What makes Xia Yu even more jaw-dropping is that she actually bowed to Hony’s collar, which is a little low. Plus, when she leaned over to pass the tableware, the two snow peaks exhaled and were too exposed. Although it was not too long to get along with the hook, Xia Yu was a conservative and rigorous person, but why did she appear here and dress so exposed?

Xia Yu is puzzled, but it’s even more embarrassing to find out what happened in front of everyone. If you mistook yourself for someone else, Xia Yu decided to wait for the opportunity silently.
Well-trained people are reluctant to eat, and everyone’s glasses are reluctant to fill with burgundy wine. Ji Yu and several men have a sentence without a sentence, and the usual coldness is much more peaceful.
Xia Yu can’t talk or drink wine. She is really depressed to the extreme. The only thing that distracts her now is going to send Rui. After all, she saved her life and helped her so much. Isn’t there a job for Gui Rui? Why will she wait for someone? I’ll ask him when I have the opportunity.
See to send Rui turned to get something Xia Yu in vain just want to talk to the past Ji Yu looked up and stared at Xia Yu deep eyes staring at her Xia Yu mouth to Ji Yu Road toilet.
In order to make Ji Yu not worry, she deliberately slowed down when she passed the dining table. As soon as she left Ji Yu’s sight, she suddenly stepped up her pace and chased her in the direction of returning to Rui, but after a long aisle, she couldn’t see the figure of returning to Rui. Xia Yu couldn’t help but feel annoyed.
Since this aisle is the only way to the dining table, Xia Yu, who wants to wait for him here, will definitely come back and send it back to Rui. Unexpectedly, Du Hongyi is such a tasteful person. The corridor is covered with warm and pale yellow wallpaper, which is also a warm and pale yellow downlight. It seems that the spotlight shines on the oil painting to create an artistic atmosphere and make the oil painting colorful.
Anyway, Xia Yu thinks that he is idle and waiting to return to Rui. At the same time, Xia Yu appreciates the oil painting on the wall and plays lightly on the wool carpet, but he doesn’t make a sound. It is a pity that a police chief should be so interested in literature and art.
I watched it too carefully, so that no one who passed by knew that Angelica sinensis had taken 3 or 4 meters to send its core. Only in the summer did I react quickly and turned to the back and shouted "Return to the core, return to the core" and rushed forward.
The figure showed one leng, and then accelerated the pace. According to Xia Yu’s intuition, this person must be sent to Rui, otherwise there would be no such reaction. Xia Yu changed to running because he was sent to Rui with food in his hand, so Xia Yu could easily chase her.
Xia Yu you’re welcome stopped in front of Guiruirui and gasped, "Guiruirui, why are you running? Don’t you know me?"
Gui Ruirui kept her head down and her face expression was unnatural. Obviously, she didn’t really want to see Xia Yu, but she had to answer when she was asked about Xia Yu.
"Ha ha Xia Yu elder sister, it’s you." Gui Rui smiled awkwardly and was perfunctory in his words.
I got a response from Gui Ruirui, and Xia Yu smiled with a gentle smile. "Yes, I still don’t know me. By the way, why do you work here? I just told you to run."
"I changed my job. By the way, I just saw you sitting next to a man. Did you say that he was in trouble? You blame me. I still believe that Du Hongyi said that there was a drug gang coming after you. I told him where you were. I’m sorry, Xia Yu, I hurt you." At this time, Rui returned to her original enthusiasm. Now her face is anxious and delicate, and her face is wrinkled.
I just returned to send Rui to pretend to be Xia Yu on purpose. First, this dress is really questionable. Second, I betrayed Xia Yu’s whereabouts because I believed in Du Hongyi. She will feel more or less guilty and dare not face Xia Yu.
Xia Yu froze for a few seconds to connect the ins and outs. It turns out that Xiao Ni just denied her because of guilt. Look at her anxious face. She must be worried:
Chapter 3 Chance to send Rui
"I’m fine. He and I misunderstood that the person who came after me that day was not sent by him. Why do you work here?" She was embarrassed to send Rui Xia language with a full face of worry, so she changed the subject.
Returned Rui twisted his forehead and asked two beautiful eyebrows, "Isn’t it really sent by him?" I already had a relationship with Ji Yu, thinking that the man was horrible and powerful, and he couldn’t help but tremble. Although he said that he was peaceful today, Returned Rui still couldn’t help but worry.
"If not, can I still be here?" Xia Yu posed his hands to prove his integrity.
"that’s true, but he didn’t send those who came after you. Then who did?"
"I don’t know about this. Maybe it’s his enemy. When I get back, I’ll ask him to investigate." Summer Nunu mouth said with some regret.
