"Well, don’t cry, hold back. I think you have made a choice. My father just goes with the flow, but you have to make three chapters with him. At most, you two can’t have a third one, understand?" Yun Xuan confessed.

"yeah!" Yunxi nodded heavily with tears in her eyes.
"Well, you are old, there are some things you make your own decisions, and your father listens to you. If you choose to get along with him in the future, your father will also set him up, hehe. Well, I have left in advance. Don’t be in trouble. My lovely daughter will be happy. " Yun Xuan also some can’t help but want to twitch at the moment, decided to walk first as well.
For a moment, three people were left quiet and thinking about their own problems. ! .

Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine The gap is scattered
"Well, I’ve made up my mind. As long as Brother Tianjun comes to see me tomorrow, I’ll totally accept it, no regrets!" Father’s statement made Yunxi have a bottom in his heart, and finally he became cruel, and the last knot in his heart disappeared, and he began to fantasize about a bright future. { fastest text chapter reading}
After passing through the lively venue, Tianjun was dull, unable to lift any energy, and his heart was full of considerations of gain and loss, like a puppet, with no thoughts, letting the pictures without Se color flash in his mind.
Overnight, Tianjun tossed and turned in the room alone, imagining things, and made up his mind to prepare for a protracted war.
Eight! Zero! Electricity! Son! Books! w! w! w! ! t! x! t! 8! 0! .! c! c
Early the next morning, Tianjun, a spirit of JΡ, suddenly jumped high from the stone chuáng and muttered in his heart, "Everything will be different and everything will come true."
With Xuanji’s strong encouragement and support, Tianjun is still a little nervous. If there is lead on the soles of his feet, the closer he gets to the female disciple area, the stronger the sense of foreboding in his heart, and the more he doesn’t want to move.
Slow, leisurely line to yesterday’s position, suppress the heart of the deer jumping, motionless, Tianjun seems to have been immobilized, a face of disappointment, just stood there.
The door was closed, as if it were lifeless yesterday. Tianjun’s eyes were blank and he muttered to himself, "Alas, it seems that she won’t pay attention to me and forgive me!"
For a time, the sadness of loss, the bitterness of frustration, and the confusion of missing Hun, like smoke and fog, instantly enveloped Tianjun, full of thoughts, struggling and hesitating, and could not help himself.
"Why didn’t she open the door, why? Does she hate me? Am I not being sincere enough? Alas, why is it so difficult to meet her? I want to explain everything that day to her face and show her my affection implicitly.
Why didn’t she accept my kindness? Why should she accept my kindness? Why? Forget it, forget it, that’s all. I’m wishful thinking. Alas, it’s intentional and heartless. Just, just, let’s put away that overflowing emotion early, don’t think much, and practice well. "Tianjun began to think that all the good and bad things followed, and his mouth began to talk nonsense.
I don’t know how long it took, but Tianjun slowly recovered, and Hun stood firm and felt dejected. Finally, Tianjun did not choose to persist, but chose to retreat. The hazy emotion in my heart is like a shallow footprint on the beach, and it is washed away immediately.
"Dian …", with a sigh, took out the treasured sword spike from the storage bag and hung it quietly on the wooden door.
After doing this, Tianjun seemed to have confessed this sudden emotion in his heart, and his mood gradually calmed down, and his mind gradually became clear. 1S son was as steady as a big stone falling to the ground, and he didn’t jump, so he stayed in place and calmed down as usual.
Tianjun seems to be afraid of falling into endless lovesickness again, and his thoughts are running quickly, finding a reason for himself and convincing himself. "Well, this should be the case. Don’t try to force it. Maybe it’s just a transit of life. Maybe, when I was puzzled, I fell in love with Yunxi inexplicably, but it turned out that it was not the best result. Yes, this is just the only way in life, not the fate of heaven. Maybe even more exciting is behind. Forget her, everything is just a dream. "
Although Tianjun knows that these are all self-deceiving thoughts, now he can only use this lie to temporarily paralyze himself.
Finally, when he left, he held his head high with luck and looked inside the door, as if he just wanted to see Yunxi one last time.
Yi Yu Pei, who is innocent, shines in the morning light, just like the crystal-clear beads on the petals in the morning, and you can find it at a glance.
"Yu Pei? How can it appear here? " From the crack of the door, it can be seen that Yu Pei is wandering back and forth, which seems to create something.
Looking up again, a jade hand is swaying this Yu Pei, and a girl’s bright smile can be seen in the crack of the door.
"Yunxi!" Tianjun shouted for fear that outsiders could not hear him.
With a creaking sound, the isolated wooden door finally broke open, and Yunxi looked at Tianjun with tears of joy. At this moment, she didn’t care what others thought at all, but only wished to live forever.
"Yunxi!" When Tianjun saw the figure he dreamed of, he only jumped for joy and hugged Yunxi with one stride, which made him unforgettable all his life.
Two tearful people are hugging each other at the moment, as if the world is in their arms at this moment, and all the bitterness is gone, and the future to meet them will be bitter and sweet.
"Fobo, look, look." Yunyue tugged at Fobo’s sleeve, carefully watched the movements of the two people, and couldn’t help crying out in a low voice when she saw the emotion, but the weak voice was heard by the two people inadvertently.
Some embarrassing unwilling to let go, Tianjun reached out and gently wiped Yunxi’s tears. Naturally Yunxi’s face was red, and she looked shy, but she seemed to enjoy it.
"Well, come out and stop peeking." Yunxi said shyly, in fact, two people have already noticed that two people are peeking, just because of their emotions, and they can’t control their emotions, so they didn’t say it until now.
Fu Bo came out a little embarrassed, but Yunyue was careless, and she didn’t mean to be half-divided. Instead, she kept criticizing her sister for valuing her sister over her sister.
"Oh, is this your sister, your own sister?" Looking at Yunyue in Tianju with great interest, this girl’s mouth is really able to say that totally and Yunxi are two xìng people.
"That can be false. Take a closer look at how much we are alike." The cloud-month refuter had a hatred for Tianjun before, but because of his sister, he didn’t hate Tianjun so much anymore, but thought he was an interesting person.
"Fubo, long time no see, how have you been in recent years?" Rites must not be wasted. Tianju fell to the ground and said respectfully to Fobo.
"Okay, okay, get up quickly, get up quickly." F "J" bent down to help Tianjun. How dare he bear such a gift?
"It’s really gratifying to meet again after ten years’ absence. I’ll order my servants to prepare some food and wine, and I won’t return until I get drunk." Fu Bo said happily.
"No, Fubo, just talk. Why bother spending so much money? Besides, the two grandfathers told the boy not to drink." Tianjun said some difficult.
"Yes, yes, I was abrupt. Please sit down inside quickly and tell us something about the past ten years." Fu Bo laughed and quickly called Tianjun to ask questions.
Four people sit quietly, and Tianjun tells the details of the dribs and drabs in the past ten years, which, of course, does not include his own affairs with those branches and leaves of Xuanji.
Everyone groaned with the priority of things. When Tianjun wasted a long time to finish, Fobo said, "I didn’t expect you to arrive in Tiangu ten years ago. It’s really unexpected. No wonder I have been looking for you many times in the past ten years, but I can’t find you. It seems that two seniors have blocked the battle."
"Brother-in-law, why don’t you come to Van Gogh to find us?" Cloud month suddenly daring, suddenly startled everyone.
Brother in law? Yunxi bowed his head conveniently, but he didn’t realize that this sister was so blather regardless of the occasion. Although she loved it, it was really strange.
Brother in law? Tianjun leng along while, finally put the taboo and hung up the contact, scratching his head a little embarrassed, it seems that it will be difficult to accept this name for a while, but anyway, Yunyue shouted this name, which at least shows that she has completely regarded Tianjun as a member of her own family at the moment, without the scene of fighting with her before. Fubo has laughed from ear to ear at the moment, but Yunyue disapprovingly made fun of them for being ignorant and completely ignorant.
Tianjun relented, coughed lightly and said, "It’s hard to disobey your teacher’s orders. As for why you want to go to Tiangu, the two grandfathers didn’t elaborate, but there should be some truth."
"Yes, the two seniors will not do useless work. This arrangement naturally has their reasons. We should not delve into it, and we should not be suspicious." Fu Bo said quickly that for those two predecessors, Fu Bo is sincerely admired.
If for Yun Xuan Valley Master, it’s because of the long-term affection between master and servant and Yun Xuan’s bidding, then for the two predecessors, Fobo feels really an eye-opener in his life and sincerely admires him from the bottom of his heart.
"Well, anyway, as long as you two are together again, I’m happier than anything. You don’t know how much you miss Yunxi these years." Fobo said jokingly.
"Fubo." Yunxi is even more shameful at the moment. If it weren’t for Tianjun’s side, I would like to go up and pull Fubo’s beard to make him talk nonsense.
"Yunxi, look." Tianjun took out two charms from the storage bag, and Yan Se was distinct. At first glance, he knew that they were the original wishing tree.
"My wishing spell?" Yunxi inexplicably shouted out.
"Let me see." Cloud on a drag in the past, hold these two in your hand, when it’s radical, want to be mixed everywhere.
"Wow, is it really a legendary natural couple?" Cloud month twittering shout, present two positive in front of a few people.
"Tianjun!" "Yunxi!"
"It turns out that my sister’s wish spell is written about this. I’ve always wanted to find out, and I’ve found many ways, but there’s nothing I can do. I can finally see it today, and it’s a taste of my wish." Cloud month somehow, some sigh said.
At this moment, Yunxi finally understood Tianjun’s heart and was happier than ever. They looked at each other unconsciously, full of incomparable happiness.
Unconsciously, in the hilarious laughter, time flies, and the only gap between the two people has of course disappeared, and they have returned to the carefree laughter before. The original feeling has always been there, and not fade away has passed. ! .

