Different from the nomadic people in the north, out of admiration for the culture of the Central Plains, Nanman ethnic minorities are interested in everything in the cities of the Han Dynasty. After entering Jialing City, they want to touch whatever they see. It is bitter that in less than half an hour, the merchants in Jialing City all the movable cloth shops, silk shops, clothing shops and restaurants have been swept away, and with the robbery, Liu Yan’s hands can’t hold back or secretly participate in the robbery. This Yizhou army is loyal to Liu Yanqing and the Qiang people have no local feelings to disturb the people.

When the Nan Man Army turned the robbery target to ordinary houses, the powder keg finally ignited the bloody men in Sichuan. The Nan Man Army reached out to them with weapons. How can young people in Jialing swallow this tone? The explosion point is that a group of Na ‘nan soldiers broke into a people’s house, but that Na ‘nan army didn’t dare to harass their wives-there are many fierce women in ethnic minorities! A Na ‘nan soldier saw a red Chinese-style chest covering, but it happened that the Chinese-style chest covering was the master’s wife. Where can the master swallow this tone? He grabbed the iron knife he received last night and cut off the arm of the Na ‘nan soldier with one knife. When the Na ‘nan soldiers saw their companions injured and besieged the master, they shouted "Brother Zhang is going to kill me. Come and help."
Zhang Er is the main neighbor and sworn brother. When he heard his brother asking for help, he took out his broadsword and rushed over last night. Zhang Er’s men were mostly soft-blooded youths. Mu Cha and the other neighbors immediately killed the barbarian soldiers with swords and guns. When they heard this, they also came to help. Even the 60-and 70-year-old men came to the barbarian soldiers with kitchen knives. After being cut down for several times in a row, the barbarian soldiers also came to help. This was lively. More people in Jialing picked up Dong Zhuojun and distributed weapons and came to help in a moment.
When Meng Huo received the news, he was holding a bunch of women’s clothes in front of Zhu Rong, bowing to please-that look was almost the same as that of Kang Peng in front of Cai Wenji. A soldier rushed in. "The king is not good. The people in the city have rebelled. Our brothers have been killed and killed hundreds of people."
Meng Huo, who has just been slapped by Zhu Rong, is in a bad mood. Smell speech is even more furious. He picked up the poor soldier and scolded, "Did you all grow up eating shit? Even those unarmed people can’t do it, but there are so many casualties? " With that, Meng Huo proudly glanced at Zhu Rong. He just said an idiom in his speech, which is a great progress.
The soldier replied with a sad face, "There are weapons in the hands of the people who returned to the King. Almost all the cities have suffered a big loss because we were caught off guard." Meng Huo was stunned and roared, "What are the weapons in the hands of the Chinese people?"
The soldier shook his head again and again, indicating that he didn’t know it. At this moment, Liu Yan also rushed to the distance and shouted, "Your Majesty is not good. Almost all the people in the city are rioting. Please stop the robbery and arouse the people’s rebellion."
Liu Yan ran to Meng Huo panting and said, "Your Majesty, this is a strange thing. In recent years, I banned iron tools in Sichuan and forbade people to hold knives. Where did they get weapons?"
"You ask me who I am going to ask?" Meng Huo roared, "Kill me, kill those armed people, and I’ll see if they dare to resist?"
The soldier was about to reach the order, but Liu Yan grabbed him and shouted, "Your Majesty, before the people in Sichuan were tough, they dared to rebel with the yellow turban insurrectionary thieves without weapons. Now that you have weapons, isn’t it driving the people back?"
Meng Huo was furious. "Even if I don’t kill them, they have already stopped me with less nonsense. I’ll kill you, too." Liu Yan was so frightened that he quickly retreated to one side and dared not speak again.
Even if Meng Huo stopped robbing the city as Liu Yan said, it would be too late. Jialing people have been completely angered by Liu Yan and Meng Huo’s allied forces. They have weapons, but they have no weapons. They pick up Mu Cha, hoes, kitchen knives and wooden sticks and other things that can kill the enemy. Liu Yan and Meng Huo’s allied forces killed together, and the whole Jialing city became a shura slaughterhouse. There were screams everywhere. There were bodies everywhere, blood flowed into the river, and smoke covered the sky.
