Sanhuan understands and glared at her. Now she can’t be said anything bad about Jane. Just because Jane defended her title, Sanhuan felt that Jane was the best person in the world, except that she was a little worse than Su Yuting.

"If this store is all over Beijing, it is not enough to rely solely on our simple family, but you Yang’s people must manage and sell it!"
Yang Yun nodded. This is the truth.
"But your management and sales staff must have a gap with me. Brother Yang can’t deny it!" Jane is very confident. By listening to the sales of fragrant wine, Jane has cultivated a group of high-level personnel and grass-roots management personnel, and has initially acquired a modern management and sales level in the management and sales team! Naturally, it is higher than others by more than one grade.
"in the process of our merger, Yang Xiong’s management and sales staff will accept our advanced management and sales concepts and accumulate advanced experience, so Yang Xiong doesn’t have a very advanced team? In the future, it will be a great help for Yang Xiong to engage in business! "
Yang Yun nodded again. I didn’t think there was such a crooked road. As a result, my management talents and sales talents all rose by more than one grade. In the end, I still took advantage of it.
"What’s more, I haven’t received your training yet!" Jane said more and more, and she felt that she had lost a lot, and her tone showed more and more dissatisfaction.
"So thank you, Brother Liuguang!"
Yang Yun now feels that he is too harsh on Brother Liuguang. It’s unforgivable to think that he has given himself such a big bargain while he is still thinking about his title! To a large extent, I am here to study Jane, but it is second to make money by doing business!
"This … title problem we give up!"
Yang Yun spoke his opinion very readily. This debate is very big, and it will soon disappear.
Yang Zhen cried with tears in his voice!
Jane looked at her and hissed. It’s very polite. Please stare at Yang Zhen. Yang Yun entered the room and offered good fragrant tea!
"Good tea!"
Yang Yun will sigh like this every time he drinks tea!
"I don’t know if this tea business is enough to participate in a thing or two? Of course, the number of shares is decided by Brother Liuguang, and I will pay for it! "
Yang Yun said politely this time, making money is the second key, and learning is the second key!
"Good talk!" Jane nodded a little. "You can get 20%!"
"really?" Yang Yun had no hope, but he was surprised to hear this. Obviously, the tea business will not be lost to listening to fragrant wine, but now it is one of the most profitable businesses in Beijing.
"Ahem, shall we sign a contract for the ice cream shop business first?"
Yang Yun’s reaction was that Jane expected him,
"Exactly!" Yang Yun nodded to get this done first, and then Jane agreed to buy tea. According to others, there should be no problem. Today is really lucky!
The three-ring ice cream shop or the three-ring ice cream shop has not changed.
Three-ring smiling face is red behind Jane, watching the two people write the contract and then press their fingerprints, which quietly patted the small chest and breathed a sigh of relief.
Yang’s true qi bulges higher than that of the Third Ring Road, and his chest is indignant, staring at Jane’s anger value, which has been rising all the time. Once it reaches full value, it will come with a furious blow, which will destroy Jane’s body shape and never be super-born.
"Good go!"
Jane sent Yang Yun with a happy face at the door.
"Stay, stay!"
Yang Yun forked his luggage!
"Thank you for this, Brother Liuguang. I will remember this friendship!"
Jane looked at Yang Yun and nodded and smiled.
"Hello everyone is really good!" Said also winking at Yang Zhen very proud!
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Chapter 30 puzzling female neighbors
"This Jane has my head cut off!" Yang Zhen shouted angrily that she could be heard thunderbolt in such a large mansion, and her face was red and beautiful!
"Hello everyone is really good!" Yang Yun is quite satisfied with the result of this high-level meeting, and it is serious that Jane has this sentence.
"Eldest brother, you still help him speak!" Yang Zhen is dissatisfied with the expression of Yang Yun’s grinning little monster.
"I didn’t speak for him!" Yang Yun shook his head. "Jane has great talents, and a lot of knowledge is unheard of and strange. These can still be verified. Let’s say that the more we talk, the more we admire him, little sister. Do you admire him or are you angry with him?"
Yang Zhen pursed his mouth and bit his teeth tightly. "I just can’t see that he is tired and lazy, which makes people angry. It’s unfair to let such a person be in college and ask for help at home!"
"Who is angry?"
A sound came from the back yard and I saw a graceful girl coming.
Yang Zhen took the woman’s hand before she was wronged. "Sister Yi, we are talking about that guy!"
"That guy?" The woman paused and then smiled. "But have you said Jane these days? This is a wonderful person! " The female is sister Yang Zhen and Yang Yun.
"Wonderful person?" Yang Zhen feels that she can’t be together with her sister, and her anxiety has not been vented, showing signs of runaway.
"You two went to his place again?" The woman looked at Yang Yun and smiled.
Yang Yun nodded. "I can’t wait to tie that guy to the court and let those ministers listen to what he said."
"Are you fiddling with wheels at home these days because of what he said about physics?"
Yang Yun nodded with admiration.
The woman chuckled. "Are you impatient? He’s a lazy man. Will such a person go to court with you?"
Yang Yun suddenly became speechless. After all, what Yang Zhen said was quite accurate. Jane is a guy who is too tired to make people angry. She would rather fish with her maid by the pond all day!