Chapter one hundred and seventy Fraudulent
In Brahma Hall, the last afterglow of the sunset fell obliquely into the hall, and two men and two women in high spirits lined up in turn under the hall. On the seats on both sides, all the Xianmen elders attended one by one, waiting for the Yun Xuan Valley Master to personally preside over the summit award. [] Reading novels without pop-up windows! ]
In the past few days, Tianjun has been wandering between Xuanji and Yunxi, enjoying himself, and the two women have also cleared up their differences, and a scene of harmony is now commonplace.
After a delay of some time, the last item of the Four Immortals’ Hegemony Conference began to proceed steadily, among which it was the few people in Tiangu who were most happy, and it seemed that everything began to proceed in an orderly way again.
Yao Hao just finished the game, and then he used the secret method of Tiangu to deliver this exciting news. In the secluded cloud palm teaching retreat, he also specially sent a message that four people were rewarded when they came back, especially Tianjun and Xuanji, and there were unexpected things waiting for them.
There are also many enviable things listed before waiting for them to collect. After Elder Yimo took out a jade box and put it in the class, Yun Xuan Valley Master stood up and swept away all the people in the class. Zheng Se said, "You are the best among the winners of the summit, and you are also the future beam of Wolong mainland. At present, Wolong mainland is like a storm, and you are the leaders of the younger generation in Wolong mainland in the future. You must guard against arrogance and rashness during your trip to Wan Li.