Yan Yun hardly dared to speak when he saw such a strange atmosphere. After a long time, he said carefully, "Report to your majesty, we Xiling fighters have wiped out the Japanese in the periphery, and the rest of them have escaped into Moping City. Well, please give us instructions?" Yan Yun-yueh said the smaller the voice, as if it was his own team that was driven into Moping City.

"From now on, you will patrol outside the city with your cavalry all the time. If one person is released, you will go to the stable to collect horse manure until you die!" King Ling’s opening is to make Yan Yun almost get to the ground. It seems that his report is in a very bad mood now, so he had better run away quickly.
"I will go at the end, and I will go at the end." Yan Kun hurriedly bowed and left here in a desperate way, where there is still a half-horse general’s prestige.
After Yan Yun left, the tent fell into a strange silence again. It is reasonable to say that Mu Chongshan is the bodyguard of Ling Wang, and should not stand up to his master, but it involves Mu Qingfeng and Xue Lianer, and Mu Chongshan does not intend to back down, even if this person in front of him is supreme.
Perhaps it was unbearable to be suppressed by such an atmosphere. Ling Wang Zhan Yujiang took the lead in breaking this silence: "Chongshan, your time in Moping City is not too short. What is the origin of this Japanese, and what about Lu Wang, the old stubborn man?"
Since asked about the military situation, Mu Chongshan is naturally not good to continue to keep silent. "These Japanese people are the joint forces of the two largest forces in Japan, and some of them represent the orthodox royal family of Japan, but it is surprising that the leader is actually a woman; Secondly, the Japanese general Jia Kang, who wants to take their place, as to why they are United, we have not figured it out yet, but what is certain is that the Japanese people’s mind seems to be more than just the east land, but the whole summer. According to our scouts, the Japanese people are almost moving between people. "
"They have a big appetite. They want to do things that grassland people didn’t do at the beginning. They are just a tiny country and dare to boast. I’m really afraid that the wind will flash their tongues. Since they have come to our summer land to make waves, don’t blame me for being merciless. By the way, Liu Wangzhu Jie is not around you. Is that stubborn old man looking at the Japanese to throw its weight around on his site? This is not in line with his personality? " Ling Wang Zhan Yu Jiang has just arrived here, and naturally he doesn’t know what just happened in Moping City. In his view, Liu Wang Zhu Jie should retreat with Mu Qingfeng and them.
"King Lu … did his best for his country. The reason why we were able to leave Moping City successfully was because King Lu Zhu Jie lit the granary in the city and bought us time to leave, but even if he left with us, I’m afraid he can’t hold on now." When I mentioned the death of Liu Wang, I longed for the voice of the mountains, and the appearance of the arrow in Liu Wang’s abdomen was still vivid. I am afraid that ordinary people have no strength to stand up after such an injury, and God knows how he persisted until then.
"That old thing, that was his bad temper in those days, otherwise he wouldn’t have had a fight with the current emperor because of the heir to the throne. If he could be mainly, where would he be today? But then again, if he would bow his head, it wouldn’t be him. It’s a pity that this king brought us the fine wine of Xiling, and I’m afraid his stubborn wish to get drunk won’t come true." Zhan Yujiang stood up and took out a hip flask from the bag hanging on the camp.
Just when the plug was opened, a strong bouquet came to the nose. It seems that Zhan Yujiang didn’t lie. This is really a fine wine from Xiling.
"Stubborn, this bottle of’ drunk for a thousand years’ is cheaper for you." Say that finish, the corner of the war fell to the ground, and Zhu Jie, the king of Lu, shed his last drop of blood for this land. It’s time to relax and get drunk.
Mu Chongshan looked at his report’s every move and didn’t say a word. The most important thing at the moment is to destroy the Japanese people in front of him and give an account to the martyrs under the grave.
At the same time, the Japanese people in Moping City were blown up. Originally, the Japanese people attacked Moping City and exhausted all their strength. This has not yet come and relaxed. As a result, the offensive and defensive exchanges have become a team that is doing nothing in the city. As their previous plans, the terrain of Moping City is special, and there is only one front door to enter and exit. Now it is even more difficult for them to get away with it. Fortunately, they still have about 10,000 on hand. Although there is a terrible cavalry in the Ling King opposite, the cavalry has played a very small role in the siege war. They dare not attack with great fanfare only by the four or five thousand infantry.
"Jia Kangming, I don’t know why I want to let Mu Qingfeng and them go. Now we are trapped here, and you have to take full responsibility." When all the commanders sat in the hall that they could barely do, Quan Nai couldn’t help but take the lead.
"Your Highness’s words are wrong. We can’t all blame me for this predicament. On the other hand, if I hadn’t asked everyone to retreat in time, I’m afraid our team would have been wiped out by Xia people’s cavalry, so your Highness, if you have time, you’d better think more about how to leave this deadly place." Jia Kangming did not care about Quan Nai’s words. His troops and Quan Nai were fifty-fifty, and he was not afraid of her doing anything unwise.
At this time, the weakness of the allied forces emerged. After all, they did not come from the same team, so everyone quarreled for a long time and did not draw a useful conclusion. Some people said that they would wait for the navy to meet them, some people said that they would break through the night, and some even said that they would beg for mercy from the Xia people. Only after that person’s head was cut off by Takeda Hararo around Quannai, no one was carrying a suggestion anymore.
Waiting for the evening to draw near, there are about hundreds of Japanese people who really can’t stand this atmosphere, and they secretly left the city wall in the night, because they found that the Xia people’s army outside didn’t block the gate, but camped far away. Even the scouts or patrols did? These people secretly thought that they could escape, but they didn’t expect their every move to fall into the eyes of Xiling fighters.
