"Damn it, it’s dragon pattern. Are you crazy and want to kill everyone?" An angry sound sounded like the old demon Qingyun suddenly appeared in shape not far away.

However, to Sophie Su’s surprise, Cixi was not affected by this dragon sword. It seems that the old woman was not practicing a dark profession.
Without relying on killing people to gain high experience, she can reach the super strength. This Cixi is indeed not underestimated. Of course, it is likely that she belongs to her own people and has too many resources. After all, she controlled the entire empire for decades.
A purple flash from the hands of the Woma leader instantly shattered the defense barrier around Liu Rushi’s body, but at the same time, Liu Rushi waved his arm and a green defense shield appeared around Sophie Su’s body, and he absorbed a lot of damage.
Su Yan gritted his teeth and rushed directly to the leader of the Wal-Mart. Now it is possible to make the effect of killing the skull king again to deal with the leader of the Wal-Mart. I hope I will be lucky this time.
"smallness dares to challenge me!" The Woma leader seems to be particularly angry with Sophie Su for taking the initiative to attack. A large light immediately hit him and almost instantly defeated the green shield.
"Come back!" Liu Rushi exclaimed behind him, but she soon found some anomalies. The thunder fell on Su Yanshen and did no harm.
"God!" The first to see the abnormality was Cixi hiding in the ice crystal.
"It’s day fiend armour! No … It’s a treasure trove of jihad … "Next to Qingyun, the old demon is obviously a discerning person. He immediately saw the origin of that suit of armor that Sophie Su hastily wore, but he is suffering from the thunder attack and is also influenced by the light of the dragon sword at the moment, but he is miserable and can make therapeutic skills crazy against himself.
Sophie Su leapt from the middle of the middle school and the speed was extremely fast, but although the speed was there, the strength was still limited. Just when the huge fist of the Woma leader contacted, it was immediately slammed and flew, and at the same time it lost more than 100,000 health points.
However, the roar of the Woma leader also came to an abrupt end, and it rang again after a pause for a moment.
That’s Sophie Su’s paralyzing ring. Although it was a short moment, it also made the cage that kept flashing disappear.
"Go!" When I saw that the sky flashed and disappeared, Liu Rushi hurriedly hugged and flew back. Sophie Su rushed to the exit of the hierarch hall like a high wind.
Next to Cixi and Qingyun, the old demon also saw this moment of opportunity and immediately rushed to the exit.
"No one can escape from my hands!" A deafening sound stung my mind, and at the same time, a huge flash of lightning swept towards everyone like a dragon transformed by the same thunder.
The door of the hall of the leader was directly blown to powder by the flash dragon. Obviously, this was a blow from the leader of Wal-Mart in anger. Even buildings protected by ancient runes can be destroyed, and there is almost no defense barrier to resist.
"Frosty Kyushu!" Cixi had already waved the sword repeatedly behind her, and immediately formed an ice shield. Although it was immediately destroyed by the flash, it was immediately produced again. It was barely able to protect itself when the ice shield was constantly broken.
At the moment, Liu Rushi has no defense method to take Sophie Su to evade and flee rapidly, and at the same time, he stuffed an ancient scroll into Sophie Su’s hands.
"Random scroll" Sophie Su immediately recognized this thing.
"Quick!" Liu Rushi said that he had made a same scroll and was immediately wrapped in light.
Su Yan also hurriedly made it impossible for the scroll to take effect immediately like the door, but there would be a delay of several seconds after the light lit up, but the flash dragon had already struck.
"I’ll help you block it!" Sophie Su quickly stood in front of Liu Rushi. He is still in a state of being a god, and it is indeed the best spell defense shield.
"Thanks a lot …" Behind him, Liu Rushi sounds like something unusual.
The delivery effect finally took effect. Sophie Su felt the dizzy feeling coming in a piece of light, but not far away, the Cixi and Qingyun old demon apparently came out and made similar delivery scrolls disappear in white light. The only thing that remained there was the white boar.
This guy was attacked by the flash dragon, but he was unscathed. Of course, this is also the’ defense’ method.
"I’m one of my own. I’m an emissary of the war pigs. I’m one of my own!" The white boar almost showed his identity to the Woma leader as he fled …
When the dizzy feeling disappeared in my mind, Sophie Su immediately looked around, but to his horror, he still seemed to be in the maze of the Woma Temple! to be continued
Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven Rescue
"Is it because the lucky value is too high to send it too far …" Looking around, Sophie Su, who is familiar with the architectural style of Wal-Mart, felt a spasm in his mouth because he had been holding the dragon sword just now and forgot to take it back when the scroll came into effect.
Sophie Su had to put away the dragon sword and summon the white boar.
"Finally escaped. I didn’t expect this Wal-Mart leader to be so horrible … ouch, this isn’t still in the Wal-Mart temple, is it? !” White boar was about to complain, but it immediately found something wrong with the surrounding environment.
"Well, just as we are going to find Hongye and Xueyi, they certainly don’t know that the situation has changed here now." Sophie Su thought about Hongye and Song Xueyi, who still stayed near the treasure house, but fortunately they couldn’t send them too far, otherwise they were forgotten to inform them that they had escaped in the crisis just now.
"Well, it’s best to find them quickly and then we’ll send them away!" White boar some reluctant muttered.
Sophie Su quickly identified the direction that he was sent to the first floor of the maze, but it was not far from the exit. Hongye and Song Xueyi had to make the acceleration skills rush to the treasure house deep in the maze, hoping that the Woma leader would not catch up after discovering that all the people had made the delivery scrolls escape.