Jialing people, Liu Yan and Meng Huo, fought by the allied forces until late at night without military training. Jialing people suffered heavy casualties. Some surrendered and killed their eyes. Liu Yan and Meng Huo were quickly cut off by the allied forces. Jialing people were not willing to wait and die when they saw it. They fled from Jialing City to the north to go to Dong Zhuojun. Even the gentry abandoned their homes and fled to the north to find those who had been despised by Dong Zhuojun.
It was not until the weather that the fighting was a little quiet. Jialing City, with a population of nearly 10,000, was completely in ruins. There were countless deaths and injuries among Jialing people. The blood flowing out of the city dyed the Minjiang River red, and Liu Yanmeng was paid the price of more than 20,000 soldiers by the Coalition forces. It was reported that Yizhou people fled to the north to help the elderly and the young, while many young and middle-aged people took the initiative to find Dong Zhuojun to join the army to defend their homes.
Chapter 50 Wei Yan, Kidnapper
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The shortest way for Wei Yan to retreat to Chengdu is to cross the Minjiang River and take the main road to Chengdu. After Wei Yan withdrew from Jialing, he played the second trick according to Kang Peng’s instructions, but he met him, indicating that his retreat direction was to take the Emei Mountain detour back to Chengdu and ordered him to defeat several arrogant enemies along the way. Wei Yannai had to camp in the northwest of Jialing City, 60 miles away, and wait for the Meng Liu Coalition forces to attack.
On February 22, the fourth year of Han Chuping, Jialing suffered a massacre. Three days later, the allied forces of Meng Liu were still stationed in Jialing. When Dong Zhuojun heard that he had camped in the northwest, he first led a team of rattan armour soldiers to kill Wei Yan. Without saying anything, he ordered his lieutenant Tu An and Xi Ni to fight in the second place, and each of them led an army to attack Dong Zhuojun’s wings. Dong Zhuojun first shot an arrow to meet them, but when he saw the arrow hit the rattan armour soldiers, he fell to the ground. The rattan armour soldiers were unscathed. Dong Zhuojun was shocked to meet Dong Zhuojun with a sword and axe
Over there, the Uighur bone saw the rattan armor soldiers heading straight for Dong Zhuo’s army. Wei kowtowed to the army. Before meeting countless times, Wei Yan’s steel gun stabbed the Uighur bone. Nai was blocked by rattan armor, and it was difficult to hurt the Uighur bone. After fighting several times, Wei Yan narrowly hid the Uighur bone and cut it to the steel knife, he ran back to the horse and scolded "Withdraw! Get the fuck out of here! This battle is not fought by people, first like soldiers and beasts, and now rattan armor soldiers blame the veteran. "Being bullied by rattan armor soldiers is miserable. Dong Zhuojun had hoped that Wei Yan would give this order. I heard that all of them had been training their escape tactics during Wei Yan’s time. The teams were interspersed with cover to retreat, but they also lost without chaos. They didn’t give rattan armor soldiers the opportunity to expand their achievements. After more than ten miles, they stopped fighting and robbed Dong Zhuojun’s camp. They sent people to inform Meng Huo of the good news.
The news of the victory of the upright bones came to Meng Huo, who was so happy that he repeatedly boasted in front of Zhu Rong that his army was the first in the world. He laughed at Dong Zhuojun’s weakness, but Liu Yan found him with a bunch of profit counselors. Liu Yan said, "The king Dong thief army is on hold in Chengdu but sent Wei Yan’s small army to lure the enemy, fearing that there is fraud."
Meng Huo laughed and said, "Are you cheating? I’m like a natural enemy of Bing Teng Jia Bing, even if there is fraud, I won’t be afraid. "Meng Huo secretly went to see his fiancee’s face when he spoke, but he saw her expression as if she had never seen these heroic words, and she was greatly disappointed."