"I said you didn’t see it. I didn’t brag about the confrontation between our prince and the grand marshal. If someone else went in, they might have to kneel on the spot. The atmosphere was so strange. If I hadn’t arranged it, they might have to fight on the spot." Yan Yun is bragging with his subordinates around him. Anyway, Zhan Yujiang and Mu Chongshan are not here, and Yan Yun holds the highest position.
The cavalry around looked at their general with admiration, and they could speak under such circumstances. Their boss was really capable, of course, they didn’t know what the actual situation was like.
General, general, some Japanese people are out, and it seems that there are only about 100 people fleeing outside. What should we do?’ So-called clairvoyant little captain hurried to come over.
When he heard that a Japanese man was out of town, Yan Yun jumped up as if he had been shot in the ass, and shouted directly, "Brothers, get on the horse! The third team attacked with me. If a Japanese runs away, you will wait to go to the racecourse with me. It’s horse manure! "
It’s no joke to think of the way that Ling Wang warned himself at that time. If he let a Japanese escape, I’m afraid his armor will have to interact with feces in a short time.
The cavalry around don’t understand this low-paying general. It’s just a 100-man team. As for being so nervous, General Yan was not so excited when he had a real fight with the cavalry on the grassland. Maybe he took the wrong medicine today, but he was puzzled. When he saw Yan Yun rushing out first, they still followed behind him quickly, saving him from being settled by the general.
Those Japanese people are glad that they left this flashpoint. Before they came to celebrate, they heard the pounding of horses behind them. These people never participated in the action of encirclement and suppression of Muqingfeng. Therefore, naturally, Xiling fighters were fierce, and the Japanese captain headed by them also planned to resist, but the Japanese knife had not been drawn yet, so they were cut off by a severe knife that had already rushed to the front.
"The sovereign has ordered that none of them be left, so kill them for me!" The Japanese were going to kneel for mercy, but they didn’t speak, and Yan Yun gave the order of extermination. The Japanese who wanted to fight the trapped animals were wiped out by this cavalry squad before they could desperately, and even no one escaped, and these Xiling fighters never suffered any casualties.
"This group of bastards, who don’t honestly stay in the city and wait for death, ran out at night to keep Lao Tzu busy, which is a sin to say this plainly!" Yan Yun jilted to jilt the blood on the long Dao, grumbled disgruntled. Originally, it was unnecessary for him to fight like this, and his own team leader was more than enough. But when he thought of the gloomy face of Ling Wang, Yan Yun still didn’t dare to have a little carelessness, even though he didn’t know that Ling Wang was angry at the corner of Xinjiang because of him.
After several teams were wiped out by Yan Yun’s cavalry, the Japanese finally knew why the Xia people’s army was not stationed around, and with cavalry like Xiling fighters, it was impossible for the Japanese to escape.
Since the escape failed, all the Japanese people gathered together, and they still had nearly 10,000 troops, and it was not that Ling Wang’s army could eat whatever it wanted.
One didn’t want to fight for the time being, and the other didn’t dare to go out. The ink screen city, which was in full swing, suddenly became very strange, leaving only those ruins telling what had just happened.
MuQingFeng after a day and a night’s rest, slowly opened his eyes, his injury is light compared with He Daoyang, you know He Daoyang in yesterday’s battle Reagan is deadly, if it weren’t for his deep internal force, maybe would have died, so first MuQingFeng woke up.
Muqingfeng just opened her eyes and found Snow Lotus dozing slightly around her. Even if she is strong again, she has experienced so many things and some don’t stay up. Snow Lotus is particularly beautiful when she is asleep. Muqingfeng has some pains to interrupt this beautiful picture.
Just as Muqingfeng couldn’t help but want to smell the fragrance in the hair of Xuelian, she didn’t expect Xuelian to wake up directly at this time. Looking at Muqingfeng who came together, she couldn’t help blushing: "What are you doing, idiot?" Is it dishonest to just wake up? "
MuQingFeng see snow lotus son woke up naturally embarrassed to continue his actions, he sat up from the bed, although there are still some weakness, but the wound is no longer painful, it seems that he got a good treatment.
"I’m sorry, lotus son, I remember I just fainted as soon as I went up the mountain. Where are we now? It looks like a military camp. Have new reinforcements arrived in Moping City? Also, what is the situation of the Japanese now. Didn’t attack again? " Muqingfeng really wants to know her present situation, but Xuelian, who knows the ins and outs, doesn’t know where to speak. If Muqingfeng only knows that this is the military camp of Ling Wang, I’m afraid things will become uncontrollable.
"Childe, are you awake? Great, if it is convenient for you to move now, come with me now. " At this time, Mu Chongshan opened the curtain and came in, just in time to see the chattering Mu Qingfeng.
Snow lotus son saw Mu Chongshan came in and took the golden knife directly in his hand. You know, he just knocked himself out and took it without mercy, and his neck was still aching.
"Mu Dage, Xue Lianer, what are you doing? We are one of our own. How can you look like an enemy?" Just wake up MuQingFeng is confused about, don’t know what the hell are these two people doing,
"Idiot, you know. This is the military camp where Ling Wang fought in the corner of Xinjiang! What you are looking at is not Brother Mu, but the commanding guard of the magnificent Xiling Palace, one person below and above ten thousand people. " Snow lotus’s tone is not much better.
Sure enough, when MuQingFeng heard that this was Ling Wang’s camp, his whole face changed, and he stood with Xuelian, knowing that Ling Wangfu was his own enemy of life and death, and he still had a blood debt that he didn’t settle with them. If he knew that they were the ones who saved himself, MuQingFeng would rather have been killed at that time.