At the time of online hegemony, the high-spirited ghost team was still very eye-catching, and finally ended up. They were very similar to this opponent now. If it wasn’t the shotgun, the name of the first pursuer team would not necessarily be the blood dragon. At that time, they faced the shotgun ghost with no resistance.

Although the ghost has greatly improved since then, the blood dragon and the shotgun are certainly not standing still, and the more progress the ghost people become, the stronger the blood dragon and the shotgun are. The video of the game has been kept in all the players of the ghost and can be viewed at any time, but even now they are not 100% confident of defeating the shotgun at that time.
All the ghost teams can stay today. For them, the goal has been achieved. Every time they play one more game, it is equivalent to earning a game. In the first stage, they met the reaper and put them in a semi-abandonment state. Their determination was rekindled. After entering the second stage, the victory did not go to their heads. Facing the ghost of the blood dragon, the goal is to learn.
Obviously, the progress of these two pursuers is much faster than that of the other game. When the mad lion and the neuron scout are still searching each other in the middle of the field, all the players of the blood dragon and the ghost are already in a situation where fighting may break out at any time.
When 60 stalkers were in the center of Shilin ghost town, the audience was boiling. The technology of stalkers on both sides was really amazing to form a famous blood dragon. Needless to say, even the ghosts who have always been regarded as a stable score point are not weak at all.
The most amazing thing for the audience is that both sides are concealed. Although concealment is a great weapon for pursuers, it has a time limit of 15 minutes. When cooling down for 10 minutes, the restriction cannot be made at will. Therefore, the concealment opening time has become the most critical criterion for measuring a pursuer. An excellent pursuer can always start concealment before being discovered by the enemy and does not bring waves.
Blood Dragon has done a particularly detailed job in this respect. Each of their team members entered the enemy radar detection range when they opened and concealed for about three seconds. To the surprise of the audience, the ghost also did a good job in this respect. Although it was not as exaggerated as Blood Dragon, the timing of their opening and concealing was basically maintained at five to ten seconds.
The ability to hide the opportunity and obstacles reflects the foundation of the stalker pilot. Of course, there will be no problem with the blood dragon at this point, and the ghost players will play the old players after the game. Their foundation is also very solid and does not show the top-heavy shortcomings unique to many players.
In the hidden blood dragon, the players of both sides rushed into the center of Shilin ghost town without hesitation, and rushed into each other’s visual range. Then it was the most dangerous and exciting confrontation for the pursuers.
Thirty people in the Blood Dragon are very divided. Windrunner is in the forefront of the pursuers, while the shadow fighters are at the back. Windrunner has reduced the engine output and kept shuttling around the stone pillars. Occasionally, it is easier for the pursuers to take a look around. They don’t rush to the front, but the shadow fighters have already integrated with the environment. The scope keeps scanning the area where the enemy may be.
Compared with ghosts, they should be much more careful. Most of them cooperate with each other to form a group of two or three mechs. Even if they stay behind, they will bear the responsibilities of mechs, snipers and shadow fighters, and they will keep an eye on one or two teammates to search near them.
Several mecha act together, of course, even if Ann is found, the enemy will not easily launch a sneak attack. It is necessary to cooperate with his teammates to act together. Even if the blood dragon elite pursuers want one enemy and two, it is very difficult. It is possible, but it is necessary to take off the skin if they touch the distance and cooperate with two mechs.
But it means that relying on sounds to identify the enemy is not good, which makes the noise of two mecha difficult to deal with. The team members of the ghost squad are not bad enough to find a mecha from a variety of sounds.
There is no sound on the battlefield except for the faint engines of the stalkers, and the audience has stopped talking outside the battlefield. Everyone knows that the most critical moment has arrived. Although everyone is not optimistic about the Ghost Team, it is undeniable that many ordinary players still have a heart for miracles.
Now is the most critical moment. If the ghost squad can find the enemy before the outbreak, then it is really possible for them to kill the single enemy with the cooperation of two or three people at this time. Once they initially occupy the number advantage, it is really hard to say that the battle is over. After the concealment, this possibility is even greater, and the players are not tempted.
What about ghosts? Of course, they are also tempted, but they are even more aware that a team of pursuers who have fought with shotguns know the pursuers well and let them know very well that the enemy’s strong desire to win accounts for at most 10% of their mentality at this time.
The pursuers flew through the stone pillars, and when the audience was depressed and almost unable to hold on, something finally changed. Someone was exposed! Someone has found the enemy!
