Aoling said, "No, I’ll bring someone to help?"

Naruto shook his head and said, "No, the Warcraft in front is all high-order Warcraft. When you get there, your personal strength is not as good as it is. You will continue to break up these Warcraft groups here, which is the most important thing. You must never let these Warcraft groups be together again."
Aoling didn’t insist either. He knew Naruto said it made sense. Now most of Warcraft in the beast tide has been blocked by them. At present, there are two fifths of the beast tide, but it is this two fifths that is the most important thing in this beast tide.
The weakest among them is the sixth-order peak of Warcraft, which can not be solved simply by hundreds of thousands of human beings. Even the strong in the divine realm dare not compete with such a beast tide.
Naruto immediately came to the plain with Sasuke after he told Aoling to pay attention to things.
Naruto arrived with Sasuke and saw that the beast tide had not yet arrived. Immediately, he told the water mage to prepare for basin water injection, and at the same time, he told the thunder mage and the fire mage to prepare for thunder magic and fire magic. After that, Naruto began to pay attention to the movement ahead.
It wasn’t long before Naruto felt the ground shake, and there was dust rolling in front of him. Naruto immediately said, "The beast tide is coming. Everyone listen to my command and prepare."
Naruto stared at the beast tide. When all the Warcraft entered the basin, he was ready to release Lei Dun Kirin, but Naruto stopped him. Naruto said, "Don’t wait. Those nine orders can’t be solved here. Our goal is those seven orders and those six orders. If we attack now, we can’t achieve the best ideal, and we will disturb those nine orders of Warcraft to endure."
Sasuke let go and didn’t speak. He kept a close eye on the beast tide. Naruto saw Sasuke hold back and didn’t say anything.
When the order of Warcraft passed and the seventh order of Warcraft entered the basin, Naruto began to get nervous, but he refrained from starting work immediately, but decided to leave the basin in the order of Warcraft, which made the way "prepare Sasuke’s hand."
When I heard Naruto’s words, I couldn’t help but press Sasuke and finally made a move. Seeing Sasuke’s hands finish the last seal, he flew halfway to "Lei Dun Kirin".
Suddenly, the thunder rolled and all the thunder merged in one place to form a unicorn. Lei Qilin rushed into the beast tide, and with the release of Sasuke Kirin, the ambush started.
Chapter five hundred and forty-two
With Sasuke Kirin hiding in the dark, Master Lei has also made hundreds of thunder magicians who have already prepared the thunder magic and thunder magic, and at the same time, the thunder magic suddenly became as thunderous as the punishment of God.
These sixth-order and seventh-order Warcraft were suddenly struck by lightning. Although they could not be paralyzed by lightning, they were left behind. Seeing that these Warcraft were numb, Sasuke seized the opportunity to quickly print again.
This group of Warcraft was suddenly stunned by hemp and let out a roar. At the same time, I saw the wizards who attacked them. A pair of wizards who attacked them glared at each other. At this time, this group of Warcraft had rushed to tear up this group of wizards who attacked them.
Seeing these Warcraft temporarily unable to move, Naruto immediately commanded, "All Lei Mages aim at the water and hit the Lei Department on the water."
Although these magicians don’t know the significance of doing this, Naruto is the commander in chief, and they just have to obey, so another wave of lightning strikes, this time it is no longer splitting in the body of Warcraft, but splitting in the foot of Warcraft.
Although not split in the body, but the Warcraft are all in the water, the water guide can still paralyze this group of Warcraft again, making the Warcraft move, and then Naruto once again ordered that "the fire mage prepare for fireball launch."
Fireball is a first-order magic, and all the members of the Magician Corps can do it instantly.
See with Naruto words just fell a group of ready-to-go fire wizards use fireballs one by one to see fireballs shooting at the group of manic Warcraft.
Everyone in the room except Sasuke wondered why we should learn first-order magic fireball instead of higher-order magic.
In fact, Sasuke doesn’t know why Naruto did this, but out of his faith in Naruto, Sasuke doesn’t doubt that this fireball is playing. Because Sasuke knows that Naruto never does work, although sometimes it seems that Naruto is a pit, but Naruto never falls off the chain.
Sure enough, as the fireball fell, there was an explosion and a huge explosion shook the whole canyon.
Everyone was shocked. No one expected that a small fireball would cause so much destructive power.
Everyone froze. Naruto didn’t freeze. Naruto immediately commanded all the water masters to say, "All water masters release freezing. What are you doing? Fire masters prepare fireballs to be compressed to the extreme. Don’t stare at mom. What are a bunch of stupid birds doing?"
Everyone just came to my senses. The water mage quickly released the frozen technique that had already been prepared, while the fire mage frantically condensed the fire magic elements and compacted the fireball technique.
Naruto said after seeing the freezing technique issued, "All the water wizards prepare the water vortex technique, and when Master Lei plays it casually, the thunder ball technique will be done. It’s always after the water vortex, and after the thunder ball operation, the fireball technique will be done. Just cooperate with yourself and it will be simple and instant." Naruto said lowly.
Well, at this time, everyone knows that Naruto is going to do it simply and how to make them nervous to death. It turns out that it is to release the first-order water vortex, the first-order lightning ball, the first-order fireball, the second-order lightning falling and the second-order freezing.
All wizards have an impulse to curse, and they are holding back their energy one by one. Who knows that Naruto made them blind by these first-order and second-order magic?
Soon, the water vortex will fill the pit with the wounds of Warcraft after the explosion, and some weaker ones will be killed, leaving minor injuries and serious injuries. Those who were slightly injured were just about to get angry. Those thunder magicians hit the thunder balls one by one or hit the Warcraft body or hit the water, but although there was no harm, their bodies were paralyzed again, and then the fireballs struck again, and then the explosion sounded again.
Naruto base base laughed "water mage freezing ah, don’t let them move, so desperately consuming them to see if they still dare to arrogance"
With Naruto’s words, those water mages already knew Naruto’s strategy of freezing one by one, freezing those Warcraft who had just come alive from the explosion for a short time, and then quickly picking up the water vortex without Naruto’s order, while Master Lei picked up the lightning ball or lightning-dropping. Finally, the fire mage fell again and exploded in the desperate eyes of Warcraft.
Naruto looked at the explosion and sighed gently. "Ah, this is bitter. Isn’t it sweet to live in the forest?" Don’t want to come to smoke now, kick the stone. "
Naruto’s cheap look made people unhappy, but although he was unhappy with Naruto’s smug face, he blocked everyone in this group of Warcraft from choosing to see it.
Others can bear Sasuke, but they can’t bear to come to Naruto directly with a blink of an eye, kick Naruto in the ass and kick Naruto to a dog to eat shit.
Naruto got up with a stupid face and said, "Sasuke, what are you doing kicking me? I didn’t offend you, did I?"
Sasuke turned his head and said, "Your eyes saw me kick you and you fell down."
Naruto suddenly froze, his face turned red with anger, and he thought to himself, "This Nima lied to me with her eyes open, so you can open your mouth, and you don’t blush."
Sasuke saw Naruto’s face turned red with anger, and I didn’t know what the mood was immediately better. Many people saw Naruto want to send Sasuke first and said, "By the way, it’s only a matter of time before we get rid of those Warcraft." Then Sasuke just left in an instant and didn’t give Naruto a chance.
Naruto was so angry that he thought, "Sasuke, you bastard, don’t run and kick your old ass, just want to slip away. How can there be such a cheap thing to feed me and tell you to live?" Naruto hurried to recover.