Some people are happy and some people are sad. Mu Feng looked at Yuli. I don’t know if she met any difficulties yesterday or because of Ji Yuexian. She didn’t even laugh when she saw Mu Feng this time. She didn’t even say hello. If Mu Fengkou said that there was a deputy who needed her help, Yuli was going to continue to brush the blame in the wild!

"Magic days are coming soon at this time, right?" Mu Feng muttered in a low voice, thinking of the devil, not far ahead, and Mu Feng saw the magical day of "little devil".
"You really dare to come" came far away, and a cold smile seemed to be laughing at Mu Feng, who followed four players, men and women.
"I dare not come? Everyone is happy to brush together? " Mu Feng said with a bit of a smile that after laughing, Mu Feng’s face turned cold immediately and slowly looked at the magic day and brought four people. Among the four, Mu Feng saw the player who helped himself in Guiyu City a few days ago-fire inflammation!
"When will he come?" Mu Feng asked suspiciously that in Ling Soul, the magic day is the magic door Wang’s fire inflammation, and the two Wang’s fire inflammation is brilliant. It’s rare that the two Wang’s have fought together. This magic day also brought fire inflammation, which really surprised Mu Feng.
Beside Huoyan, there was a little beauty in purple gauze and purple skirt armor. It was in the sky pavilion in Yanhai City that I accidentally met the eggplant beauty. How did this sweet and attractive little girl get together with Huoyan?
"Hello, my name is Huoyan. We have met before." Huoyan came to Mu Feng and introduced herself.
"This is not the time to say that cutting a sword results in cutting two mysterious masters? It turned out that Yan Huang helped Wang … and hey hey, brother, hello. "Low-key God exclaimed at the fire inflammation and smiled at the magic day. These two masters have always worshipped the low-key God, especially the magic day. If the low-key God is still helping the gods, this magic day will be his boss.
"Hello, crazy cow, the ace soldier in Mu Feng’s team is super resistant to playing, and everyone can output behind me!" Mad cow was shocked when she saw two master Wang, but she was still nervous to introduce herself.
"Ha ha ….." Magic Day and Fire Inflammation both smiled and didn’t crowd out the strength of mad cow. Magic Day also moved and pointed to bring a female player behind him and said, "This is our soldier’s second career called Light Guardian id, Sunlight. If you can’t remember the name, you can call him Nana."
After the magical celestial body moved, it was revealed in front of them in Mu Feng that a beautiful woman with a proud chest of 36d was about twenty years old, wearing a layer of lightweight sleeve armor, two white jade arms and no flab belly. It was perfectly presented in everyone’s eyes that the beautiful woman’s long hair fell behind her earlobe, and a white face in the shape of a goose egg didn’t seem too much. Let her eyes keep a close eye on Mu Feng, a low-key god and a mad cow. All three men were sluggish for two seconds. If an arrow pierced her heart and knocked on three heads, they might still be immersed in the beauty of Nana.
"In addition, I will say that Nana is a pure defensive growth warrior. Her life now is 110,000 points, and her double defense is 9,000 points. Nana will also apply a serial light shield to her teammates. When her life is too low, you can let Nana add a shield. You are very helpful." Magic Day added with a smile. His smile made three people in Mu Feng feel a chill. After all, such a beautiful big beauty turned out to be a super meat shield.
Chapter 374 A full team of ten people
"In addition, I will say that Nana is a pure defensive growth warrior. Her life now is 110,000 points, and her double defense is 9,000 points. Nana will also apply a serial light shield to her teammates. When her life is too low, you can let Nana add a shield. You are very helpful." Magic Day added with a smile. His smile made three people in Mu Feng feel a chill. After all, such a beautiful big beauty turned out to be a super meat shield.
"Ah, brother Wang, this is what you said. When everyone is friends, I will naturally take care of them." Nana smiled gently and smiled. Nana was not shy for several strangers who met for the first time. Instead, she pointed to the head with the id after the fire. When everyone looked at her, the little face of the eggplant beauty suddenly turned pale red.
"This is our teammate, the holy warrior mad cow destroyer, the low-key god element teacher, Feng Hua Xiaoxue, the savior, Ji Yue, the summoner, the sad rain, the arrow, the master, the arrow goes through the heart …" After watching the magic day, Mu Feng introduced them to his teammate, who listened carefully and didn’t crowd out anyone.
"By the way, there are only four people in your team on magic day?" Mu Feng saw Magic Day and Fire Inflammation coming, but he didn’t see the fifth person. If so, there are six people in Mu Feng.
"It’s not fire. There’s another person over there who rebelled against the imperial city this time. I’ll take Nana with one fire and two with you." The magic day said that it seems that the magic day and the fire team also discussed it before playing vice, but the luckiest thing is Mu Feng, who took people and added himself to five people. The more people there are, the greater the chance of getting rewards at the end.
Huo Yan smiled awkwardly and said that the man was expected to come later. Huo Yan also specifically said that the man would definitely come.