Who is it? No suspense exposure is a ghost, a shadow fighter sniper, and the ghost people didn’t expect the blood dragon Windrunner to break through the front line of the ghost and go straight to the last shadow fighter, and the player driving this shadow fighter didn’t find anything wrong until the enemy came behind him, but it was already late.
After the shadow fighter who had no melee ability met Windrunner, a melee expert, and even sneaked into the situation in Windrunner, there was a result of this battle. The shadow fighter didn’t even escape and counterattack accurately, saying that he couldn’t even delay.
Some players are attacked, and nearby players will come to help, of course, but Windrunner and the pursuers are too far away to come, but there are shadow fighters who can support them nearby. Although they brought this piece into the range before this shadow fighter exploded, Windrunner, the blood dragon, didn’t drag his feet at all, but didn’t let the enemy come to help.
Ghost shadow fighters fell to the ground and died. Windrunner, the instant blood dragon, was also locked by the ghost sniper. At this time, the ghost captain suddenly realized that something was wrong, but he was still a step behind. When he told the sniper not to have a gun, three shadow fighters had already fired their first shot at Windrunner, the blood dragon, and this was their last shot.
These shadow fighters haven’t reacted yet. What’s going on? Captain Bai, what will make you give up the attack? You know, now the enemy is in your sight. Although there are also evasions and escapes, they will never escape from the sight of these snipers.
But for a moment, everyone was white because there was a blood dragon Windrunner behind each of these three gun shadow fighters.
Chapter 713 Teaching War ()
For the ghost squad, enemy scouts suddenly appeared behind their own snipers. This is definitely a horror and shock. Before a sniper was attacked, three more were added in a flash. At this time, the ghost snipers were white-headed. Why should they give up the attack?
Although shadow fighters will not expose their position because of the attack, it is also on the radar detection level, which does not mean that shadow fighters will be enemies after they enter the hidden state. It is not difficult for experienced pilots to find the enemy through the attack direction of shadow fighters.
That’s what the Blood Dragon did. They did have a few units in Windrunner that crossed the ghost line and entered the rear, but when they really saw the enemy, there was actually a player who sneaked on the shadow fighters. Other lurking Windrunner was nearby, and as soon as the shadow fighters moved, the Blood Dragon Windrunner had already grasped the general area where the enemy was.
Then the three shadow fighters guns let the blood dragon grasp their direction directly through the attack. It is very easy to find these snipers when all kinds of information are summarized and then analyzed and searched by the blood dragon Windrunner.
There is still no suspense in the result of Windrunner’s sneak attack on the shadow fighters. This time, the ghost pursuers and Windrunner in front can’t watch. There was no rescue just now because the roots were far away and they were afraid to expose their positions in the process of moving, but now they can’t sit still, even if they are far away from the pursuers in the team, they should try it.
Other ghost shadow fighters nearby won’t shoot rashly if they don’t wake up this time. Who knows if there are any other Windrunner eyeing nearby? If the ghost is discovered by Windrunner again like once, it will soon lose all the shadow fighters.
However, although they can’t shoot, the ghost fighters are not afraid. They move as carefully as possible and then move to an observable battlefield distance to attack their teammates. They also have to keep an eye on the enemy to prevent these enemy Windrunner fugitives from being killed, even if the murderer is still let go, it will be unreasonable.
So these ghost Windrunner didn’t get rid of the talons of the blood dragon, all of which were exploded, and the three Windrunner of the blood dragon succeeded in the initial sneak attack. At this time, the typhoon walker was already under the surveillance of the ghost shadow fighters. Although it was still free, there was no enemy to make trouble for the time being, but it was still difficult to hide it.
It is said that double whammy never rains but it pours. At this time, it is perfect to invade the ghost body here. Before the typhoon walker can solve the front line, something goes wrong again. Because the pursuers in the middle position are all in the back to encircle the blood dragon Windrunner, so the former convenience is in an almost real state. Although this is not a problem for the hidden Windrunner, it will not be a blood dragon if they don’t seize the opportunity.
Ghost stalkers haven’t arrived at the place where the Blood Dragon Windrunner haunts. They dare not make the laser gun at this time. Once the position is exposed, they will be in trouble. They can slowly approach and cooperate with the shadow fighters to sneak attack on these typhoon walkers. But just after they saw that these typhoon walkers haven’t come to start work, their own Windrunner, the front line, has been attacked.