"Big King" Dong He remonstrated, "Our army confronted Dong Zhuojun in Jiange in the past, and Dong thief was also cheated and defeated several times. Even the tactics of cutting and abandoning robes came out, which finally lured our army to lie down. Now, Dong thief’s small troops repeatedly cheated and defeated, fearing that it was Dong thief’s old trick."
"Cheat?" Meng Huo was so angry that he picked up the skinny Dong He and shouted, "You mean that Dong Zhuojun deliberately made us not true?" Say Meng Huo’s fist in the vinegar altar will go to Dong He’s head.
"Stop it!" Zhu Rong jiao drink a way "what do you know about a topped? Scholars have much better knowledge than you. Listen to him. "
Meng Huo’s degree of being afraid of his wife is comparable to that of Kang Peng. "Please say I won’t hit you, sir," Zhu Rong also said to Dong He. "Don’t pay attention to this barbarian, sir. What’s your trick? He dare not talk to you when I’m here."
Clever Dong He also saw who kept his word in Meng Huo’s army, so he went to Zhu Rong and said, "The Queen’s Temple, according to what the students saw, Dong thief stayed put. He must be worried that the army’s attack and backup were not good enough to meet our army in Chengdu …"
"Afraid of him?" Meng Huo interjected, "I’ll kill Chengdu and chop his Dong Zhuo’s head off as chamber pot."
"You shut up!" Zhu Rong jiao nu way "Hu said I tore up your mouth again" Meng Huo got a fright and quickly shut up, but he was hesitant to listen and shut up? Or did you deliberately interrupt and let Zhu Rong’s delicious little hand tear his mouth?
Dong He went on to say, "Students think that Dong Thief wants to wait and send a small group of troops to harass and lure us to Chengdu for a decisive battle. We can’t be tricked by him. Students suggest that we treat him humanely, and don’t worry about that small group of troops that lured the enemy. They also sent small groups of troops to attack and harass Dong Thief’s supply line in all directions, forcing Dong Thief to fight in South Jialing. At that time, his logistics was dragged down by refugees and our army could not win the first world war."
"So much trouble?" Meng Huo couldn’t help but chime in again. "What do I care about him? Pull the army directly to Chengdu and chop down Dong Zhuo with a knife …" Meng Huo’s voice did not fall, and Zhu Rong had a kick in his chubby ass. Meng Huo immediately fell into a dog to eat shit.
"Let’s do it," said Zhu Rong angrily. "The army stationed in Jialing City sent ten thousand troops to attack Yizhou and lead Dong Zhuo to Jialing City. Don’t pay attention to them."
Zheng Du’s strategy of not moving the enemy and not moving me was very successful. Wei Yan was less responsible for luring the enemy than the allied forces in Meng Liu. The tiger didn’t come out of the hole. Wei Yan was able to retreat to Jialing for a hundred miles. After five days, more and more refugees came to Dong Zhuojun Yizhou, and Wei Yan’s rations were also tight before the war. Kang Peng only allowed Wei Yan to bring food for fifteen days. Although Wei Yan tried every means to save food, the granary gradually bottomed out.
On February 20th, Wu Yi escorted Wei Yan for half a month to temporarily relieve Wei Yan’s worry about lack of food. Wu Yi told Wei Yan that the Chengdu defense workers were ready and would not drag down Yizhou’s reconstruction. Wei Yan was asked to lure the enemy to Chengdu as soon as possible. Wei Yan said with a bitter face, "Please tell the Taishi that it’s not that I don’t know Chengdu’s difficulties, but that the enemy is stuck in Jialing, and my troops are few and active. It doesn’t hurt to attack them. They don’t care about me, and I can’t lure the enemy."
Wu Yi patted Wei Yan on the shoulder and comforted him. "Don’t worry, Master, you know your difficulty. Let me bring you a secret kit with tricks to lure the enemy."
