Maybe history itself will be remembered for a sentence or two. After a thousand years, who knows that there was a butterfly that flapped its wings so hard at this time? (End)

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The first chapter review plan
On April 1st (Monday), the blackboard in Class 32, Grade Three, Huigong Middle School says "5" days before the college entrance examination!
Teacher Qin, the class leader of the first class in the afternoon, made another class mobilization before class to cherish the important five days in life! The voice is lingering in everyone’s ears. "Students think back to the past day and night. We have read books that can be piled up into mountains. We have finished the papers that can fly all over the sky; We have had grades step by step, and we have had grades that are slippery, sad and frustrated, and tears; We are burdened with parents’ earnest expectations that we paint our dreams; We have gone through the most beautiful youth season in our lives together, and we have remembered every bright smiling face together. Now that the loud bugle has sounded and the order to speed up progress has been issued, we have no choice but to pack our backpacks quickly, summon up courage and walk hand in hand through the hardships for 50 days, so as to win a beautiful victory in June when money is on fire. Harvest our biggest dream in the golden season! "
Teacher Qin also gave an impassioned speech at the podium. Zhang Xiaojie sat in his seat and left his pie mouth. The college entrance examination was a battle for one day and a sprint for five days. After five days, it was estimated that most of the people were killed. At most, a quarter of them were the lucky ones. Anyway, he didn’t do anything else. He held up the left cheek gang and continued to wander. Wan Li suddenly found that the guy named Wang Feipeng in the last row was serious and listened with relish. Teacher Qin couldn’t help but fight.
Wang Feipeng and he have been hovering in the last few places. Since last summer vacation, I don’t know what’s wrong with them. They have been studying hard to get into the university. They almost laughed their heads off, but in the third year of high school, this guy slowly climbed from the bottom to the twelfth place in the current class, and his name occasionally appeared in the top ten results list on the right side of the classroom blackboard.
The students in the back row are all members of a basketball team and a football team. I didn’t feel the importance of this guy in the team before. Since this guy’s brain is broken and he has to study hard, he has often been ravaged by the team next door and sometimes abused by the junior class. I feel even more depressed when I think about this crop. What do you think of taking the college entrance examination? Even if the sky is gone, you still have to find a job and get the most fame after graduation. After graduating from high school, let’s meet together, soak up girls, drink a lot and eat a lot of meat. It’s all fun to think about it.
Wang Feipeng sat in the last row, listening to the passionate mobilization of the class leader, Mr. Qin, while planning his review plan. He was a little poor in basic Chinese and biology, and his English was the worst.
Last summer vacation, I was the first to take English hard to chew English words, texts, Grammar is the right way to do English now. It’s not like looking at the sky. I can’t even understand sentences, especially reading comprehension is getting easier. I even got more than 9 points in the weekly English five-mode exam. Even the English teacher Lu Wanqing can’t believe that she has been beating around the bush for fear that Wang Feipeng will plagiarize, but her English listening is still weak. The English teacher went to the seat and said that she was going to give Wang Feipeng a small stove to improve his listening. Wang Feipeng secretly glanced at her small nose, short black hair and tall figure, and smelled a faint fragrance. Her face was flushed involuntarily. Recently,
According to another guy, Zheng Kejian, who has a crush on English teachers, she knows her boyfriend in college and thinks that she can’t be transferred to the city in the countryside. Recently, the English teacher secretly cried several times, and I don’t know how this guy got the gossip. However, the English teacher has really been in a low mood recently. Zheng Kejian is extremely angry, and the beautiful teacher is so tolerant. Although they don’t have a good attitude towards their poor grades, they are absolutely sacred and inviolable in their hearts. I thought about asking a few friends to hit that heart breaker sap in the city, but no one paid attention to it.
Wang Feipeng continued to plan his own review. Chinese is similar to English. He can recite the words, phrases and texts of junior and senior high schools by rote memorization. Wang Feipeng’s grandfather and mother are village doctors. Since childhood, he has been asked to recite some soup songs, ancient prescriptions, yin and yang, and five elements. The understanding of classical Chinese and some ancient poems is better than his humanities. This is due to reading online novels a few years ago. Although martial arts, cities and fantasy novels are divorced from reality, they still have some benefits for high writing. When writing, they are not needed.
It’s the hardest thing to learn high numbers. It takes a lot of time and effort to memorize all the formulas and theories, and it’s also hard to strengthen the tactics of the sea. However, the results are slowly emerging, and common problems can be solved and complex points can be understood slowly.