However, Sophie Su soon found some anomalies-he actually met an old demon with a full face of panic on the road!
"You little guy almost killed me just now!" The old demon Qingyun couldn’t help being angry when he saw him. Obviously, he was really scared by the double blow of the flash cage and the dragon sword special effects just now.
"Do you want to try the power of that dragon sword again?" Sophie Su sneers that since this guy can resist the dragon sword light, he is not afraid.
"Come on, I won’t argue with you in Qingmei, but are you crazy and running back after you finally escaped?" The old demon Qingyun looked at the tall white boar behind Sophie Su and finally gave up the idea of fighting.
"I still have friends in there, and I have to take them out." Sophie Su didn’t want to say much, so he quickly rushed towards the maze.
"To save a friend, this is not to die … alas, my sister chose to follow such a person and I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse …" The old demon Qingyun looked at Sophie Su’s distant figure but shook his head secretly.
The original Qingyun old demon was also unable to be sent to the distance due to an accident. However, when Sophie Su met the Cixi again, he could not help but immediately understand that the random delivery scroll must have been restricted by some kind in this Zuma maze, which made it possible to send it in the maze department and send it to the vicinity of the exit on the first floor of the maze. It was a very good result.
"It’s you who dare to come back!" Cixi couldn’t help but be overjoyed when she saw him, but she suddenly saw two artifacts in this small body, both of which belong to extremely artifacts. It is also very attractive for such a top guild in the fog.
If there is Liu Rushi in these two people and the wild boar with a rich history, she will still be afraid, but now that Liu Rushi is away, she immediately sees Sophie Su as her prey.
Sophie Su’s heart is also surprised and anxious. This Cixi has reached the point of being super strong. She can easily retreat in front of the Woma leader. If she is prepared to fully take a large group of corpse king pets, she may be able to barely fight World War I, but at the moment, there is a white wild boar around her, but she is definitely not her opponent.
"Old white, stop this woman first!" Sophie Su didn’t care much, so he had to let the white boar attack hard to stall Cixi, and he went straight to the depths of the maze.
"Want to run!" Cixi just wanted to chase her flying skills, but she immediately realized that Sophie Su was running in the depths of the maze. She couldn’t help but stop at the thought of the terror of the Woma leader.
When she is powerful, she is absolutely unwilling to be involved in danger, even if it is a little threat to her life, which will make her not know that she would break into the hall of the leader with Woma before she hesitated, but now she is unwilling to enter the depths of the maze again.
"Damn it, do you want to hide in this Woma temple for a generation? Anyway, it seems that the law is sent directly to the outside world. I will stay at the exit and see how long you can hide in it!" Cixi finally gnashed her teeth and gave up chasing.
When Sophie Su found Song Xueyi, the red leaf, she found that Liu Rushi was there, and obviously she couldn’t escape.
"It’s great that you are all right …" Sophie Su finally breathed a sigh of relief. He has been worried that these two weaker girls will be in danger.
"You didn’t send it out either?" Liu Rushi asked some doubts.
"Well, it seems that the random delivery of scrolls has been restricted, and neither Cixi nor Qingyun Old Demon has been sent out. I met them on the way, but they dare not follow me." Sophie Su laughed.
"It seems that you can run out from the entrance … you are really stupid. We naturally know that you are still running back from here." Liu Rushi laughed, but there is no such thing as the past silk.
"Let’s go …"
Sophie Su’s voice did not fall, but he immediately felt a tremor in his feet and a familiar and powerful will attacked him.
"It’s not good that the Woma leader actually chased it out!" Liu Rushi is not slightly color change.
"Run" Sophie Su hurriedly picked up the still sleepy Song Xueyi and started all the acceleration skills and scrolls to run to the export.
But the Woma leader is faster and the whole body shines in front of a few people.
"Greedy humans are you stole my treasure? !” The leader of Woma was full of anger and growled, and even the light came out of his mouth.
Sophie Su couldn’t help secretly complaining that the leader who occupied Song Zheng’s body seemed to have been asleep for too long. Not only did he not even know when the treasure house was stolen, but he still stole it.
"Not us …" Sophie Su wanted to distinguish a few words, but it was a flash of terror to meet him.
Liu Rushi hurriedly made the colorful defense barrier again.
Sophie Su’s heart is pleasantly surprised and afraid. The skill of the Jihad Treasure Armor [God Fan] is still cooling, and even if Liu Rushi makes the defense barrier, Song Xueyi and Hongye behind him will also be killed if they suffer ten percent damage because of their low health! to be continued
Chapter four hundred and thirty Real game
Sophie Su is in despair and takes out the dragon sword again to prepare this Woma leader desperately.
Unexpectedly, when the sky flash just touched the colorful defense barrier, it suddenly disappeared, and even the terrible power of Woma leader suddenly dissipated.
Sophie Su was surprised to see that the figure of the Woma leader in the distance also became blurred …
"Damn … my body is disappearing … What’s going on? !” It’s full of deterrent sounds, and it seems to be full of unwillingness when it rings in my mind again.
Sophie Su’s heart is not pleasantly surprised and sad. Since this Woma leader is reborn by occupying Song Zheng’s body, it should also be restricted by Song Zheng … It’s time to call!
Although he finally escaped, he didn’t know what happened to Song Zheng now, and because he didn’t get the treasure of the Woma clan, he didn’t know anything about himself before he had the opportunity to refine the dragon and tiger elixir again, so he didn’t know when he could summon it again.