"Where is the coup?" Wei Yan exulted that Wu Yi took out Kang Peng’s kit from the bosom and handed it to him personally. Wei Yan grabbed the quick disassembly but saw that the paper in the bag was crooked and said,’ Idiot! Nan people have different customs, and many ethnic women have higher status than men. Meng Huo’s wife Zhu Rong is also in the army. Think of a way to catch Zhu Rong yourself, and you are not afraid that Meng Huo will not follow you! Do it well and come back to promote you.’
"Among the barbarians, the status of women is higher than that of men? Why haven’t I heard of it? " After reading Kang Peng’s ugly words, Wei Yan couldn’t help but wonder, "How can a surname know the customs of Nanman when he lives in the north?"
"You ask me, how do I know about the Taishi?" Wu Yi is also very puzzling, but Wei Yan and Wu Yi don’t know that Kang Peng’s understanding of the south is still far away. They imagine that they will benefit from understanding the south in the future …
Wu Yi, who made a mistake in counting rations, immediately left for the north to stay with Wei Yan near Jialing. Wei Yan pondered for a long time, but he finally couldn’t figure out a way to capture Zhu Rong alive. He called Lei Tong to discuss Lei Tong’s contribution. "General Copper estimated that since Zhu Rong is known as the queen, she must be brave enough to win. We don’t challenge the enemy. We named Zhu Rong to play, so we lured her into the battle." Wei Yan thought that he would have to face those monsters and wolves, tigers and leopards. There was no other way to bite the bullet and promise.
On the second day, Wei Yan’s troops set out and circled around to give rattan armour soldiers the risk of being encircled, and then they gradually returned to Jialing City, Liu Yi’s allied forces. Taking this small army seriously, Wei Yan set up a camp 30 miles away from Jialing City. On the third morning, Wei Yan left Lei Tong to guard the camp and led an army to Meng Liu’s allied forces camp. He named Zhu Rong to fight in Meng Liu’s allied forces camp. When Dong Zhuojun heard that he was fighting, he did not report to Liu Yanmenghuo, so he led an army out of the camp to meet them.
The two armies joined each other, each posing in a golden ring and three knots, and shouted, "I am the marshal of the South Army, and I dare to die?" Wei Yan secretly thought that since this guy is Marshal Nan, if I beat him, Zhu Rong will definitely play.
Thought of here, Wei Yan’s flattery went out and took the golden ring triple knot mouth and shouted, "If Zhu Rong doesn’t dare to come out, he will take your knife first." The golden ring triple knot caught it with great anger, but he wanted to lure Zhu Rong out and win him with a steel gun, so that the martial arts of the golden ring triple knot was not as good as that of Wei Yan immediately. The golden ring triple knot broadsword was shouted by Wei Yan and fled back to the array. Wei Yan was willing to give up his flattery and catch up with Dong Zhuojun. He also took the opportunity to cover up and kill the golden ring triple knot troops, and he was able to catch up with the Nan
That night, Meng Huo called the Golden Ring Three Knots to scold them. In order to cover up his shame, Meng Huo boasted that Wei Yan’s martial arts were rare and he was alone. Ken Xin continued to scold them, "Idiot! When we come to Sichuan, we are invincible, and you will give me shame! "
Liu Yan was not good enough to embarrass his ally, the Golden Ring Three Knots, so he appealed to him, "Don’t be angry, your majesty. Wei Yan is young, but he can do a great job. Otherwise, Dong thief won’t be wronged if he loses in his hands."
Jin Huan San Jie was grateful to Zhu Rong, but he became interested and asked, "Is that Wei Yan really that powerful? I’d like to see him?" Speaking of which, Zhu Rong disdained to look at Meng Huo and said contemptuously, "Is he as strong as this topped bag?"
Meng Huo, who was looked down upon by his fiancee, couldn’t help but exclaim angrily, "I will definitely cut that Wei Xiao in person!"
"Your Majesty, don’t do it." Guan Jijian said, "If the enemy is alone, it is necessary to order the generals to return to the army and panic in the enemy without taking personal risks."