Physics is his strong point. Since childhood, Wang Feipeng used to pick up his father’s home line. Wang Hua had a radio. After a few months, he smashed his father’s anger, but he drove him away for a long time. Finally, Wang Feipeng quickly climbed to the top of a big tree. His father just didn’t come.
Chemistry benefits from having a good teacher who is an old educated youth class and likes to do experiments, which drives the students’ interest in explaining and guides the steps of solving problems from the basics to the depths. Even Zhang Xiaojie and Zheng Kejian can pass the exam.
My grandfather and mother are village doctors, and they usually see chronic diseases as Chinese medicine, but emergency treatment such as colds, fevers, headaches and stomachaches is also combined with some western medicines. They are also interested in biology and understanding quickly, and they are becoming more and more interested in making progress. The students in the 96-minute weekly biology exam are all dumbfounded. Several girls in the class also asked him to be passive about biology. Nuo Nuo couldn’t tell for a long time, from red forehead to ears, which made the girls laugh so hard that Zheng Kejian’s eyes fell off.
Wang Feipeng has compiled a train of thought. From last summer vacation to now, I should recite it all. The students have already reviewed it for several months, but they should not make a review plan to catch up.
Teacher Qin, the class leader, also reached the final climax. "Students! The college entrance examination day is approaching day by day, and the tension is gradually gathering. This tension belongs not only to the excellent students but also to each of you. This kind of tension is not unique to you, and our teacher has also entered the ranks of tension. You have worked hard for five days to achieve your goal of three years and five days to determine your life value orientation. You are certainly a hero. If you fail, you are still a hero. Struggle makes you regret it. Struggle makes people admire the pace and let us continue to climb! "
After school in the afternoon, several Wang Feipeng, who came to play basketball again in Zhang Xiaojie, politely refused. He had decided to take part in the college entrance examination. He didn’t touch basketball or football for half a year, thinking that the teacher scolded himself, his parents scolded himself, his classmates mocked him, and he was more determined to review his determination to face the college entrance examination.
What we need to do now is to allocate the daily hours well, except for going to bed late and waking up early for half an hour. There are also two sets of boxing, Qijia Boxing and Tai Ji Chuan, which are forced by my grandfather to practice since childhood. Although I feel nothing, I feel weak after practicing for a long time without practicing, especially if I go to sleep for a few laps on a small Sunday, I am very calm and get up early and walk for a few laps, which is refreshing and looks very efficient.
Get up at 5: 30 in the morning, go to bed at 1: 30 in the evening, have classes every day, study by yourself early after the exam, and study by yourself at noon, in the evening, and at night. When you can control it freely, you will be allocated nearly two hours for English, one and a half hours for Chinese, one hour for mathematics, one hour for physics, chemistry and biology, and then you will sort out how much you watch in six courses from junior high school to senior high school every day, and make a daily review plan. You will choose to record what you don’t understand and what you don’t understand,
There are still five days before the college entrance examination, and the third year of high school eats and sleeps at school weekends. After class, the review will be doubled in three days, and it will still be very compact when you look at all the reviews again. There are two days left to strengthen the exam. I have done more papers every day and finished the review plan. Although there is no leisure every day, it makes people feel very full and relaxed.
Chapter II English Tutoring
On April 2nd (Thursday), the blackboard in Class 32, Grade Three, Huigong Middle School says "4" days before the college entrance examination!
In the afternoon, before the first class, Mr. Qin, the class leader, took the first red paper list of the college entrance examination and posted it in front of the classroom. Wang Feipeng was ranked 10 th in 52 classes!
Little has changed from the top ten of Grade One in Senior High School. Now, Wang Feipeng’s later classmates can’t believe that Class 32, a super "shit", became a star of hope in a few months, which made the math teacher who used to scold him "shit" astonishingly. The ball friends Zheng Kejian and Zhang Xiaojie saw him as if they had met an enemy. The teacher asked them to move the nickname of Wang Feipeng’s learning model "shit" to their heads.
At the end of the afternoon English class, English teacher Lu Wanqing came to Wang Feipeng. "You did well in the English exam this time, but your weakness is obvious. I will strengthen your listening if you come to my office late."
"Good thank you, teacher." Wang Feipeng blushed and quickly bowed his head and brushed his eyes at No.1 Middle School, which made him even more afraid to look up.