Then there is the personnel allocation here in Mu Feng. Obviously, Mufeng brings people to add seven people to the team. The maximum limit of the team is ten people. That is to say, Mu Feng has to lay off two people to lay off who. This problem is stumped. Mu Feng first has super therapeutic ability. Ji Yue is definitely indispensable, and fire inflammation brings eggplant beauty, which is also a doctor’s profession. It is just right to form a double treatment with Ji Yue to deal with Xiao Shengfeng, a monster. Double doctors must.
As for the meat shield, Mu Feng suggested that the double meat shield array, that is, the mad cow Nana’s melee output has swordsmen’s professional fire inflammation, but the outbreak of fire inflammation should not be low-key, and the remote output should be properly completed, with its own and magical feet.
As a result, Mu Feng has selected three people in his heart, namely Ji Yue, Mad Cow and Low-key God plus himself, and one person can also be selected. This person Mu Feng wants to choose among three beautiful women, namely Yuli, Fenghua Xiaoxue and an arrow through the heart.
While Mu Feng was screening people in his mind, suddenly a handsome young man dressed in white came to the front of everyone and saw all the people gathered together. The young man said, "Fire, inflammation, magic, heaven and man are all here?" And you … "
Looking at Mu Feng youth paused and then said sharply, "I grass you this ya is not the two days before the inflammation Haicheng explosion Mu Feng statue? Have we met before? "
"Of course we’ve met. Demonbane, the lonely bubble?" Mu Feng calmly replied that this person’s id is called Lonely Bubble. Three years ago, in the virtual online game called "Going Against the Heaven", he was a veteran of his own gang. The real name was Qin Mo’s game title, Dead Shadow Demonbane, and Huo Yan was also a veteran of his own gang at that time. Mu Feng didn’t want to be public now, so he didn’t take them in.
(ps Lonely Bubble, Qin Molai’s replacement of this pretending crime is finally coming on stage again.)
Seeing the dead shadow Demonbane Qin Mo Mu Feng again was obviously a little surprised, but this surprise didn’t last long because the rain glass also saw Qin Mo coming.
"I’m sorry, I don’t want to be the deputy Mu Ge. You are sometimes taking me to upgrade. Well, just let it be …" Yu Li said with a soft tone, and he bowed his head and soon left the line so that Mu Feng could not say a word to Yu Li.
"ah!" Qin Mo patted his forehead in annoyance and immediately took a sigh of relief. "Forget about the past and let’s continue to be vice!"
The last few words, Qin Mo, were clearly bitten to say. Obviously, the rain glass line and he couldn’t get away. Mu Feng Nai shrugged his shoulders and turned to Feng Hua Xiaoxue and an arrow through the heart and said, "You should understand that there are five people on our side who can enter the mad cow, low-key God and Ji Yue, and all four of me will enter the two of you."
"I quit … I’m the worst here …" Feng Hua Xiaoxue said with a weak mouth.
Feng Hua Xiaoxue is willing to take the initiative to withdraw from Mu Feng. Naturally, there is nothing to say. The total Feng Hua Xiaoxue and an arrow through the heart have their own strengths, and whoever enters the vice can decompress the team.
Feng Hua Xiaoxue said goodbye to everyone and then went into the ghost town, while the remaining ten people formed a team captain, who was assigned randomly by Mu Feng. Of course, whoever is most suitable for equipment can take it when necessary, but whoever throws the biggest point is who.
It’s the player information of the ten-person team
Captain Mu Feng Zun’s 34-level occupation hides.
Team member magic day level 33 professional hiding
Class 33 occupational concealment of players’ fire inflammation
Player Dugu Foam Level 32 Professional Sword Wound (Swordsman’s Second Turn)
Team member Sun Twilight Level 32 Professional Light Guardian (Warrior 2 Turn)
Team member is a professional judge of Grade 31 (doctor’s second turn)
Team member’s low-key God level 3 professional destroyer (second turn of stabbing spirit)
Player Mad Cow Level 31 Professional Saint Warrior (Warrior Second Turn)
Team member Ji Yue’s level 3 professional lifesaver (doctor’s second turn)
Team member goes through the heart with one arrow. Level 3 professional archer (shooter turns twice)
"It seems that these two people’s careers are not simple …" Mu Feng looked at the team list and then secretly said in his mind that he didn’t expect that there were two people besides himself who were hiding their careers. What did this say? Said it must be a special occupation!
Then ten people entered the imperial city and were sent to the imperial city. After that, the ten people bought full recovery drugs and then marched to the Tenth Palace.
"ding! Do you enter the tenth palace to perform the deputy [Emperor Rebellion]? "
Chapter 375 Don’t like big beauty
Ten rays of light appeared on the periphery of Taigong Palace. It was Mu Feng who entered the periphery, just as they saw two days ago. There were walls all around, and there was a locked door on the east wall, which was the only way to the middle of the palace.
Just like the second time, everyone brushed out the monster immediately after entering the vice. It’s still too Sineitai ordinary soldiers. Five people entered the vice and brushed out five soldiers. Now it’s ten people entering the refresh. There are one hundred soldiers, which is not a small number for the team.