"Don’t bother," Meng Huo said proudly. "Will it be so exciting if I kill them in person?" When Meng Huo turned a blind eye to exhortation, he arranged his army to prepare for the next day’s battle.
The next morning, Meng Huo led an army out of the camp without waiting for Wei Yanlai to challenge before the camp. Zhu Rong also sneered at Meng Huojun’s killing Dong Zhuojun. Wei Yan was still in the center of the camp, listening to the report of reprimanding Hou, for fear that Meng Huo would transfer his rattan armour to Li, and his lone army would be wrapped up by the enemy. Fortunately, Teng Jiabing was still on hold in Dong Zhuojun’s abandonment of the camp, and he heard Meng Huo’s Zhu Rong personally calling for Wei Yan. He could not help but shout, "God help me!"
After the camp was fully arranged, Wei Yan led an army out to see the enemy flag. There was a general who was as fat as Dong’s eldest brother and a female general with long hair in red. Wei Yan knew that the female general was Zhu Rong and immediately called out, "Little girl Zhu Rong, dare I fight to the death!"
Wei Yan’ s voice did not fall, and the big fat man had already roared angrily, "How dare you challenge my wife to pass me first!" Wei Yan knew that if he wanted to excite Zhu Rong to play, he must first beat Meng Huo and no longer neglect his horse. Before riding, a gun and a sword intersected and there was a loud noise. Wei Yan almost sold his steel gun. Wei Yan exclaimed, "This is quite Wang Li’s anger."
That Meng Huo also knew that Wei Yan’s strength was not as good as his own, so he waved his knife again and again to cut Wei Yan to the horse. It’s a pity that if he fought steadily with one knife, Wei Yan wouldn’t be afraid of him. A steel gun is like a poisonous snake. Just don’t Meng Huo’s strength for a while, and no one can stand it.
After fighting Lily, the two sides are still tied. They are both young and strong, but they are not tired. The horses are tired first, especially the big fat Meng Huo, who suffered more. Meng Huo sold a flaw and jumped out of the war circle and shouted, "I don’t bully you with more people. Don’t bully me with fewer people. Why don’t we change horses and fight again?"
Wei Yan laughed and said that barbarian king was so simple and lovely that he replied, "Change horses quickly and fight again."
Meng Huo was overjoyed and laughed. "It’s really fun to play with you. I changed horses." But Meng Huo’s steeds didn’t go far and suddenly fell down, which made the two armies burst into laughter. Meng got flustered and ran back to the array to change Kyle. When he returned to the array, Wei Yan had changed horses and was out of the array.
Before Meng Huoma could see it, Zhu Rong suddenly grabbed out of the battle and shouted, "I’m a descendant of Vulcan, Zhu Rong, and I’m here to meet you!" Wei Yan was overjoyed and flattered to meet the two horses and fought together. Meng Huo over there was so anxious that he shouted, "Madam, you must be careful. This little gun is very fast."
Zhu Rong disdains Meng Huo’s answer is that he can’t stop chopping Wei Yan with two knives, but he dare not kill him with his heart. She killed him repeatedly and retreated for twenty or thirty times. Zhu Rong suddenly took back a knife and threw a flying knife at Wei Yan’s heart. Wei Yan was too late to be stabbed in the right arm with a flying knife and suddenly blood flowed into the column.
"His mother’s old hand really caught this bad luck by drawing lots." Wei Yan muttered in his heart and abandoned his gun and fled back to the array. Zhu Rong was willing to put flattery and catch up with Meng Huo, who was afraid that Zhu Rong would be busy and drive the army to kill Dong Zhuojun.
Zhu Rong chased Wei Yan all the way to the gate of Dong Zhuo’s military camp. Zhu Rong hesitated a little. It can be seen that Dong Zhuojun’s camp has been broken by his own defeated army, and Meng Huo’s army is not far away. Then he scrupled to go straight into the camp, only to find that it was not far from the camp. Suddenly, he pulled up a horse rope. Zhu Rong couldn’t stop his horse and fell to the ground. Dozens of Dong Zhuojun’s good players and threw themselves at her, so he tied her firmly.