She turned back to the court and vaguely felt that the line of sight suddenly disappeared. She was out of control and looked at Chenchi.

Chenchi is also warming up. His arms are thin and his muscles are particularly beautiful. His slender legs also have symmetrical lines, which show smooth texture lines as he stretches.
He exudes a strong hormonal aura, and people will be tempted by men when they look at him …
After the warm-up, the so-called game, Qingchen, knows clearly that it is just to give Li Lao the ball and let him have fun.
If anyone dares not to win, there is really no future …
However, at first glance, Li Lao is very powerful in regular exercise and fighting. Compared with Chenchi, Li Lao has hardly run, and he can win frequently.
Qingchen concluded that it was easy for Li Lao to win because he didn’t have a tacit understanding with Minister Wang and didn’t dare to do it with his own hands.
Probably Li Lao didn’t think it was enough. After winning a few games, he directly said, "Koike, you go over and change Wang."
Chen Chi glanced at Qing Chen and nodded "OK"
So Qingchen became a partner with Chenchi.
Qingchen whispered, "How should we lose?"
She played in the school team competition when she was in college. If she really played hard, she could still get Li Lao into a lot of trouble, but this obviously can’t be the case.
As soon as Chenchi approached Qingchen, he immediately felt his momentum and could not help but hold his breath.
"You just play hard and let me lose." Chenchi didn’t notice that he unconsciously showed his spoiled eyes when he valued Qingchen.
"Ok … this kind of thing you have experience than me …"
Moreover, Chen Chi and Li Lao want to be familiar with and know more about Li Lao’s temperament.
After the game resumed, Qingchen didn’t even know that she could cooperate with Chenchi. They were able to catch many tricky balls coming from the opposite side.
And Chenchi is feeding the ball to Li Lao without trace, which makes Li Lao across the court more and more happy and excited.
Qingchen didn’t rest assured that it seems that he has finished today. If Li Lao doesn’t mind suffering, it will be her suffering if Minister Wang suffers.
Fortunately, Li Lao had a good time today, which proves that she escaped smoothly.
Li Lao won two sets and went back to the court to put the racket. "Xiaochi, you and Qingchen cooperate well, but you should practice more after Qingchen."
Qingchen obediently replied to the past, "Well, I will practice more times before playing with you."
It was still early after the game, and Minister Wang chatted with Li Lao. Qingchen sat next to him and felt that he was doing something.
Section 24
She didn’t realize that she hadn’t seen Chenchi turn her head and saw that Chenchi had just brought two bottles of water. He handed a bottle to Qingchen to "go somewhere with me"
Where to go ~
☆ Chapter 37 Parrot
"Where to?" Qing Chen took the mineral water and looked at Chen Chi puzzled.
"Don’t be afraid that I will sell you?" Chenchi ponder like touched the bar.
He took a good look at Qingchen’s personality and occasionally stimulated her to get the expected response.
In particular, she doesn’t really want to stay here with the leader. Although this kind of thing may be good for herself, it is also risky.
Qingchen hopes that Ann will not suffer too many risks and Chenchi will leave here temporarily … It should also be a good idea.
Anyway, it’s nothing to do with Chen Chi who left her.
"Come on, let’s go," said Qing Chen, smiling for a moment, and spring was charming.
Chen Chi narrowed his eyes.
Chen Chi greeted Li Lao and said "Let’s go" to Qing Chen.
Qing Chen nodded first and turned around.
But she hasn’t stepped out of a few steps when she was once again turned back by Chen Chi’s arm.
"What do you do?" After playing in Chenchi, the body temperature is higher than usual. Holding Qingchen’s wrist and palm is particularly hot, which is difficult to control and burn Qingchen’s skin.
Chenchi means that she doesn’t smile. She picked up the green morning coat from the chair next to her and put it on her body.
"Don’t catch a cold." Chen Chi Fang Qing Chen focused on sorting out her clothes in front of her and put Qing Chen’s collar together
His voice was as calm as ever, which made Qingchen feel some strange emotions again.
"Thank you … I can do it myself." Qingchen stepped back and put on her coat and buttoned it.
Chen Chi withdrew his satisfied eyes. Of course, he wouldn’t say that Qing Chen was energetic and sexy in tennis. He didn’t want others to see her …
Appearing in Chenchi’s life, all kinds of beautiful women emerge in endlessly and have their own characteristics. They are enchanting, pure and lovely, but he suddenly feels that none of them are like Qingchen.
There seems to be nothing outstanding about the facial features, but when they are combined together, they have a calm and indifferent quality, and the tear mole in her eye corner makes her full of different customs.
Today, Yu Qingchen’s skin is as smooth as a jelly, which makes Chenchi aware of the idea of hiding her from others.
Can’t let others, men see her amazing.
After wearing a coat, Qingchen returned to that seemingly plain person, emitting a temperament that is not strong and unassuming, making people feel happy physically and mentally.
This change Chen Chi went ahead, and Qing Chen followed him silently away from the tennis hall, and he didn’t know where Chen Chi was going to take himself and what to do.
They didn’t go very far. As soon as they entered a community not far from the tennis court, they could see a big sign with the words "Pet Garden" on it.
She asked, "What’s the situation?"
"Lu Jinian left his pet here on a business trip and asked me to take it back for two days," Chenchi explained.
"Professor Lu?" Green morning thought of that Uber-looking man.
"Well" Chen Chi nodded.
"What kind of animals does he keep?" In fact, Qingchen always wanted to keep a pet, but she felt that her job was not easy and she often worked overtime. She gave up her plan to keep a pet because she couldn’t take good care of the place by herself.
In a blink of an eye, they came to the gate of the pet park. This is a small pet foster center. There are not many animals in it. They all stay in their cages in order.
And when they just walked to the door, they saw a parrot squatting on the white shelf near the door.
Blue-and-blue birds have a gray beak near the jaw and a half-moon yellow bare skin looks very elegant and elegant.
It held its head high and its fine eyes fluttered immediately after seeing Chenchi. "Dad! Dad! "
Qingchen was startled. "Whose father is it calling?"
Chenchi Nai smiled "It should be calling me"
"So it is Professor Lu’s pet?" What kind of kitten and puppy will Qing Chen return to Lu Ji-nian? I really didn’t expect him to raise a parrot with such elegant demeanor and ability to talk …
"Yes, it was left here by Lu Jinian."
"Professor Lu’s taste is really unique." Qingchen looked at the parrot, which walked back and forth on the hob with sunshine and blue feathers like phosphorescence.
It’s a beautiful bird