Kong Xianzhu sighed lightly, "President, you are really sweet to your girlfriend and sisters."

"Zhang Chengyuan" said, "You can be my sister if you envy her, but once you are my sister, you will be my sister for the rest of your life, so it is hard for us to break away from this fear at present."
In the future, if they want to break up, they must avoid meeting each other as much as possible, otherwise it is easy to sprout passion again. But if Kong Xianzhu becomes his sister, how can we break up with him every once in a while?
Kong Xianzhu immediately said, "Then I still shouldn’t be your sister, and how can I be brother and sister after what has happened to both of us?" In her mind, even half-siblings should remain pure.
"Zhang Chengyuan" smiled a little, but didn’t open his mouth to refute that for him, his sister and lover can be integrated. If it weren’t for his brothers and sisters, wouldn’t he and many of his sisters be lovers, brothers and sisters? And don’t they all get along very well? Of course, he also knows that his sisters are rare, and it is difficult for others to do it.
Kong Xianzhu then said, "By the way, President, does your girlfriend Miss Yuri know about me and you?"
"Zhang Chengyuan" said, "I don’t know for the time being. She usually doesn’t ask me about other women. What do you want her to know?"
"I’m not crazy. How can I want her to know? I’m a little afraid to face her. Every time I see her, I’m a little nervous. Fortunately, she doesn’t know yet, and I don’t know what to do if she knows. "
"Zhang Chengyuan" said, "You don’t worry that if she knew, she wouldn’t say anything." If Zhang Chengyuan had an affair with Kong Xianzhu and Han Ye Seul, sung yuri might still care, but since she is a member, how can she care? Because she never took Zhang Chengyuan’s two places at once seriously, and not only she, but also many of her sisters.
Kong Xianzhu was silent for a while and suddenly looked up at Zhang Chengyuan and said slowly, "It’s right to have sex with my sister Yise, not her real boyfriend!"
"Zhang Chengyuan" was dazed and immediately said with a calm face, "What do you mean?" Looking at Kong Xianzhu eyes some cold.
Kong Xianzhu strong biliary tract "in fact, you should not really grow up?"
"Zhang Chengyuan" ha ha a smile light way "say so? Do you think there are people who can pretend to be my Zhang Chengyuan? "
Kong Xianzhu frowned slightly and said, "You should be both Zhang Chengyuan and Zhang Chengyuan. Although I don’t know how you do it, many of your means are very strange. It should not be a problem to divide one person into two."
"Zhang Chengyuan" stared at Kong Xianzhu for a while and suddenly said coldly, "Aren’t you afraid?"
"What are you afraid of?"
"Afraid I’m a monster or I-killed-you shut up?"
Kong Xianzhu shivered all over, but the horse calmed down and smiled. "It’s not like shooting police and robbers or spy movies. The more you know, the easier it is to be silenced. I believe you won’t do this, and don’t I still have some points for you now?"
"Zhang Chengyuan" smiled. "There are some places where I really can’t bear to kill you. Well, no kidding, Hyun-joo. How do you know that I’m not really Zhang Chengyuan? Does Yise also know? "
"Are you really not the president?" Although she had already guessed that Zhang Chengyuan was not really Zhang Chengyuan every time she fell in love with them, she was still a little shocked to hear Zhang Chengyuan personally admit it.
"Zhang Chengyuan" said, "I can’t say that I’m not Zhang Chengyuan. Because I control this body, the person you have a conversation with has always been me. That is to say, the spirit is me and the body is not me."
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Prohibition
Kong Xianzhu was a little confused by what he said and thought, "President, you just said that the spirit is you and the body is not you. Does this mean that the spirit and the body are separated, but can the spirit and the body be separated?" In her inherent understanding, a person’s mind and body are one.
