I quickly raised my feet and saw that my feet were trampled down. The white flowers slowly bounced back and three shallow words floated into my field of vision.

Cordyceps flower
I don’t know the name of this white flower, but it’s not the same name as this Cordyceps sinensis.
After changing the sickle, I slowly squatted down to pick this insect flower. As soon as I started, I felt a sharp pain.
It shows that you are being attacked by flowers and insects.
When I saw that Qi and blood were an attack, I lost nearly 6 points of damage. I quickly stopped moving my hand and quickly changed my dagger, so I launched a counterattack.
Brush two attacks, hit in the virtual, but didn’t hit anything, and then take a closer look, it turned out to be nothing but flowers and plants.
Lying in the trough? I wonder in my heart, but I really didn’t see anything. It’s because I was attacked but I couldn’t find anyone. It’s not people, it’s things.
Gently push your feet to cover the grass in front of you. When you look closely, you can see that there are some small holes in the lawn. The edges of the holes are piled up with fine sand like cofferdams.
Something should have come out of the ground to get out of the hole, thinking and dialing the other side, but I didn’t find anything.
Alas, I really don’t have much patience. I can’t bear it if I don’t find out what it is. I just don’t care if I change guys and squat down and pick it.
Do you still keep an eye on it? I also pay attention to the situation around me. Just when I was cutting, I saw a big bug drilling out of the grass under my feet.
Big? Maybe, although it’s a little thin, it sticks out a section of the body, which is hidden in the grass but I don’t know how long it is
Immediately, I jumped back and changed my dagger. When the worm stretched out and prepared to attack, my dagger had been waved.
Decapitate! This blow has already cut off the worm’s head and hung it up.
Vulnerable, thinking and then taking a look at the combat information.
You have caused fatal damage to the worm and gained experience by winning the battle.
Holy shit, it’s experience. Isn’t that a thankless thing? Can this place be upgraded or not? I got up and looked at the beautiful scenery.
Calm, unusually calm
However, in this calm but hidden threat, it seems that I have to dig up the sand worm before each mining. It is too bad to get bitten every time. It is better to kill it first.
Crouching down a knife, an insect flower was picked and held in your hand to hear the unified sound.
It shows that the collection of Chinese caterpillar fungus flowers failed.
Well, it seems that this thing is not cutting, but digging.
Go ahead and squat down in front of an insect flower. Pull the lawn with a dagger and watch the grass-roots pores turn in one direction. Push your arm forward and stab the dagger into the land.
A little scream from the ground should be the worm. That’s right. After the attack, I moved back a little distance next to my body and held the dagger in my hand, waiting for the worm to come out and behead it.
One stroke of death is still to cut off the worm’s head, and it will be soft and can’t get up anymore. I change my dagger and look at my sickle.
Do I have to dig with this thing? Why is there no shovel to buy?
Reluctantly, there’s nothing I can do. I waved a sickle and went into the land. At that moment, there was a strange sound. What was it? I doubt that I pulled out the sickle and came again.
After several efforts, I let the guy in my hand open his hands and took it out.
"Eh ~" hand feels disgusting like grabbing a handful of shit … Although I don’t know what it feels like to catch shit, I feel really disgusting now.
Holding back my heart, I hated manual work and took it out without stopping. I took a look at it in my hand. "What the hell is this!"
Seeing that things in my hands are creeping slowly, covered with soil, and slowly falling off, I soon revealed a light brown body without a trace of soil stains.
The body is oval, like a silkworm chrysalis, but it is bigger. The body is soft and mud-like, so it has that kind of touch. There is a small green plant on the back, and the white flower is at the top of the plant.
This is the worm, the grass and the flower. After reading the news, I have confirmed that this thing in my hand is the worm flower.
The insect flower plant *1 was obtained by unified display.
The third-grade herb of Cordyceps sinensis can be used to make the third-grade medicine Cordyceps sinensis.
After decomposition, 15 different quantities of cordyceps flowers can be obtained. In the grocery store Dushan, herbal decomposition can be carried out to obtain random materials.
I was looking at the properties of this insect flower plant, and suddenly I felt a pain in my hand, and my blood was already lost.
Was attacked ~!
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Twilight fit
I immediately shook my hand, but I forgot that the insect flower plant was still in my hand. This shake shook the ground.
I saw the insect at the edge of the flower stem with its mouth open, revealing a row of sharp teeth with a trace of blood.