It seems so distant and horrible that several sword collisions and screaming resounded in the swinging factory building one after another.

On the moonlit night, the maple keeps carrying his ice and snow to freeze those bodies several times, but it is often necessary for her flamethrower to spray those frozen terminator ice, which will be melted and evaporated.
On several occasions, the flame spray device constantly adjusts the focus, sometimes spraying a fireball and sometimes spraying a close-range pillar of fire! This tactic of constantly changing the way of flame spraying is also quite disgusting. On several occasions, it burned to the moonlit maple. If there is no ice armor to protect it, you may be severely burned!
That ice armor was also burned a lot.
In addition to constantly mending the ice armor and pestering the three terminators, moonlit maple is hard to do.
Soon in such a tangled battle, maple was finally pierced by a knife in the shoulder!
The ground was dyed red with blood, and maple was still expressionless although she felt severe pain on the moonlit night.
This is not the first time I have bled, and it will definitely not be the last time.
Moonlit maple left hand gently stroked the shoulder wound, which was burning and painful to touch, and a touch of white light drifted away from a snow cover, which was to temporarily freeze the wound and apply ice, which was also a kind of treatment.
Looking at the moonlit maple’s more and more dignified expression, although the expression remains unchanged, the program has made a judgment that he is afraid.
It’s time to negotiate one.
Smiled a wave of his hand to let two 1 stop the attack and moonlit maple also stopped. Ha ha said, "Young people will die if they insist on fighting … It seems that you are also an Asian, especially a China person. You should know this sentence called’ Better be a peaceful dog than a dislocated person’? It is better for you to join us. "
Moonlit maple ha ha smiled and replied, "I can think about it, but if you want me to join you, you always have to pay some price and some benefits are difficult."
He replied, "It seems that you and those strange humans should be the same (meaning) guys who are desperate for power. Power can betray their compatriots or point guns at us … Well, how about mastering the scroll with master guns?"
Moonlit maple shook her head and replied, "We can consider it, but it’s not enough."
Then he said, "… can a hand-held laser cannon burn a person to ashes?"
On a moonlit night, Maple dragged her right index finger and thumb and said, "I’m a little tempted … but you see, I’m not a gun guy. I’m a retro style person who likes cold weapon fighting."
The cold eyes seem to be impatient, but I still replied, "How about liquid metal armor super alloy dagger and two-handed sword?"
Moonlit maple painfully touched her head and said, "I like cold weapons, but weapons made by modern technology and future technology are better made by ancient methods."
The blue light of anger in his eyes flashed coldly and said, "You mean … nothing to talk about?"
Moonlit Maple laughed and replied, "Haha … actually, I have never talked about it. I am not particularly impersonal. I am just stalling with you for a while. When I calculate, Moonlit Maple will arrive in a while."
"Damn it!"
Even as the sound of one’s voice died away
Chapter 29 Kill
Looking at the crazy jumping scene like a slide outside the window, Su Hao also had to applaud karina’s driving skills. "Is he really great!"
Karina cold hum a didn’t answer.
I don’t know when she turned out to be wearing a pair of sunglasses, adding a cold and proud aesthetic feeling, while the black SE lens is flashing white lines criss-crossing, which is a map, while a green dot is in a corner of the map and four red dots are distributed around it.
"Did you buy this pair of glasses map or did you make it yourself?"
Karina took off her dark glasses and her eyes narrowed slightly, and her expression became more serious … It seems that she doesn’t like to communicate too much except for the moonlit maple. She often inadvertently reveals a cold expression, which often makes people reluctant to get close to the iceberg beauty. She is just right, but Su Hao will talk a few words no matter how the iceberg is.
"Do it yourself," she quickly replied. Although her pronunciation is clear, her speech speed is really fast. Obviously, she doesn’t want to entangle this issue. She went on to say, "The map shows that Mr. Yue is in an abandoned factory and now he is facing four terminator siege at the same time … You are ready to fight. We are very close to the abandoned factory."
The voice just fell on the front window of the car, and everyone saw a huge factory outline as if it were a perfect black se. The behemoth leaned over the factory door like a behemoth opening its mouth and devouring everyone who wanted to enter.
A fly flew out from the cuff of karina’s right hand and flew into the factory first, only to find that Moonlight Maple is fighting with two 1′ s and one. Moonlight Maple has been cut out of two wounds. Although it is not deep and has been iced, it is difficult to compare it with this battle.
What is this?
Karina saw at a glance that Moonlit Maple didn’t try its best to fight. Although Moonlit Maple was afraid of flames and the +1-long-range-two melee combination across the street was reasonable, how could it be Moonlit Maple’s opponent?
She can talk to Yueye Feng remotely through the team channel and say, "Mr. Yue, we have arrived. What should we do?"
Moonlit maple quickly replied, "To make a long story short, I need you to directly crash two 1′ s into a disabled form and then kill them."
Karina replied, "That will probably hit you because you are fighting with them!"
Moonlit maple replied coldly, "I don’t care if I can kill them … I have shown weakness to them. They must want to kill me now. I will make an ice skill to create a perfect crime scene as much as possible!"
Karina can undoubtedly answer "Roger that!"
Karina Yinfang bit and shouted, "Sit tight!" Then he slammed on the accelerator and the fierce momentum of the car went straight in!
The sudden acceleration made Lothar unable to sit still and bumped into the seat in front of him. He covered his head and shouted, "karina, what are you doing?"
Su Hao realized karina’s intention and shouted "Prepare for war!"
N replied, "Roger that … no problem!"
Moonlit maple glanced at the factory gate while fighting with the terminators. Finally, it saw an off-road fuzzy outline engine rumbling and echoing in the off-road vehicle of the workshop department, and a horrible speed came in crazily!
On the moonlit night, maple struggled for a long time, and it was rare to show a smile on his face, but his body surface was also covered with snow-white light. Seeing three ice-blue Se gouyu flying from his chest and surrounding him, even the temperature dropped a lot.
It was kaer Karl who gave Moonlit Maple a new talent, Frost J and jīng Hua.