At this time, it’s much calmer to send Rui than just now. I’m just excited, but my hand is still holding a cup of food with a large golden cover. It looks very heavy. I just talked about summer language and forgot to send Rui. My hand is still holding food.
"Jirui, why don’t you put the food first and let’s talk? You’re not in Kanger’s class."
Gui Ruirui’s eyes twinkled and she just wanted to answer Xia Yu with her lips gently, but she was interrupted by a cold Cennan. "Where have you been in Lu Xia Yu?"
I was chatting with Gui Ruirui, and Xia Yu was shocked by this male voice. I didn’t see anyone to know who the voice was.
Although this man is her husband, Xia Yu is still a little angry. She is a little angry and says, "I am not here."
Knowing that he just sounded too sharp, Ji Yu’s face changed back to softness. "Why is the toilet so long?"
"What’s the matter with you?" Xia Yu still has some persistent ways.
Ji Yu is not angry, but sipping sexy lips and setting her eyes soft.
Suddenly, a plan formed in Xia Yu’s mind, and her angry little face immediately piled up with a big smile and grabbed Ji Yu’s wrist. "Husband, can you not let Gui Rui go to your company to work?"
Xia Yu said, "Smart eyes also blinked at Ji Yu. This is the first time that Xia Yu showed such a nifty expression to Ji Yu, and Ji Yu couldn’t help but ripple his mind."
"God told him to bring his resume to Domain City International." Although he was fascinated, Ji Yu was still a business-like tone.
Xia Yu’s little face immediately crossed over and complained, "Well, you still want to do business in a season." At this moment, her expression has changed again, and even the title has changed.
Guizhi Rui is somewhat embarrassed among them, and she doesn’t want to see Xia Yu’s sister. It turns out that men can show such tenderness in front of them. It seems that his feelings for Xia Yu’s sister are not fake, which makes Guiji Rui feel at ease.
Gui Ruirui took advantage of the quarrel between Xia Yu and Ji Yu to quickly raise her feet and leave the scene. If she doesn’t leave, her hand will be broken. God knows how many things there are in this dish. There is a little thing in it. It happened that such a large plate was filled with justice and that bloody Hongyi made her lose her job and let her stay in the detention center for three days. The most hateful thing is that he forced her to work here and signed that unfair contract. It’s so shameful for an open police chief to return to Rui. It’s really resentful to think that things are like birds of a feather. She can’t help but worry about Xia Yu.
Because the attention department shifted to Ji Yu, when did Gui Rui leave? She didn’t know Xia Yu pouted and glanced at Ji Yu angrily. "It’s all your fault for scaring people away and whether you can let Gui Rui come to your company or not."
Ji Yu has a face of koo. He is absolutely not scary, and he doesn’t have a mouth to say a word to Gui Ruirui. Can he "swallow" Ji Yu’s "unreasonable" summer language? Who told him that he loves this woman to the bone?
"It’s not up to me to decide whether she will come to the city class, but it’s up to someone to decide." Ji Yu deliberately didn’t say anything, but I believe Cong Xia can guess it when he got to this point.
Indeed as expected, I am deeply immersed in the summer language of Ji Yu, and I want someone to say who this person is. Ji Yu can’t help but want to laugh with a rigorous face. Fortunately, his ability to stop it is very good, otherwise it will be a face.
"Go back and continue to eat, and they say that your husband values friends more." Since the return of Xia Yu, the words in the season domain have changed a lot. Even talking with Xia Yu can squeeze out water, sometimes Xia Yu can’t help but wonder if the season domain is really the season domain.
Ji Yu went straight to the dining table and left a figure for Xia Yu.
Xia Yu is unwilling to howl at the back. "Alas, Ji Yu, you make it clear to me who this someone really refers to."
"You are so clever, guess for yourself."
"Guess I still have to ask you?"
"Then don’t ask."
"Ji Yu, you are hateful"
On the second floor of the villa, a woman is unwilling to shout and tease a man. It’s like flirting between men and women at the beginning of love.
Back to the dining table, Xia Yu saw that Ji Yu had already sat down and gracefully picked up a glass of red wine and sipped at the sexy lips. The radian of the whole mouth and neck line was so sexy. With the red liquid passing through the Adam’s apple, the Adam’s apple fluttered. This little movement made Xia Yu stunned. Xia Yu shook his head desperately to get rid of his dirty thoughts. Isn’t that physiological need particularly strong after pregnancy?
Approaching the European-style dining table, Xia Yu deliberately chose a seat far away from the season. Anyway, this table is so long and so favorable. Isn’t it good? After sitting down, Xia Yu’s eyes searched the whole restaurant for the figure of returning Rui, but unfortunately, she didn’t see her. Xia Yu was a little discouraged, took her eyes back and once again raised her eyes and cast a sad look in the direction of the season.