Of course, the shots are blood dragon stalkers and shadow fighters. These mechs with long-range attack capabilities acted as sniper stalkers at this time, and they were not worried about their exposure. This exposure is likely to be a bait. Of course, these sniper attacks are not a vain shot. Some of the ghosts in the front line of Windrunner were attacked immediately, and they didn’t find it except the red dot that passed by the radar.
Both before and after the exposure of the ghost has fully estimated the strength of the blood dragon, but now it seems that this estimate is still somewhat low. The shadow fighters in the rear have been devastated by the blood dragon Windrunner, and the key is that they don’t know how many blood dragons Windrunner have reached the rear, and the rest of the shadow fighters dare not shoot rashly because they know that the captain of the blood dragon is driving Windrunner and haven’t shot yet.
In front of Windrunner, it’s even more tragic to be stared at by the sniper of the blood dragon shadow fighters. There is no chance to fight back. If you face the ghost of the general team, you really have the courage to send Windrunner to search for those stalkers who pass by, but in the face of the blood dragon, they think more about it. Nine times out of ten, this is a blood dragon trap, even if it is not a ghost, there is no confidence that you can successfully search and then defeat the blood dragon stalkers.
Before and after the problem, the opponent has found a lot of players, but only a few Windrunner can’t move for a while, and those flashing red dots can be regarded as small reconnaissance results. The ghost team is very entangled at this time. Up to now, they haven’t taken the initiative to find the blood dragon department, and they didn’t know the opponent’s position until they were found.
Although we already know the strength gap between the two sides, this result still makes the ghost people a little depressed. At that time, when they were fighting with shotguns, no one could be found. At that time, the environment was even more complicated than this time. Now it has become like this, saying that their opponents have not stopped moving forward when they are making progress, and they have taken a bigger step.
What should we do? Between Scylla and Charybdis, it is absolutely impossible for the ghost strength to take care of both sides and choose one side. At this time, the ghost captain did not hesitate to immediately reach the order. All the ghost players retreated toward the rear. Their goal was to avoid the snipers in front and then besiege those Windrunner that had been exposed.
This choice has been recognized by most viewers. After all, the enemy in the rear has been revealed. At this time, it is under the nose of the shadow fighters and snipers. Although they are also wandering around there, they seem to be searching for the enemy and looking for opportunities to get rid of surveillance. However, it is true to see it anyway.
However, the idea is good, but the actual effect is hard to say. Although the audience approved the choice of the ghost captain, the blood dragon will not be moved by the enemy. In judging and predicting the enemy’s position, the ghost is obviously lower than one grade
With the emperor’s perspective, players can see that several Windrunner pilots, the strongest in the Blood Dragon, are driving their mecha and hiding in the only way for the ghost Windrunner to return. These ghost Windrunner traces are obtained by the blood dragon snipers through tracking. Obviously, for the Blood Dragon, the front and rear priorities have no meaning. They attack a ring, and the two sides of this ring complement each other and stretch at the same time.
Ghost squad, several pursuers have come to the rear and have tried to get close to those blood dragons, Windrunner, but I don’t know whether they exposed their body shape during the operation or whether the engine output was too high for the opponent to hear the movement. Generally speaking, the ghost pursuers here move and the blood dragons, Windrunner, move, so that they can avoid being surrounded by ghosts and let the ghosts follow them every time.
And the ghost Windrunner finally came to the blood dragon ambush area. Because there were snipers behind him to track it, the output of the engines was very low-key. Although these ghosts Windrunner knew that they were exposed, there was no way for them to return to their teammates to have hope of continuing to live.
In the dark, the ghost Windrunner shuttled through the ghost town of Shilin, and suddenly there was a huge roar in the ear of this ghost player. This is the mecha engine! He didn’t stop, but the camera searched around, and the nerves were stretched to the tightest state, but there was no enemy in sight, and suddenly a shadow fell from the sky in front of Windrunner.
Sneak attack is another sneak attack! This time, Windrunner, who led five blood dragons, caught five ghosts. The Windrunner sneak attacker broke out instantly without considering his own physical strength. It was an explosive attack, and the sniper behind him also exposed the typhoon walkers at the forefront in an instant. Their target was those who came to encircle their ghost pursuers.
Chapter 714 Basic cooperation
When the ghost squad was in crisis and the blood dragon hunted on a large scale, the battle between the mad lion and the neuron also reached a critical moment.
