"It’s really scary that this happened in the old property! Scared the general! " Gongsun Du seems to know nothing, but he can still laugh brazenly.

"Such a trivial matter, Zhou Mu’s adult must also blame himself. Feng Zhang made too many enemies. It would be strange if few small thieves appeared." Feng Zhang said as he took his eyes to see Gongsun Gong
GongSunGong see Feng Zhang eyes intentionally meaning to see my heart a tight face here also silver hair white.
Gongsun Du didn’t know how to laugh and let Feng Zhang into the house. Lu Bu, Gan Ning and Xu Rong were all invited. Unfortunately, Miss Lu was greedy but she was able to watch because she was a man.
Gongsun Du didn’t even notice that the assassination of Feng Zhang kept urging people to drink. Except for Gan Ning, everyone else hardly moved.
"Master Zhou Mu!" Feng Zhang let go of some serious tone in his glass speech. GongSunFu’s heart thumped. This madness is coming true, and it’s impossible to escape.
"The day before yesterday, Zhou Mu’s adult discussed the common constraint of Yuan’s housework. I don’t know what Sun’s adult discussed? But think it’s Zhou Mu’s adult who knows that Feng’s attack is Yuan Gu’s CCBA. "
"People dare to assassinate angels in my hands, even beheading them is light!"
Although Gongsun Du arrived here, he didn’t know what the consequences would be if Yuan Xi was taken back to Xuchang. But he didn’t know that Yuan Xi had become disabled. I’m afraid he did, and he had crustily skin of head with Feng Zhang.
Anyway, Yuan Xi had an accident in his own field, and he didn’t tell Lombardi, so he was waiting for his war.
"Will there be any misunderstanding?" Gongsungong got the nerve to say 1 before.
"misunderstanding! ?” Feng Zhang sneered and laughed so much that Gongsun Gong’s throat was numb. "You should know best if there is no misunderstanding between the two public companies ~!"
"I still have six conference semifinals prisoners there who have confessed the facts. Do you want to bring three to make it clear in front of everyone?"
Feng Zhang’s eyes and tone are aggressive. If it weren’t for the Gongsun family’s argument, whatever the general, the angel would also strike table and leave Fujian.
Hearing that the witnesses had Gongsun Gong, he kept sweating and Gongsun Du slumped into his chair.
"I’d like to ask, if the Yuan family in Liaodong is bad in the future, I’m not an opponent of the Yuan family in Liaodong. If it’s critical and Qingzhou is thousands of miles apart, can you protect Liaodong?"
It seems that Gongsun Du compromised the old man and kept playing Tai Chi with me without forcing you!
Feng Zhang ha ha a smile proudly pointing to the direction of the port "Zhou Mu adults get carried away by Feng Zhong? My Qingzhou has more than a thousand people, and it is even more ridiculous to go Ge, which is even more obscured by General Gan Xing Ba Gan, the commander of our water army. "
Gan Ning got up and let go, biting the skeleton chicken until it was greasy and hugged a fist.
"If the Liaodong critical general five days can take fifty thousand troops! I don’t want to boast about Qingzhou’s military strength, do I? "
GongSunFu three people nodding button is afraid that people can’t come, not to doubt your power. Originally, I was worried that Liaodong and Cao Cao’s territory were separated by seclusion and Hebei, which was not afraid of coming from land and water …
God, nobody has anything to stop the Ganning army from the water yet.
Although Feng Zhang blew a cow, how can there be more than a thousand of them? The water army can fight without 50 thousand, but it is a real reassurance to hear it in Gongsun Du’s ear
"So the old man no longer hesitates." Gongsun Du took out a packet from his sleeve and wished it well. "Please pay the general to the court."
This is a disguised form of soft recognition of Cao Cao’s status.
Feng Zhang delighted to take a hand to Lv Qiling behind him.
"Zhou Mu’s adult loves Feng deeply and has to reciprocate. The six conference semifinals prisoners were handed over to Er Gong."
Section 193 Collusion
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