"Charge one by one!" I shouted a.

The nangongshan labored around the body one by one and looked at me with a sad face and said lightly, "It’s beyond the distance."
Just look at the nangongshan body to fall into the heart suddenly sank.
The eagle didn’t give me a chance to be sad. When I shouted that sentence, the eagle was already moving.
The goshawk suddenly rose to a height of 9 degrees from the ground.
My left hand gripped the goshawk’s feather tightly, and my right hand waved a dagger at the goshawk.
"poof?" The dagger plunged into the goshawk’s body, which also made me steady on the goshawk’s back.
How can the goshawk just let me go? I feel that when it turns sharply, my body will be thrown to one side.
"damn!" I cursed one.
The left arm suddenly felt a loose md pulling the hair out.
I lost my hair in my hand and quickly grabbed it again. It’s a disaster for this nima to fall like this.
The goshawk made a sharp turn and then a sharp turn, and the direction changed from to.
"damn!" I scolded another dagger and pulled it out.
Nnd is so difficult.
Goshawk slammed me, stopped dagger, stretched out his hand and grabbed it.
Hands and a body shook the dagger and fell off.
"Lying in the trough!" How can this md play?
I’m holding the goshawk in both hands, and the goshawk is shaking one by one, left and right, so I’m not worried again
If both hands lose hair, I won’t be an idiot?
Thinking about it, I let go of my right hand and went to the parcel.
Chapter 10 Tianya is dead again?
When you reach into the package, your hand feels warm.
I didn’t hesitate, so I just took it out because I knew there was nothing else in the package except this sharp weapon.
But I don’t have the equipment for this burning blade, and I don’t know whether it can be done or not
Hold the burning blade in your hand, lift it and thrust it at you.
"poof!" The searing blade penetrated the body of the goshawk and brought out a piercing cry of the goshawk.
Actually can do it.
I was overjoyed that the eagle stopped strenuous exercise because of excessive pain, which also gave me many opportunities.
After pulling out the hot blade, the big arm stabbed it again with a wave of his hand.
I can actually hit 300 to 400 points of damage. Looking at the goshawk’s body wound, there is a faint blue flame beating, but it is a burning effect.
Sustained damage to the goshawk, losing 1 point of blood every second.
"Ha ha! I don’t know whether to fix the injury or deduct the blood volume by percentage.
No matter what happens, if I can have such a weapon in the future, then I can be invincible when I fight boss.
So if I can hold on for a minute now, this goshawk will definitely die at my hands.
Thinking of this, I tightened my left hand again and grabbed a feather in my hand.
The goshawk can’t help it. I flew out of a 36-degree rotation on its back. When the goshawk moved, I stopped manually and firmly grasped the guy in my hand.
It’s a pity that this guy can’t fly backwards, otherwise I would really fall.
Soon, the blood of the eagle will be consumed by me. Fortunately, this unarmed weapon has been sent to a big field, but my white scales should not be smashed to pieces.
In my heart, I want to row the burning blade in my hand to the goshawk again
"Brush!" A virtual shadow was beaten through the qi and blood of the virtual goshawk.
"Ga!" After a scream, the goshawk’s figure fell off
Of course, I’ll join you.
"Hua!" When the goshawk rang, a lot of things broke out.
Staring at my eyes, I quickly found a pair of things with a faint luster inside, reached out and fished them out, and then looked at the other two pieces of equipment that had been dropped.
It seems that I can’t get it.
As soon as I closed my eyes, I listened to the wind whistling by my side and thought about my white scale dagger.
I hope it doesn’t explode.
The speed is getting faster and faster. I open my eyes and look at the things on both sides rising rapidly, and I think that I will be shot dead on the edge of the ground for a while, so I can’t help but tighten my chrysanthemums.
I experienced this feeling in the game. Will it be the same in reality?
Forget jumping off a building. Have a chance to jump to the extreme.
Still thinking about listening to "bang!" I feel that the time has changed when I shake my body.
It’s a good thing it’s not so realistic, and there’s no blood and flesh flying around. It would be great if it were such a pile of carrion when it was resurrected