"Zhang Chengyuan" said, "Of course, it is impossible for ordinary people to be separated. I have a special achievement method in uniting, which can make the spirit or the Yuan God grow dozens of times and leave the body freely …" When he told Kong Xianzhu a little about the Yuan God and the two places at once.
Then he added, "These things are a little complicated. You may not understand them for the time being, but you also need to know that I am not finished in front of you, but I will do it."
There is something special about Zhang Chengyuan’s doppelganger at present. It doesn’t have the independent consciousness like Zheng Yuanyin, and it can think and solve problems independently like other yuan gods. Instead, it is completely controlled by Zhang Chengyuan’s main consciousness. If his main consciousness no longer controls this doppelganger, then this doppelganger can’t do anything like a vegetable. In addition, because Zhang Chengyuan’s main consciousness can be preoccupied, he can separate some thoughts and remotely control this doppelganger, which will not affect his respect.
Kong Xianzhu nodded silently and whispered, "I still regard you as the president of Zhang Chengyuan."
I thought it would be like this if I didn’t? Do you still ask him to do that with them in person? If he is willing to do this, he won’t always be busy fooling them, but his busy body is very different from people’s bodies and can bring them happiness. If he is really changed into a real body, he is afraid that they won’t want to come. Even if he is strong, he can definitely compare with busy body. After all, human body has its limits.
"Well, it’s no wonder that no matter how many times and how long he does it, he never gets tired." She couldn’t help thinking that she didn’t want to leave Zhang Chengyuan for the time being.
"Zhang Chengyuan" said, "Hyun-joo, I should apologize to you and Yi-se for not telling you what happened when you promised to have sex with me at first, because I was afraid that you would treat me like a monster and would not agree to my request. Well, I hope you can forgive me."
Kong Xianzhu heart way, "you really need to apologize to us. It seems that there is no difference between you doing this and cheating cesium to cheat marriage, but you are the president and it’s amazing. How dare I not forgive you? When it never happened, it is. "
Thinking of this, she smiled and said, "Since you are no different from you, you are not lying to us. Well, let’s just let it go and let’s not do it again." Nothing has changed. And it may also make Zhang Chengyuan. She wants to take the opportunity to talk to him about conditions and compensation. Wouldn’t that tarnish her face?
"Zhang Chengyuan" said, "It’s good that you don’t blame me. Well, just ask me if you need any help after I owe you a favor. I will try my best and help me persuade Yi Se if possible. I hope she can forgive me and continue to be like this with me."
Kong Xianzhu nodded and said, "I’ll try my best."
"By the way, you haven’t answered me. How did you find out that I’m not really Zhang Chengyuan? You shouldn’t see the difference between me and my doppelganger? " Even sisters such as sung yuri and Lin Zhixiu may not be able to tell him apart, not to mention them.
Kong Xianzhu said, "We really can’t see the difference between you and your two places at once, but there are some flaws in your actions. You will ask us to do that kind of thing almost every one or two days, even when filming in other places. Although the shooting place in The Secret Garden is mostly an hour or two’s drive from Seoul, you do come back to meet us sometimes in the evening, but under normal circumstances, you won’t run back and forth so often. Besides, if you sometimes spend more time with your girlfriend and your sisters, you should not do things with us so often."
"Zhang Chengyuan" smiled and laughed. "I guessed that I was giving away the word" frequent ",but if I didn’t, I couldn’t effectively get rid of my strong desire. Besides, I had a premonition that I would be caught by you one day, so I was already prepared to take preventive measures. Hyun-joo, I’m sorry I have to do something sorry for you again."
"President, what are you going to do?" Kong Xianzhu some indecision way
"Zhang Chengyuan" said, "I’ll give you a ban so that you can tell me some of my other secrets. You can rest assured that it won’t do you any harm." Then he stretched out his palm and pressed it on her head and she immediately fainted …
A few minutes later, Zhang Chengyuan withdrew his hand-it is not difficult for him to fix a ban now, and then he used his means to wake Kong Xianzhu up.