Different from Ghost Blood Dragon, these two teams have adopted the method of four mecha mixed collocation this time. The mad lion has no arbiter and the neurons have not paid attention to the impact force, and they have considered factors such as defense, mobility and reconnaissance.
The battle between the two teams was quite interesting at first, which is also the reason why many viewers chose the ghost and blood dragon teaching battle. I don’t know whether it was because of physical strength or because of the choice made by opponents. Generally speaking, the two teams are very well-behaved and have no brilliance, which belongs to the degree that you can do it by finding any team at random.
The pursuer, the scout, the patrolman, the guardian, and the arbitrator are the big troops in the back. Although the number of various models is not 77 and there are many derivative mechs to join, the actions of both sides can still be as boring as the tutorial.
In this way, there may be top players in the battle. After all, no matter how boring the action is, there will be a magical feeling of decay in the hands of these powerful teams, not to mention how the tested tutorial may be decadent. It is because of simplicity that it is easier to see that the foundation of a team is not very popular in advanced tactical play. Now the foundation is the most important.
The reconnaissance war between the two teams in the central region is also colored because the wild lions and neurons are not stalkers. Although scouts are often sent in front of the team, they are not at a high level in reconnaissance. The reconnaissance confrontation between the two teams is a draw, and a bunch of scouts are hanging around in the front line. Finally, several battles broke out, but on the whole, neither side took much advantage.
It is also very interesting to meet the scouts after the patrol, because the scouts’ strength is generally not fast enough. When the patrol has come to the battlefield, most of the scouts’ battles on both sides did not end in death, but the scouts stayed on both sides, and the rest were successfully rescued by the patrol.
Reconnaissance confrontation can be scrapped to this extent, which is also the most depressing point for many teams. Reconnaissance must have the intelligence advantage, and the battle will be very convenient. Even building a simple encirclement can raise the combat effectiveness of the team a lot, but the enemy certainly knows this, so reconnaissance confrontation is inevitable.
If one side has the absolute advantage of pursuers, it’s good to say that the other side simply gives up the other way, but the problem is that most teams of the same level are very similar in this respect except for some of them, so it is easy to have a tie in reconnaissance confrontation. Once both sides are tied, reconnaissance may be worthless.
This is such a situation in the battle between the mad lion and the neuron. Because no one took advantage of the scout confrontation, both teams sent patrolmen to rescue their own scouts. With the arrival of the patrolmen, the mecha of both sides stabilized the situation in the central area, so the large forces of both sides accelerated forward, so that both sides were in the reconnaissance range of the other side, the so-called intelligence advantage.
The suspense of head-on decisive battle broke out, because both sides failed to grasp enough information and were exposed themselves, head-on confrontation became the only way to attack the team, but now the situation is somewhat different.
The firepower of the Mad Lion Squadron has been greatly reduced compared with that of the arbitrator. Peacekeepers and patrolmen can barely maintain half the firepower of the arbitrator, but a small number of pursuers can play soy sauce, and the same neurons are not their strongest offensive array. There is no way to compare with the original 30 people.
It is certainly not strange for the players to confront each other head-on, but it is very rare for small team battles now. Because squadrons can choose people to participate in small team battles, many teams put a certain mecha in a high number according to their own characteristics, while others are a little embellished, and there are even single-player small team battles.
Phoenix and Mad Lion have repeatedly adopted the arbiter, the main array, the devil, the patrol, the shotgun and the blood dragon, and often sent 30 stalkers to the field. Ghosts and reapers simply had no choice. Phoenix, the stalker, was also a patrol, occupying all the fields. Most of the mecha were more balanced. Now there are no old professional associations left.
In addition, the frenzy is a relatively balanced team, but it has to be said that fierce confrontation rarely occurs in the frenzy battle, so it is difficult to master the initiative to play the frenzy, so each battle is also particularly targeted, and there is often a situation in which a certain mecha is dominant.
Therefore, it’s a little uncomfortable for the audience to see the four mechs fighting against each other. In the eyes of ordinary audiences, this kind of confrontation is a childish thing for crazy lions and neurons, but it’s a little more back to basics for top players, which means more testing. Both sides pay more attention to the basics of mecha understanding.
The guardian appeared several times in the early stage of the game, and no one expected that it would appear again in the competition to decide the final quota of the team losers.
In this way, fighting value is the foundation. Who has a better foundation for mad lions and neurons? The answer to this question is simple. Everyone will choose the Crazy Lion. After all, the Crazy Lion players are the first players to enter the game. This team is also the first wave to establish an independent army in the game.