Gentle efforts to laugh are finally unbearable.

Two people continue to eat Teng always said to accompany you to go out with your son in the afternoon.
"Uh-huh" gently promised.
He was pleased to see her eating.
I wish she was not angry.
"What did you say to her? Warn her never to look for me again? Did you say that I am your man? "
"Of course," said the gentle and proud immediately.
But I didn’t see that Teng always had a flash in his dark eyes.
He couldn’t wait for her to tell everyone that he was her property.
In the afternoon, he led his wife out of the door with her child in her arms and went to the zoo together.
In fact, the little guy is not very interested in these things yet, but obviously it is better to stay at home than to stay outside.
Laugh and giggle from time to time
I feel moved when I listen to it gently, and I don’t know what kind of eyes are hot.
Later, the little guy pulled Teng and always hugged him and couldn’t help but twist his eyebrows.
Gently smiled, and then the two men found a hand to change the diaper for the little guy and gently said, I’ll hold you to wipe it.
"Are you sure?"
"Of course"
Tenderness is still the word, but this time, Teng always can’t help but twist his eyebrows tightly, but the two professors also said at the time that this smell must be very bad for their grandson in the future.
Teng always thought, what’s so powerful?
Is it bad to shit?
Looking at Teng with tender arms, the tall man crouched beside him and wiped the child’s ass and couldn’t help laughing.
Manager Teng doesn’t look very well. Why do you still laugh so hard?
Wipe her with a wet towel.
She immediately ran with the baby in her arms.
At night, I coaxed the children to sleep together, and I couldn’t help but say, hey, I don’t know if those three small bags missed us outside.
"Of course we do, but we gave birth to them and raised them, but we listened to our parents and said we were having fun."
Listening gently, but I can’t help but feel lost. It feels like I haven’t seen you for a long time
Even if it is a video for a day or two, it will still be very frustrating.
At this time, Mr. Teng always has a good way to make Mrs. Teng not think about the children.
Way …
In the dark, Teng always looked at the sleeping child among the two people, and then the dark pool broke into the wrong apricot eyes …
Recommend the new article "the rich and powerful dominate the strong marriage and love". As at first, she wandered around in various social occasions, and the wine in the thighs of various men was taken away at any time. He looked at her with his vicious eyes that killed 10,000 ants and then laughed and made a bitch.
He said, if you like this kind of occasion, why don’t I have one every day to make you feel better?
She gently lifted and hugged the man who was already white and bloodless, and smiled with you.
Now that we have broken up, she has no reason to accept his help.
The so-called pet is just a bed.
Although he turned to look for her and saw her in other men’s legs, she was charming, delicate and pitiful, and she was not angry
Although she received flowers and jewels from other men, he just smiled.
She, she will never forgive him, she, she will never admit it.
It was that night when I always threw up in the toilet.
She seems to have a disease, a disease called Foucher’s disease.
I don’t mind other women’s business.
The next day, when they woke up, they heard that the building had not belonged to this room for a long time and they couldn’t help but open their eyes.
Almost sat on the bed together, gentle and curious. Is it aunt’s voice?
"Isn’t she traveling with her parents?" Teng always asked one
Two people are still awake, but soon …
"Oh, how come I’ve been gone for so long and this little guy is so thin?"
"Are they back?"
Tenderness and manager Teng put on a coat and hurried out, then looked at Lou Tengmei holding her arms and muttering, did your mommy abuse you and give you no food?
Gentle …
Manager Teng …
"Go and change first"
So they didn’t go.
Gentle Bai Teng always means that if she goes like this, she may be said to be disheveled and disrespectful to her old man’s house.
After dealing with Teng Mei, two people slipped out and tried to relax while walking out.
Gentle can’t help but say that I wasn’t so nervous when I met your parents.
He laughed. Well, I haven’t been so nervous in a long time.