Damage of one hundred and sixty thousand if you trigger Baal sword five times again, you can definitely kill the Xuan at the same level.

King Horn growled and his legs cracked when he stepped on the ground. Fortunately, the third girl retired early, otherwise it would not be enough to plug the teeth of this cow.
"It’s a pity that you can’t fly!" Chu Yun smiled and showed two rows of white teeth.
Crack, kill and chop!
—151121 (Critical Strike)
Although there is no rage, there is a 5% chance to confuse the other side, and this time it just triggers.
With Lei Mingzhu, Chu Yun’s attack is 100% critical hit on the enemy’s body, which is called a cool one!
Two big moves, King Horn, half his health will be lost.
"Light light blue refueling attack!" Chu Yun plucked at the strings, and the magic sound of ayane, the sound of dust, freaky crit, who is cool and who knows?
Chuyun ice breath blue dragon attacks in the sky, but the king of horns can’t fly, but he can roar and destroy the surrounding trees. The imposing manner makes people feel chilly.
Deal with the mysterious monster of almost the same level. Now ChuYun can strike without blowing off dust.
When the health value of the Horn King bottomed out, an ordinary attack in Chu Yun simply ended the life of this mysterious monster and broke out a big push.
Chu Yun landed to take back the little blue sage and counted it …
"Gem or mysterious …" Chu Yun’s eyes are bright and the mysterious stone is definitely a good thing.
"Gem of Power" is an introduction to the mysterious attribute Power +3, which can be embedded in weapons.
One plus three forces Chu Yun feels that even if several gold weapons add up, they are not as powerful as this small stone.
Although this gem didn’t exist by itself, it’s absolutely valuable to sell, and maybe it’s the first xuanbao in the game.
"This is …" At this moment, Chu Yun’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw a token. "Maybe …"
Chu Yun trembled and picked up the token from the ground. "The guild token is really a guild token …"
Guild token can choose one land to establish guild territory.
To establish territory is equivalent to having your own territory. If someone else wants to pass by, you can take it in and pass by. If someone wants to set up a stall here, you can also set up a stall; If the guild is rich, it can open all kinds of shops, and the membership of the guild can be greatly increased in its own guild territory. If others want to attack or make trouble, they can be killed without any effort.
To put it simply, if you can have a guild territory, money will crash and its profits will be unimaginable. Of course, one thing you can’t ignore is that it is necessary to choose a geographical location when establishing a guild, otherwise others will not come to your guild territory. What if you talk about making money in this way?
The price of the first guild token is too high.
Chu Yun doesn’t know if there is a token in Qinglong City, Suzaku City and Baihu City, but Xuanwu City is definitely the first piece.
Chu Yun is shaking all over. If you choose the best geographical location to build your own territory, maybe there will be 500 million yuan in a year. At that time, Mengyao’s father will never be able to stop them from being together.
It was Chu Yun who thought of a headache. It was not so easy to establish his own guild territory, especially the first guild territory.
Because when you build territory, other forces will come out to stop it. If you fail to build territory, the guild token will be white.
Unless you choose a geographical difference, then other forces will not come out to stop it.
But who would be stupid enough to go to the first guild token to build territory in a poor geographical location?
Chu Yun is absolutely convinced that if the Bauhinia mercenary group establishes territory, it will be attacked by various forces, especially the four top forces in Xuanwu City. They will never let other forces step on their heads first.
Chu Yun is really an enemy among the powerful players now, but the problem is that they can never be alone when they come to attack.
"Go back and discuss with Meng Yao." Chu Yun put away the guild token and was too lazy to think about it.
At this time, three women came running, and the flush on the face behind the veil was obviously stimulated by the previous scene.
You know, this is the third level of the earth’s Xuan, so it’s incredibly dead for a while!
Chu Yun checked a piece of equipment. It’s a pity that there is a lot of mystery in gold and silver.