him. While others are also a face of weird looking at zhuge is not bright.
"Come forward." The remains of the immortal emperor beckoned.
Zhuge took a deep breath before he lit up, and his body moved in mid-air. At this time, the immortal emperor’s mutilated body once again set a ban on sound.
"Three seniors are good." Zhuge did a respectful ceremony before dawn, but in front of three ancestor-level figures, he dare not neglect.
"Quack quack, little doll, hello again. Hey, how’s it going?" The Buddha smiled, and the golden light flashed in his eyes, and he had already seen Zhuge’s dim repair.
Zhuge smiled and suddenly said, "By the way, is my monkey friend with his predecessors?"
Buddha smiled and waved his hand, saying, "You don’t have to worry about him. When the time comes, you will see him yourself. By the way, I have another thing to ask you. In those days, I used a magic needle to suppress the brachiopod ape because he was out of control. Later, I learned that you let him out. Have you ever seen anyone? "
"I …" Zhuge did not know who the Buddha asked, saying, "I know who the elder said, but when I saw him, he was already a skeleton, and he had turned to bone powder in the sand sea."
"This …" The golden light flashed in the Buddha’s sacred monkey’s eyes, but it soon faded.
The immortal emperor said, "well, don’t talk so much, young man. Your name is Zhuge Buliang, right? I have an important matter to discuss with you."
Zhuge nodded heavily before he lit up. "Please give me some advice," he said.
As time goes by, falling into the sky and sinking into the cloud look at each other, and they all feel that something is strange. Fall day frown, seems to be associated with something, but there was no secret, looking at the various ge is not bright in mid-air, although he can’t hear the sound, but you can see that various ge is not bright face more and more dignified, and even finally become pale.
"It seems that he already knows …" Falling into the sky whispered.
Until more than ten minutes passed, the immortal emperor’s mutilated body removed the ban on sound again, looked at Zhuge with dignified eyes and said, "You can understand what I said."
"yeah!" Zhuge nodded with a pale face: "The name of this sinner ….. can only be borne by me, even if it is immortal!"
"Alas ….." The immortal emperor sighed helplessly, patted Zhuge’s dull shoulder and said, "Son, although we have wronged you, we still have to focus on the overall situation."
The ancestor of the hundred families, the Buddha Saint, didn’t look very good at this moment. The Buddha Saint took a dim look at Zhuge and opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say. Finally, he could only shake his head and sigh.
At this time, Zhuge suddenly said before dawn, "Elder, I have one more thing to ask. Was it you who took away the seven sacred caves after the demon killed Luo?"
"yes." Fairy emperor mutilated nodded.
Zhuge Buliang asked again, "Did you give it to me in my Seven-Star Treasure? And my soul? Now, the younger generation doesn’t want to hide it. My soul is not this world, but from another parallel space. Simply put, I came through. "
Speaking of which, the ancestors of the hundred families raised their heads and looked at Zhuge deeply, without speaking.
The immortal emperor said, "I can tell you everything. There are many parallel spaces, either leading to the future or to the Archaean era of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years. After death, some people may travel to another garment space or even be reincarnated as adults in another space while maintaining a parallel state in space. You are not the only one. There are many lessons before you. What I can tell you is that the space where you used to live is just a fantasy for you, and this is the world that really belongs to you. "
"So that’s it …" Zhuge Liang clenched his fist, and everything seemed really as he had guessed.
The immortal emperor continued: "In those days, it was I who found your soul in the cracks of space, summoned you to this world, helped you reincarnate and gave you seven sacred caves." Now … you should know your identity. "
Zhuge Liang took a deep breath and nodded violently: "Yes! I understand! "