Most of the generals who came to meet themselves were Cao Cao, but when the two men reported themselves, Zhang Song’s mouth opened wider, and even a little yellow big abalone teeth could not cover the trembling throat in his mouth.

"In Feng Zhang"
"In Cao Ang"
"I have been ordered by my father/Wang Wei to meet your envoy."
Feng Zhang? After entering that pig killing, you became a famous general in the Han Dynasty?
Cao Ang? Is Cao Pi the absolute heir of Cao family after the rebellion?
Zhang Song was as happy as a fool in a fog. He was flattered by a laundry list of two people and walked inside. He even forgot to ask for a toilet.
"Your envoy has come a long way to work hard. My father specially arranged a banquet. Your envoy is welcome to take a shower and change clothes first."
Cao Ang’s sincere smile made him feel inferior to his bones. Zhang Song felt refreshed from the outside, and a sense of satisfaction that he had never felt before made all his pores breathe with confidence.
Pink face with spring pretty maid sprinkled with petal fragrant soup, clean and comfortable clothing, Zhang Song lying smoothly in the pear tub enjoying the opposite sex massage, I really feel that I am right this time.
Zhang Song changed clothes and walked out of the room only to see that his two men looked even more wretched. One of them respectfully held a wooden box.
"You come with me carefully. There must be no difference in this box!"
Take two steps, Zhang Song. It’s still not appropriate to think about it. It’s better to bring something with you.
When Zhang Song was led by the maid into the hall full of laughter and wine, he looked up and saw himself. Cao Caogao, the main owner of this trip, was sitting on the side of the theme hatchback and arranged several cases. The first one in his left hand seemed to be reserved for himself.
As soon as Zhang Song saw it, he knew where he was, and his eyes were blurred with gratitude. He took off his shoes and bowed down and walked to Cao Cao. He gently put the box on the ground with his hands, feeling that this great man should be as tall as himself. Now he is so tall.
"Yizhou, don’t drive Zhang Song to pay homage to Wang Wei Chitose on the orders of my Lord Liu Jiyu."
A pair of big feet have looked up in front of their eyes. Cao Cao has a dark face close at hand and a brighter smile than flowers.
"Ha-ha, Yongnian, please come to Yizhou Mountain Yongnian quickly. I think it must have suffered a lot. Come and sit down quickly."
Cao Caoxu helped Zhang Song get up and then sent him to the first song. He felt that the fairy was walking around, but that’s what it feels like now.
"Yongnian introduces you to one or more talented people."
Zhang Song’s character has always been dissolute and conceited. He has had enough suffering from being despised for his bad looks, so he is always sharp and mean to protect his fragile heart.
When it comes to the talent, Zhang Songxin’s arrogance has come again, and his nose has collapsed and he has unconsciously raised a few minutes.
"The two men you had seen …"
Zhang Song, at first glance, one is Feng Zhang and the other is Cao Ang. The background is too hard to offend. Besides, what about people who are so polite to themselves and don’t smile?
You’re welcome to pick it up again. Qin Lang, Xun Yun, Zhong You Zhong Yu and others are all arrogant "Nice to meet you" or "I’ve heard a lot", but anyone with eyes can see how sincere there is.
Not to mention Zhang Song’s extreme personality, all the people present here except Cao Shi’s father and Feng Zhang are Zhang Song, but a foreign vassal came to make it. He welcomed him and saw that his appearance was mediocre and somewhat ugly. This expression was somewhat unpreparedness and somewhat contemptuous. Then Zhang Song usually saw more of this kind of look, which doesn’t matter what eyes you came from, Wei Wangfu or Prime Minister’s Office.
Gal a feast means something changed. Feng Zhang winked at Cao Cao, but Cao Cao turned a blind eye.
He also wants to see if Feng Zhang is really so talented this time.
The atmosphere was cold. After drinking a few glasses of wine, Xun Yun first started a difficult task. "Your envoy has traveled thousands of miles from Shu, and it is not easy to get close to Hanzhong. Zhang Lu sent troops to Shu, and he was in danger. Do you have any suggestions?"
Although the words seem subtle, the meaning is very hurtful
I heard that you can’t beat Zhang Lu. You’re not here for help, are you?
