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After a short fight, Luo Xiu found that this girl fuck is really rubbish.

Generally, players are much better than her.
I’m afraid her only advantage in fighting with herself is her powerful equipment.
Although Luo Xiu doesn’t know if NPC equipment can rob, in the face of this monarch Luo Xiu, who has no scheming, wants to give it a try.
"Little Black Disintegration, Little Green Dragon Blood Super Fusion"
There is no need to suppress each other at the speed if the other side can’t fuck Luo Xiu. This time, he directly benefits the little green poison to deal with the monarch.
However, it is not obvious that the speed of reduction after the infanta was poisoned, which surprised Luo Xiu.
"The longer the blood is, the longer the blood is!" At this time in Luo Xiu body inflammation Yang suddenly mouth way
Luo Xiuma asked, "What is the more dragon blood?"
"Don’t you find a gun? This princess fuck is rubbish, but she is very resistant to little green poison, and although you have knocked out a lot of her blood, her recovery speed is quite amazing. "
This time, Luo Xiu was awakened by Jiao Yue.
Jiao Yue, after all, is very good at fighting. Luo Xiu didn’t pay much attention to it before he heard Jiao Yue say this, only to find out that it was really like this.
"What’s going on? What’s the connection with the dragon blood that Yanyang just said? "
Yan Yang told Luo Xiu, "If my observation is correct, the so-called county main body is full of dragon blood that even dragons covet. It is said that dragons are the most powerful creatures in Kyushu, and every drop of blood is very precious, but it is also difficult for dragons to heal once they are injured. This is also the reason why the number of dragons is rare. However, if you can find the dragon blood, just one drop can make the wound of a dying dragon recover. If the dragon is not injured before, its physique will be greatly improved."
Hear inflammation Yang say Luo Xiuma white come over in front of your face, the monarch is not only a deal with the other three zhongzhou royal strong is a godsend to yourself.
At this time, the infanta was also beaten by Luo Xiu, and Luo Xiu shot up the infanta and jumped up high, hitting more than a dozen armor-piercing attacks in the infanta.
Every armor-piercing attack leaves a wound, but it makes the princess cry constantly.
Wait until after Luo Xiu’s attack, the princess fell heavily to the ground, and Luo Xiu’s horse rushed to bite at the princess’s neck.
Dragon Blood Knight has the ability to absorb and eat against the dragon, and it also has the ability to deal with the monarch who is always more dragon’s blood.
But because the other party is not a real dragon, Luo Xiu feels that this blood-sucking process is disgusting.
However, when I noticed that the unified indicator sounded, indicating that my qi and blood recovery speed had been increased and I had a little physical attribute, I decided not to let go.
When Luo Xiuyi entered the game, his physical attributes were very weak.
At least players have two physical attributes, one is themselves.
Fortunately, I met Tong Yuan later, otherwise I’m afraid I’m still a fragile person.
But I also know that my qi and blood are not many among knights.
But now things are different.
Not to mention that the speed of qi and blood recovery is just sucking the monarch and getting a unified indication for every increase in physical attributes.
Luo Xiu has received 14 messages since he just sucked her blood.
That is to say, my physical attribute point has been shown from 6 o’clock to 2 o’clock.
Now Luo Xiu absolutely dares to say that he is the player with the highest blood volume in this game.
"Don’t suck! One shot! If you suck it again, she will die! "
Luo Xiu heard that after Yang woke up, Ma opened his eyes and glanced at his face. The color in his face has entered a weak state, Princess.
The former princess seems to have some ability to hide her name and other information, even her breath.
Now the princess is so weak that she seems to die at any time. It is estimated that she has no ability to support herself without being seen through by others. Luo Xiu can see her name, Princess Lotus.
"Lotus! A good name makes Long Blood Knight very happy. This name is not fake at all. I like it! "
Said Luo Xiuqi body looking at fell to the ground weaker than Lotus infanta.
At the same time, Jiao Yue and Yan Yang left Luo Xiu’s body and appeared on both sides of Lotus Princess.