"This is what you call Cangyue Island? Didn’t you say Cangyue Island is not dangerous? Why are there so many skeletons and zombies? " Sophie Su, who is too lazy to control the monsters that have been blocked by his undead army, will fight, while he is puzzled and asks Song Xueyi.

"This island is really safe during the day …" Song Xueyi cut her fingers and messy long hair and laughed. "It’s just that there are a little more skeletons late, but be careful or there is no problem."
Looking at the messy hair, the armor is full of scratches, and Song Xueyi Sophie Su can’t help but feel some heartache. Just now, the island is definitely not as safe as she said, especially when she is now facing the 60 s and 70 s skeletons and zombies everywhere. If it weren’t for her good equipment, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to hold on.
However, this girl is too strong and seldom gives up easily, and she doesn’t want to complain to others, and she doesn’t want to worry people around her, so she has always lied that there is no monster alone in Cangyue Island … to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and nine Seal the Magic Valley
"How did you come to Cangyue Island?" Song Xueyi held the pike and simply sat down by the campfire. Obviously, she was very tired before the battle.
"This ….. made a door-to-door delivery because of some accidents, only to find that you appeared at the seaside. I thought of you being trapped in Cangyue Island, so I wanted to look around and see if it was Cangyue Island. I didn’t expect to actually meet you. What happened to your mobile phone? Snow and Sunny have been unable to reach you." Sophie Su asked with some doubts.
"Oh, maybe there is no signal where I live now. I live in a hidden base with some Fifth Army Corps now." Song Xueyi laughed.
"Then you should be careful. The game gate is likely to appear soon. Those mutant monsters are likely to increase. You’d better get off the ground." Sophie Su said with some concerns.
"The game door will appear? How do you know? " Song Xueyi slightly surprised the zheng big eyes looked at Sophie Su.
"It’s me in the game. One of the game gates has some connections …" Sophie Su said with a wry smile that he was able to come here thanks to the deal with the King of Skeletons.
"Oh, it’s better to drag the game gate earlier to estimate that the whole sea is messed up. Are you and Xue Qing okay now? You shouldn’t have any trouble outside …" Song Xueyi seemed to think of something and sighed.
"We are still in the sea," Sophie Su said wryly.
"You didn’t leave the sea and snow shine? !” Song Xueyi smell speech is not surprised looked up at Sophie Su.
Sophie Su stood up and some Nai said, "Well, we just wanted to leave. The secret of the death game has been leaked in the ball. Now everyone is rushing to the sea, so we decided to stay."
"Then where are you now? Now the sea is very chaotic, the snow is fine, and there is no fighting capacity. You have to stay in this game world again …" Song Xueyi couldn’t help but frown and was worried.
Sophie Su hurriedly explained, "We are now protected by Liu Rushi’s predecessors in the place where Sun Moon lives, and it is still safe for the time being."
"Oh … that’s not bad. It’s a pity that I can’t manage the Fifth Army …" Song Xueyi seems to be thinking of the loss of the Fifth Army base.
"I heard from Liu Rushi’s predecessors that the fighting in Sabac should be temporarily stopped, and we have a good chance to get Lilongting back to the base control." Sophie Su hurriedly comforted.
"Really? Long Ting is willing to come forward? " Song Xueyi revealed a somewhat surprised look.
"I think so. Those who want to come to Longting don’t want the Fifth Army to be controlled by the fog."
Two people soon talked about the way to leave the pale moon island.
"I have explored many places, but this Cangyue Island is too big. Except for finding a few extremely backward human shanzhai, I have not found any powerful forces and I can’t find a way to go back." Song Xueyi was somewhat lost and shook her head.
"The big deal is that we can kill all the way back." Just now, the Skull King experienced a big war, but it didn’t gain anything, but it made Sophie Su build up a lot of confidence. After all, he was also able to fight back and forth and killed the Skull King once as a’ master’.
Moreover, this pale moon island is full of skeletons and zombies. This is your own’ advantage project’, which can help you clean up the [Dark Corpse Art] all the way in the past, and also enable the dragon sword to slaughter like autumn leaves. Of course, it is most convenient to summon the white wild boar and let him crash all the way in the past. You can still get a lot of experience at your current level.
Sophie Su got up and was about to summon the white boar when he suddenly felt a little abnormal.
"This is … the scroll of the dark parliament … is the dark parliament acting again?" Sophie Su was surprised that Peter was giving himself the scroll of Lei Guang in hell, and at the same time, he was given the scroll to shine.
"What’s the matter? What dark parliament? " Song Xueyi asked some doubts.
"It’s a group of troublesome guys, but we may not walk all the way back." Sophie Su wry smile way at the same time hurriedly reached out and grabbed her little hand.
"Ah …" Song Xueyi was slightly surprised and blushed, but she made a small profit and bowed her head. He grasped his hand.
"Is this a random delivery reel?" As the light from the scroll grew stronger, Song Xueyi was also amazed.
"Not a scroll" Sophie Su wry smile way at the same time, the scroll light has been wrapped in two people …
Sending dizziness and darkness will soon appear. Sophie Su has already adapted to this feeling
When the dizzy feeling disappears, he is already at a strange altar, and Song Xueyi is also surprised at his side.
"What is this place?" Song Xueyi looked around in surprise and involuntarily grasped Sophie Su’s hand.
"I don’t know what this place is. It’s all arranged by the dark parliament …" Su Yansi looked at it and found that it was not his own time to be sent to the bottom of the stone tomb, but in a strange forest, he couldn’t help frowning.
Song Xueyi was a little surprised and asked, "Dark Parliament? What on earth is that? "
"A group of dark master to establish power" Sophie Su way.
"Oh, is it a dark player?" Song Xueyi couldn’t help but flash a bright color in her eyes.
"No … there are very few players. Most of them are np in the game world." Sophie Su wry smile.
“np? !” This time it was Song Xueyi who was dumbfounded.