"Zhang Lu? However, it’s different to use five buckets of rice to instigate some intellectuals to occupy the mountain king and bandits. Although Liu Yizhou is not Wang Wei, he is not afraid of Zhang Lu. "
Zhang Lu said that was the successor of Tianshi Zhangling in the Han Dynasty, and the present teachings of Pentecostalism were attending Hanzhong area. Compared with the perennial battles in the Central Plains, it was a paradise for people. He set up a voluntary house to buy rice and meat for passers-by to eat, and in the spring and autumn, it was forbidden to kill people indiscriminately. There were probably hundreds of thousands of people, but at that time, his views on him were just a cult leader, just like that in wu-tang clan’s eyes, but it was only slightly better than the Yellow Scarf Sect.
Although Zhang Song wants to hide from others and look down on him, he also knows a little about the seriousness. He knows that Cao Cao has offended him, so he also flatters him severely.
Cao Cao then smiled at Hu, which was very kind.
Xun Yun smiled and asked again, "If Liu Jiyu is not afraid of Zhang Lu sending your envoys far away for help?"
Although Zhang Song had taken refuge in Cao Caoxin, his eyes were still on Liu Zhangren’s listening to Xun Yun’s sarcastic remarks. Liu Zhang could not help but sit up straight in great anger and look up at Xun Yun’s way. "If it weren’t for help, Zhang Lu would occupy Hanzhong Gongdao and Liu Yizhou would be afraid to blame the court, and it would be a long way to distinguish the reasons; Moreover … "
Zhang Song waved his hand at Cao Cao’s arch and said, "Wei Wangjian’s great achievements notwithstanding his teeth and Xiao Bu’s kindness, why don’t you come for help again?"
Xun Yun was speechless and went back to his seat. Although Zhang Song won for a while, he also completely blocked Liu Zhang’s road for help
Cao Fu, these people are often together at ordinary times, and their feelings are naturally good. When Xun Yun ate a mouthful, the rest of the people also saw that Zhang Song was not impressive but his tongue was sharp, so he unanimously looked at Yang Xiu, who had the best eloquence except Feng Zhang, and wanted him to come out and find a field.
Yang Xiu’s great-grandfather Yang Zhen, great-grandfather Yang Bing, great-grandfather Yang Ci, father Yang Biao IV, Li Si, Situ and Tai Wei, the three noble families of the Yuan family in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, are neck and neck, and they are famous and beautiful.
Yang Xiu left his seat and deliberately walked up to Zhang Song and stared at him for a while, then smiled.
Zhang Song was furious. If it weren’t for Cao Cao’s face, it was estimated that the fruit bowl horse in front of him would be buckled to Yang Xiu’s face
"Shudao is rugged and hard to work."
"I dare to resign even though I am ordered by the Lord to go through fire and water."
"What’s the customs in the middle of Shu?"
"Yizhou Road, the ancient name of Shuxi County, has Jinjiang, and even the Jiange Xionghui is 200 miles away. In more than 30,000 miles, chickens crow and dogs bark, and the market is constantly fertile and fertile. When the country is rich and the people are rich, there are orchestral products that accumulate like mountains! "
Yang Xiu asked again, "What are the characters in Shu?"
Zhang Song also smiled and replied, "There is a phase like Fu Wu and Fubo Cai; If a doctor has Zhongjing, you can hide the nine schools and three religions, and those who are outstanding in their class can’t be counted! "
Everyone has been stunned by Zhang Song’s quick answer. You know, the difference between an interview and a written test is that the interview requires a horse to answer questions and the written test can take a long time.
"How many people are there in Liu Ji who are as good as men?"
Zhang Song proudly replied, "Civil and military talents are brave enough to be loyal and generous, and the number of cars is like a pine."
If Yang Xiu refuses to forgive him, he won’t believe it. It’s not difficult to find this little file in front of him, "Is the public close to work?"
"It’s very incompetent to overcharge others. Dare you ask the court official?"
Yang Xiu was surprised and had to answer Zhang Song’s counter-attack, "Now the main book of Wei Wangfu"
Song Yue said, "It’s been a long time since I heard that the public generation did not stand in the temple to assist Tian, but it’s just an official of the Wei King’s Gate."
Yang Xiu smell speech white face rose to red and had to force a smile "although a living in Lao Wei Wang Wei’s military and political money is heavy, sooner or later, Wang Wei’s teachings are extremely influential."