"Come here at 7: 00 p.m. Then" Zheng Kejian and Zhang Xiaojie crowded into Wang Feipeng’s seat as soon as the English teacher left the classroom.
"Teacher Lu has taught us English for several years. For the first time, a lovelorn woman is very empty. You should seize the opportunity to soothe her injured heart. Why don’t I go with you?" Zheng Kejian smiled and hugged Wang Feipeng’s shoulder. Zhang Xiaojie bared his teeth. "When you enter the door, you should be soft and hard, but you should be domineering and hard-driving. I will turn the real tiger into a paper tiger. I will give you the door. You can do whatever you want to make sure that no one can harass you."
Wang Feipeng pushed the two best friends around to get up and "I want you two to go to the toilet now", ignoring their filth and leaving the classroom quickly.
At 7 o’clock in the evening, Wang Feipeng arrived at the English teacher’s office on time. Lu Wanqing was already wearing a loose coat in the office, and her short hair was still a little damp. As soon as she approached, she smelled a faint fragrance. Lu Wanqing pointed to the chair opposite the desk and said, "Sit down."
Liu Wanqing looked up and carefully looked at the big boy across the street. His height is estimated to be 19 meters. His shoulders are wide and his body is thin. His eyes and nose are a little thin. You can’t see that he is very good, but his eyes are clean and his hair is a little messy. I heard that the players of the school basketball team and football team bowed their heads and didn’t talk after taking the door. His face was reddish and his face was shy.
Lu Wanqing felt a slight joy in his heart. The big boy didn’t know whether he was shy to see the teacher or the girl. He thought of the opposite side. From last summer’s class to the tenth place in the current class, he couldn’t help but look at it with special respect. It can be said that it is a kind of "trick" for high school students, just like the Buddhist "epiphany". It is estimated that this is the only one who brought his own teacher this year. She really didn’t know what this kind of child would do once he was "trick". From the opposite side, the boy suddenly realized that he had to study hard
Thinking of this, Lu Wanqing turned his mind. "Wang Feipeng, you have made great progress in your English study recently. Tell me how you did it."
Wang Feipeng looked up at his eyes and the teacher quickly lowered his head. "I have memorized all the words and texts from junior high school to senior high school, and some grammar and structures are being reviewed for the second time."
"Well, English is mainly words and sentences. It is really not difficult to recite these tests, but there is a weakness in listening and speaking, isn’t it? “
Wang Feipeng nodded. "I don’t think I can pass the oral English test for high listening."
Liu Wanqing one leng, this little finish is a sword going sideways. "You finished this to cope with the exam. Don’t you speak English after that?" Spoken English is also the embodiment of learning English well. "
"Now the first thing is to speak after the college entrance examination," Wang Feipeng muttered.
Lu Wanqing frowned. The boy has gone the wrong way to learn English. It is also a common phenomenon for Chinese students to learn after the exam. Knowing that they can’t listen to and speak the exam is simply "stiff" English. So Judo "The most important thing in a language is to listen and speak in order to communicate. If you can’t listen and speak, what’s the point of learning English?"
Wang Feipeng looked up at the English teacher and bowed his head. "Learning English is nothing ~"
"You ~" Lu Wanqing glared with anger and pointed to Wang Feipeng. "It’s a stubborn donkey!"
Wang Feipeng looked up at Liu Wanqing again. "Teacher Lu, don’t be angry. We were all born in China, and we are all compatriots learning Chinese. What is the purpose of learning English? Don’t you speak Chinese and English later? Even if I have the opportunity to deal with foreigners later, how many people will there be? Teacher Lu, do you often communicate with foreigners? Is it necessary for us all to learn English? "
Before Lu Wanqing answered, Wang Feipeng said, "We all learned English from junior high school. To learn English well, we need to recite a lot of words, phrases and grammar, and we need to spend a lot of time listening and speaking. Now children learn English from primary school, but English is not something that people around our mother tongue can listen to, and listening and reading on the repeater accounts for at least a quarter of our valuable learning time. How many people can learn English after graduating from college? Do not save these precious studies to learn physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and other scientific knowledge? "
"English is not what you said at all. Now that English is widely spoken in the world, how can we reform and develop the national economy if we don’t learn English well?"
"I think this is a one-sided idea. People in need should learn English well, such as diplomats, not ordinary English students. In golden age, they should learn knowledge English and learn some basic knowledge."
"You’re shortsighted. You don’t speak English at all? The country spends so much on general English education that you can’t tell them that you are better than them? " Liu Wanqing is more angry and feels shortness of breath.
