But it is not a simple matter to put it on this thorny road.

Thorns are everywhere on both sides of the thorn road, or * * Bare feet and feet are still tied … The skin is cut and bleeding by thorns, which is inevitable, even if it is a little bit by bit, a small wound is increasing, and 1,300 meters of thorns are enough to make a strong adult bleed to death.
Take the thorny road, you must stand on your back, hold your chest out and walk upright. You can’t bend sideways or move.
What’s more, it is very important that they have the Bible in their hands … We must rely on our own hands to ensure that the Bible is still intact after passing through the thorny road!
That is to say, you must always keep your eyes open and stare at the thorns that may blow to the Bible … Life takes a thorny road to dye the Bible in your hands and the white robe tied to your feet.
If the loyalty to the Lord is not high and the faith is not strong enough, this road will definitely not cross, and bloodshed can kill people.
Only when you have faith to paralyze yourself and hypnotize yourself can you stay awake in the case of excessive blood loss … If you have to go through this thorny road, even if the blood loss is serious, the medical technology in the 5th century can guarantee that people will be fine.
Lin took the Bible and stepped on the thorny road!
The first one is the most dangerous … Since the appearance of the Thorn Road Rule, almost all the first people who accepted the Thorn Road test failed.
The second one is also very dangerous. After all, the first one arrives halfway and the second one becomes a passer-by.
The third one has a great chance of passing, but it also bears a lot of risks. After all, the first two have to get to the third one.
Generally, from the fourth one, there is no failure …
However, if the most dangerous first three, especially the first one, can pass, it means that this believer’s loyalty to the Lord and Christianity is absolutely overwhelming, and it will also receive great attention for the seminary to focus on training.
Lin was an ordinary believer with the same body as ordinary people before he played the role.
But after Lin controls this role, he is no longer an ordinary person … More than an hour of physical adaptation is enough for Lin, an ordinary body, to exert extraordinary combat effectiveness.
Lin stepped on the thorn road and immediately appeared dozens of tiny scars. Blood beads penetrated from the skin. The soles of the feet stepped on a few dry thorns, and the thorns immediately pierced the soles of the trees and stuck to the surface.
This little pain is nothing for Lin … But there is still a little bit of pain in Lin’s eyes. After all, Lin can’t show anything too different from ordinary people. Just go through this thorny road within a reasonable range
Maybe people behind Lin will think Lin is stupid.
But this kind of words in this place that is absolutely can’t say … Even in the heart flash across is also a sin.
Be silent, be pious and have faith in the Lord here!
Chapter four hundred and seventeen Eyes!
The thorns around Thorn Road are not thorns, and there are a large number of small flying cameras. This is to observe the situation of students and believers who have been tested by Thorn Road. After all, they can test that Noah University is an elite, not to mention these students who have been admitted to the seminary, especially the elite.
If these students have physical accidents, they can immediately understand the situation and send someone to rescue them.
At the same time, we can also see if these students are cheating … After all, it is very simple for science and technology to cheat in this test now.
For example, injecting a little coagulant or nerve agent can definitely easily pass through the thorn road … but this kind of thing can’t happen here.
The so-called prevention of disadvantages is to see if these students who have been tested by the thorn road have made any sideways, bent down to avoid thorns in the process of passing through the thorn road, or if they should step on the thorns on the ground but deliberately avoid them. It is hardly a bad move.
Lin’s mind clearly remembers the rules of the thorn road, otherwise the soles of his feet wouldn’t be stung by thorns with a foot on the floor.
Rows of thorns cut across the scarred skin of the forest, and their eyes will twitch and their eyebrows will vibrate slightly, but now they will not, as if the body has lost the pain.
I walked for a minute in less than 100 meters.
Pants covered with blood were marked with red blood, and white trousers were dyed with red blood … But now there is not much blood in Lin Huaizhong’s Bible and his clothes tied to his feet.
Lin’s brain is very sober. If he walks through a thorny road, the Bible will definitely be dyed red with his own blood, and his robe will become a tattered bloody garment.
The second student who was tested behind Lin was in very good health, although he was also scarred. At most, Lin had a scar of one tenth.
The students in the back are almost as little as the second one.
One hundred meters!
It’s not surprising that a person can make it if he crustily skin of head.