"But … those guys are too strong. Why don’t you inform Longting people about these things first and see if they can help?"

"This can tell the news to the Zen Temple talents first. Our fifth army is now directly qualified by the Longting people." Song Xueyi wry smile way to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Zombie counterattack
"Can’t your army contact the Longting people?" Sophie Su was quite surprised and asked that the fifth army was not powerful, but the background was strong enough.
Song Xueyi heard only a wry smile: "The Longting military is actually not big, especially in recent years, when those people’s personal strength has become stronger and stronger, the secular trend has long since lost its binding force on them, so the military will let us come out to create the Fifth Army, hoping to balance it. Unfortunately, it is too short, and now the roots of the Fifth Army have not been developed."
Sophie Su couldn’t help saying that the superhero body is the biggest threat to the earth. Once it is powerful to the extreme, it will inevitably lead to conflicts in the secular world, even if its original intention is to better protect ordinary people.
Maybe the real world shouldn’t be in these powerful forces, just like those myths say, when the power reaches a certain level, it will soar to another more powerful world, but where will the world be more advanced than the earth …
Sophie Su habitually looked up but saw the ceiling.
"You don’t have to worry too much. In the real world, many heavy weapons are already better than those game skills than in the game world. If Tong Ling dares to come to this base, it will just give those guys who are addicted to the powerful power in the game a taste of technological weapons!" See Song Xueyi Sophie Su still some worry not laughed.
"Well …" Sophie Su didn’t doubt it very much. After all, the earth has developed rapidly in science and technology in recent years, and it has already set up a permanent base on the moon, and the technological level of war weapons has always been at the forefront of scientific and technological development.
"I can’t go to town now. Can you find someone to help me buy holy water gold coins in Sabac?"
"Well, I’ll have someone buy you this guy for you. After earning so many gold coins, you can sponsor us." Song Xueyi rarely smiles.
"No problem!" Sophie Su is quite generous about this, but he didn’t tell Song Xueyi that he was going to fight against the royal family. In his opinion, this should be his own business.
When Sophie Su returned to the game, his mood was already relaxed. Song Xueyi was sure to be more secure when they were prepared. After learning that the building in the fog was preparing to attack the city, Longting people would certainly launch a counterattack against the building in the fog even though their interests were full of contradictions.
Now what you should do is to carry out your own battle plan …
"I like to kill those royal guys." After learning that Sophie Su is going to start work on the royal family, Feng Yinxiao is welcome to this.
Sophie Su followed the logo when he came to the depths of the mine again, but he soon found those royal players hidden here.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been waiting for too long in this mine hole, and the gouyu produced here is expensive. Although I have repeatedly said that I should be cautious, many royal players have scattered around again to dig.
The original Sophie Su was prepared to go to the depths of the mine to control a group of evil spirits zombies and then attack, but after seeing those royal players digging around again, his heart could not help but move.
In front of his insight, the guy is a 12-level miner, but his equipment is 6-level, which has not taken effect for the time being. Presumably, his strongest occupation should have more than 6 levels.
However, the character attributes in this game world will change with the change of occupation. At present, the miner’s occupation of the other party is at most a few hundred health points, and he can kill it with one knife …
Sophie Su carefully stealth came behind the miner, and this time he didn’t make the moon in the well accidentally trigger the half moon machete effect. In this dark underground world, the gorgeous knife light can easily expose his body shape.
When the red blood magic sword cut down the ten-level miner in the dark, it was indeed that he failed to scream, so he died, but fortunately, his experience was still calculated according to the strongest professional level.
"If others are also digging, it would be great …" Sophie Su quickly searched each other’s things and accidentally found that his red blood magic sword seemed to be more red in color.
When he killed a miner again, maybe it was because someone had found an abnormality in reality, and the royal players immediately put on their guard, but they were still attacked by zombies.
Seeing each other’s vigilance Su Yan also had to give up the stealth sneak attack method and go to a deeper mine to control those evil spirits zombies.
In this game world, perhaps because the underground is easily eroded by dark forces, the caves have always been the places where dark creatures such as zombies and skeletons are most likely to be produced, and they can hardly be killed.
Sophie Su soon controlled more than 20 evil spirits zombies. He originally planned to make an army of hundreds of undead. However, considering that the control time limit of Dark Corpse Warming was too large, it was easy for the other party to suspect that he had to give up his original plan and take these more than 20 zombies to find trouble with those royal players.
He once attacked these royal players with more than ten evil spirits zombies, but at that time it was just a random temptation and there was no control. The more than ten zombies were soon surrounded and killed.
This time, he is cautious, and many of them are even hidden behind him to control these evil spirits zombies in person. I believe that these enhanced evil spirits zombies should also be able to spell out several talents from each other.
When the time comes, I will control a group of zombies to continue to attack. I have inexhaustible pets to summon, which is one of my advantages as a dark Taoist.