"Teacher Lu, I’m being practical. Don’t be angry. Several students in my village and my relatives have graduated from college and said that it took them a lot to learn English. Now they have given it back to the teacher at all. Besides, it’s not bad to really communicate with foreigners after seeing that the United Nations General Assembly speaks English with foreigners and horses can be translated into Chinese."
Lu Wanqing is right. I really can’t see the boy who doesn’t like to talk across the street. It’s like pouring cold water on her. This English teacher is not at all. Is it just to wave their precious study? Liu Wanqing couldn’t help staring at him ruthlessly.
Wang Feipeng instantly bowed his head and said nervously, "Now it’s all like this. There is no way to learn from Teacher Lu in the exam. Do you still teach me listening?"
Liu Wanqing bit her lip. "I won’t dispute with you. When you grow up, you will learn English. Now let me talk to you."
Two and a half hours later, Wang Feipeng left the English teacher’s office in a daze. He came to review the high number two tonight, and the plan was disrupted ~
Chapter III Sprint of College Entrance Examination
On May 3rd (Monday), the blackboard in Class 32, Grade Three, Huigong Middle School says ""days before the college entrance examination!
Today, all the students in the class are looking forward to it, especially those who are called "shits" by the teacher. "The results of the last simulated college entrance examination will be announced today. Wang Feipeng has jumped from the tenth place to the fourth place. The top ten students feel that Alexander, especially Liu Hongmei, who has been the first in the class for three years, has never been shaken, including all other classes in the same grade!
Teacher Qin, the squad leader, came into the classroom with a red paper list. Everyone stretched their necks. Liu Hongmei pushed the heavy glasses and looked straight at the first line. "Liu Hongmei, the first place, scored 641 points." She couldn’t help but lower her head and prepared to continue making the paper. Suddenly, she was surprised and looked back at the red paper list. She couldn’t help but look at it again. Her name was "Wang Feipeng, the second place, scored 632 points", which was 9 points less than her!
In three years of high school, no one has ever narrowed the gap to be so close to her, because she has always been proud of Huigong Middle School and a strong competitor of the county science champion. Wang Feipeng has been drifting in the middle level. In less than one year, she jumped to the second place in the school and became a phoenix, which means that she didn’t need to study hard for the first two years of high school.
Wang Feipeng looked at the list carefully, and there was an uncontrollable excitement in his heart. A year ago, no one thought that he could catch the bus for the college entrance examination. A year later, his classmates, teachers, including his parents and grandfather finally stepped on this step, thinking that he had paid for this year every day like a robot getting up, watching, eating and sleeping. There was no other life, and even his favorite basketball, football and tennis were abandoned. How much hardship and pay was there? How many times can’t help but want to give up? Is there a way to read in the world? But when I think of my parents’ trivial disputes every day, I have a big argument every Monday for three days and a small argument. I want to leave and travel, but there is no suitable road. Unless I work with the villagers to be a bricklayer, carpenter and painter, these are not things I want to do! This may be the only motivation to study hard.
Recently, Lu Wanqing, an English teacher, didn’t ask him to help her with her listening. Perhaps the English theory annoyed her, but Wang Feipeng insisted on his point that everyone around him was speaking Chinese, but some of them were forced to learn English, and their scores were the same as those of Chinese and mathematics. It was really unreasonable that Zheng Kejian and Zhang Xiaojie came here several times to inquire about the situation, and he kicked them out.
My thoughts are a little confused. Wang Feipeng took a deep breath to get rid of the messy thoughts. All subjects have been reviewed for three times, and the key points and difficulties have been chewed up. This time, my grades have risen rapidly, and there is still the last day. I should comb it again and do more analog papers. English listening is still a weakness. It is difficult to get high in the short term. It is better to give up and switch to other subjects. I have determined the review plan later. Wang Feipeng is immersed in it again.
Three days before the college entrance examination, the school had a holiday, and Wang Feipeng, who left the third year of high school, sat next to the tricycle borrowed by his father. He was always greeted by his classmates, and most of them were picked up by car.
After returning home, my mother stewed chicken and added three eggs to Wang Feipeng’s face. "Feipeng, I think there is hope for this college entrance examination."
"I don’t study hard at ordinary times, but now I don’t have to do well in the exam." Wang Feipeng’s father reprimanded me
"Ma Gaokao also speak! Take a good test, I believe you! "