When Sophie Su controlled more than 20 evil spirits zombies to appear quietly, those royal players didn’t appear too alarmed, because they were going to cooperate with the siege plan of Fog Tower from the mine, and they had been in the depths of this mine for a long time and had many times of fighting with evil spirits zombies, and their experience in fighting had already been quite rich.
"Don’t panic, everyone. Although these evil spirits zombies attack very fast, their speed is slow. The melee profession should quickly change the shield and stand in front to resist the healing power of these zombies and add blood to the melee. The profession will release a fire wall in front to interfere with their hate targets." When a zombie is found to attack, someone will immediately take command.
In a relatively narrow mine, this is indeed a more belligerent method, especially in the fire wall, monsters often want to attack the wizards and Taoist priests hiding behind, thus greatly reducing the damage to the melee profession in front.
However, this trick is only for those monsters with low IQ, but this time they encounter artificially controlled monsters
Because the names of players and monsters cannot be displayed in this game world, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between ordinary monsters and players’ pets except for a few reconnaissance skills.
Almost as soon as the two sides came into contact with the royal family, the players exclaimed.
Top in the forefront of melee players was directly killed by the other side!
"These monsters … learned? It will actually be a fire! " In all the people dumbfounded, the swarming zombie unexpectedly attacked a player in a uniform way.
Because the 6-level Dark Residency can control the target’s attack power by 5% and attack speed by 3%, and the soul necklace can also improve the summoner’s attack and defense ability by 2%, at present, the attack power of those evil spirits zombies is very strong, and there is a 2% chance of causing 3 times of damage with the skill of "Ghost Strike". Several zombies can easily kill players of the 60 s and 70 s.
Even if it is your own time to restore health, Dan medicine plus rear healing profession, there are still people in the melee profession before the crazy release of various healing skills. Unless you have strong life-saving skills, almost no one can resist the attack of several evil spirits and zombies! to be continued
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two The old month
When the Dark Residency reaches level 6, the recovery ability has reached 3% health per second. For an evil spirit zombie with 15 health points, it is 45 health points per second, and its body spell defense skills can increase the spell resistance by 3%. Even in the face of many ranged attacks, it can almost remain full of blood.
"The poison-caster will quickly use the poison that can limit the monster’s own recovery ability!" Someone immediately shouted in the royal team. Obviously, this team has experienced many strong **oss battles and has quite rich combat experience.
However, many times, there is nothing wrong with the experience of killing boss, especially when a pair of targets are positioned.
After breaking through the front melee profession, those evil spirits zombies rushed directly to the rear healing profession, which not only frightened those fragile healing professions, but also frightened others.
In particular, the commander of this team has already turned pale with fear when he saw this situation. A team lost its healing profession and immediately lost its ability to continue fighting.
It happens from time to time that hatred gets out of control when the boss is besieged, but I didn’t expect this situation to happen in front of these little monsters now, and it is still a way to save the situation!
There will be a protracted war of attrition in Sophie Su, and even these royal players are prepared to spend a few days in this mine.
Unexpectedly, however, the battle actually lasted only a few minutes. When the royal guild fell five healing professions in a row, the remaining healing professionals fled in desperation, while other professions chose to escape almost immediately in the absence of treatment.
Fear of death is almost everyone’s emotion, and it is also the most common situation in this death game.
If players fight, maybe someone will fight to the death, but once they lose in the monster battle, most people will choose to run away. After all, the pursuit speed of monsters is not fast, and some monsters will not pursue them.
However, these people obviously still don’t realize the origin of these evil spirits zombies. After the escape, many zombies are almost chasing after them, which is even more devastating. Those zombie attacks are even accompanied by toxin damage and can be slowed down by 5%
Bellows kept ringing in the dark mine. Sophie Su watched himself soar in the dark, but his experience was complicated. This was the first time he made up his mind to kill players on a large scale. Although he knew that these royal players themselves must be enemies of life and death, he still could not bear to hear the screams.
Perhaps it is because I have experienced too little war, just like those recruits who have just entered the battlefield in the real world, I still have some awe of life.
Feng Yinxiao laughed and laughed all the time. He has long been mixed with those zombies to hunt down those fleeing royal players, which is his greatest pursuit now.
All kinds of screams and shouts have faded away. Sophie Su has cleared up the battlefield. pk is really the best way to obtain equipment and gold coins. The original things have become plump again. Unfortunately, these personal equipment are not as good as their own extreme equipment, so they can keep looking for opportunities to sell and exchange money.
However, he did not dare to stay here for a long time. Presumably, the royal family and the people in the fog will soon find the abnormality and will definitely send more advanced players to deal with the low-level players with evil spirits and zombies. However, it is still too clumsy to face the high-level players with strong skills.
Sophie Su continues to go deep into the mine. Since the four access points of the Sabac square mine are interconnected, if you want to explore it yourself, you will definitely find other exits.